Tips For Selecting Lipstick Shade According To Your Skin Tone


    When we think about makeup, the first thing that comes to mind is lipstick. There are hundreds of different lipsticks available in a variety of tones and finishes, so how to choose lipstick shade might be overwhelming. Adding color to your lips may dramatically alter the appearance of your face. Many hues will probably look beautiful on you (which is how you wind up with a dozen red lipsticks unintentionally), but understanding your skin’s undertone may help narrow the field. A poorly selected lipstick color may quickly ruin the beauty of your entire outfit. That is why it is critical to pick the best lipstick shades according to skin type.

    Determine your Skin Undertone

    Identifying your undertone is critical when it comes to selecting your right lipstick shade. Skin tones are generally classified as fair, medium, olive, or deep, but you also need to consider if your undertone color is cool, warm, or neutral. “This will make everything from choosing a foundation to locating your lipstick so much easier,” says Alex LaMarsh, a famous makeup artist who has painted Kim Kardashian West and Cher’s pouts.

    Examine the veins on the inside of your wrists to discover if your undertone is cold, warm, or neutral. Blue or purple veins suggest a cool undertone, whereas green veins indicate a warm undertone. If you can’t tell whether your veins are green or blue, you may have a neutral undertone and be able to wear both cool and warm hues. Olive-skinned women frequently have neutral undertones. The tried-and-true vein approach is the most commonly used method. “Look at the underside of your wrist during the day or in bright light,” she advises.

    You may also determine your undertone by observing how your skin burns or tans. Warm skin tones have more melanin and may get tan more easily, whereas cool undertones burn quickly or cannot tan at all. However, keep in mind that ebony skin tones might also fall into the cool class. If all else fails, you may identify your undertone by observing whether your skin appears better with gold or silver jewelry. If you have a warm complexion, gold jewelry will appear better on you; if you have a cold complexion, silver jewelry will look better. Neutral undertones may look nice in both.

    Understand which Colors complement your Skin Tone

    Your undertone will strongly influence the colors of lipstick that look best on you. Focus on similar colors to select a shade that complements your undertone. Ladies with cool undertones will usually look best with cool lipstick hues, such as blue or purple tones and classic reds. On the other hand, ladies with warm undertones will look better in warm lipstick colors like peach and orange. If you have a neutral undertone, such as an olive complexion, you will look beautiful in both warm and cool hues.

    Top Best Lipstick Shades according to Skin types

    Fair Skin

    At times, fair skin seems pale and nearly translucent. You will most likely burn quickly if you have this skin tone, and you may also have freckles and some redness. Lipsticks like pink, coral, peach, nude, and beige look best on females with fair complexion. While you may experiment with different colors, lipsticks with too much yellow undertone might wash you out. Shades of mocha, nude, and raspberry will look great on you if you have fair skin and a cool undertone. Ladies with light and warm skin tones, on the other hand, will look stunning in soft pinks and peachy nudes. For nighttime looks, fair females with cool complexions can attempt a fuschia lip or a blue-based red, while fair ladies with warm undertones can choose an orange.

    Light Skin

    Women with light complexion will notice that they seem pale. They will also burn in the sun, although it may develop into a tan after prolonged sun, particularly during summer. Colors like pink, pinkish beige, coral, and peach will look great on you if you have this skin tone. Ladies with a light complexion, including those with fair skin, should avoid colors with yellow and gold tones. Instead, go for pink tones and butterscotch tones. Try a pink-red or red-based coral if you want something more pigmented. Raspberry and mocha can also work nicely for cool complexions. Try pale pinks and peaches, orange-based corals, and camel-beige tones if you have a warm undertone.

    Medium Skin

    Medium skin tones tan easily and do not burn in general. They are also not usually sensitive. If this describes your skin tone, consider rose, mauve, and berry hues. Brown-mauve is an attractive option, and beige with light pink is a beautiful nude shade for this skin tone. Pinks and cranberry tones might be complimentary to people with a medium complexion and a cool undertone. Wine-colored lipsticks are also suitable for an evening appearance. If you have a warm undertone, consider orange-based reds, tangerines, and even copper and bronze hues. You might be surprised at how stunning one of these colors looks on you.

    Tan Skin

    tan skinned woman woman wearing wine color lipstick model cosmetics

    This skin tone category includes both tanned and olive complexions. If you fall into this class, you probably don’t burn and keep a tanned appearance all year. Avoiding brown and overly purple lipsticks for ladies with tanned skin is a good idea because the colors may clash with this complexion. You should experiment with different colors, such as coral, deep pink hues, and orange-based shades if you have tanned skin. Shades like orange-based reds and tangerines, in particular, look great on warm complexions, whereas cherry red and wine shades look better on cool complexions. For females with olive complexion who have neutral undertones, almost any shade of nude, red, orange, or pink will look excellent.

    Dark Skin 

    Dark Skin 

    Dark-skinned people have a deep complexion and never get sunburned. They also have dark brown or black hair. If you fall into this group, choose brown and purple tones such as walnut, caramel, and wine as your go-to colors. Deep plum, berry, dark purple, and red lipsticks also look great on women with a dark complexion, but light lipsticks should be avoided. However, don’t assume that implies you can’t wear nude lipstick. For a pleasing appearance, use a warm nude tone such as metallic brown, warm caramel, rose gold, or rich berry. Consider colors like ruby and metallic reds, as well as rich wine tones like merlot, if you have a cool undertone. Copper and bronze hues, as well as cherry reds, are suitable for those with warm undertones.

    John Stapleton, a Senior MAC Artist, gives us the best tips for picking the correct lip color!

    • Nudes and corals will give your outfit a polished touch; use red as a striking hue. Avoid burgundy; it will wipe you out!
    • Pink undertones: Stick to your natural color pallet – pinks, corals, and orangish-red all look great. However, avoid blue-based reds since they will draw your gaze in the opposite direction.
    • Almost anything goes with olive-toned skin! Coral, according to Stapleton of Beauty Riot, will turn heads. Colors that conflict with your undertones, like browns and purplish reds, should be avoided.
    • Ladies with yellow undertones should choose reds with a blue base tone. Nudes and bronze tones also look great.
    • Make a huge statement with reds and corals, which will contrast nicely with your dark skin tone.


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