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    People are constantly looking for ways to lead better lives. For this reason, we frequently read books and articles and educate ourselves on nutrition and macronutrients. We research our food requirements and optimal eating times. And taking good care of our skin is a key component of having a healthy life. Liquid collagen drinks are one of the many skincare treatments available today that are designed to fight the effects of aging.

    If you’ve tried a variety of anti-aging and skincare products, including creams, oils, powders, capsules, and serums, but your skin is still exhibiting signs of aging, it may be time to try liquid collagen drinks. This article will guide you on knowing more and understanding what liquid collagen drinks are and what they can do to your skin.

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    What is Liquid Collagen? 

    In tissues like the skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, organs, teeth, muscles, and blood vessels, collagen is a type of protein that provides structure. 33% of the total protein mass in the body is made up of collagen. [1] And according to scientists, there are 28 different types of collagen found in human tissues. [2] But here are the four most common type of collagen:

    • Type I: the most common type, present in every connective tissue
    • Type ll: these are found in joints and intervertebral discs – the cushions that serve as your spine’s shock absorbers
    • Type lll: the primary component of reticular fibers, which are present in blood vessels and skin.
    • Type lV: a component of your eye lens, inner ear, and kidneys

    Over 90% of the body’s collagen is made up of type I, which is the most prevalent form. Collagen types I, II, and III are found in the skin and are responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin.

    Collagen is sometimes taken as a dietary supplement. And one way to take collagen supplements is to drink liquid collagen. These items have collagen proteins that have been hydrolyzed, or divided into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces of hydrolyzed proteins and called peptides. And because of their small size, the body can more easily absorb them. 

    Although some liquid collagen supplements contain juices or other liquids, the majority of liquid collagen supplements are made of pure water. Companies sell liquid collagen in pre-made drinks, frequently in the form of injections, vials, or smoothies. Moreover, the collagen used to make collagen supplements comes from the connective tissue of animals including chickens, pigs, and cows as well as from fish and other aquatic life. There is also vegan collagen produced in laboratories. Collagen supplements are available as liquid or powder that can be mixed into drinks including coffee, smoothies, and soups.

    However, despite what many claim, many benefits of liquid collagen supplements are merely anecdotal, meaning there isn’t much concrete proof to back them up. Collagen supplement could be the best method of getting collagen and benefit from it, although further study is required to support this claim.

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    Types of Liquid Collagen 

    Different sources of collagen can be used to make liquid collagen products. Prior to considering purchasing a supplement, it is good to be aware of the variations.

    Due to how readily the body can absorb bovine collagen, beef tissues are the most prevalent source of collagen in dietary supplements. While pig collagen is also easy to absorb because it resembles human collagen. Sheep, chicken, duck, or rabbit skin, as well as fish or marine invertebrates (such as jellyfish or sponges), may also be used to produce products that contain collagen.

    According to recent reviews, marine collagen is one of the most preferred types of collagen source in the cosmetics industry since it is less likely to contain contaminants and causes less inflammation than collagen derived from animal sources.

    Pre-Made Liquid Collagen Supplement Drinks

    After collagen has been removed from its animal source, it is powdered and used as a supplement. You can buy collagen drinks that have already been produced with the powder dissolved in water or some other beverage. These small drinks can be enjoyed alone or combined with other foods. Try mixing the supplement in a fruit smoothie or yogurt if you don’t like the flavor.

    The majority of collagen supplements are intended to be taken daily. To start seeing a difference, the manufacturers advise taking them continuously for weeks to months.

    Collagen Supplement Powders

    The most popular type of collagen supplements is a powder that can be dissolved in various liquids. These powders can be added to a glass of water or other beverage and come in a variety of flavors.

    Consider combining your supplement into a smoothie or soup if you’d rather not taste it. Warm liquids seem to dissolve the powder the best. On the other hand, if you prefer to drink it cold,  t The powder can be dissolved in a small amount of warm water and then added to a smoothie or other cold beverage.

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    What is in Liquid Collagen Supplements?

    When we consume protein, our bodies break it down into amino acids, which are subsequently assembled again after digestion. The fact that most liquid collagens have been hydrolyzed is an advantage. This indicates that its big proteins have already been broken down, sparing our systems a step and making them easier to ingest. Additionally, it makes collagen liquid or powder more soluble in beverages like coffee or smoothies.

    How Does Liquid Collagen Drinks Work?

    Hydrolyzed collagen peptides or collagen protein are found in liquid collagen drinks. These collagen molecules have undergone a process known as hydrolysis to reduce their size, allowing the body to absorb them more quickly and easily.

    Hydrolyzed collagen (HC) is an anti-aging supplement. It is claimed to increase bone health, decrease wrinkles, ease joint discomfort, and more. The building blocks of protein are called amino acids and these can be found in collagen. Collagen that has been hydrolyzed is also referred to as collagen peptides or collagen hydrolysate, and it is simply absorbed into the bloodstream.

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    Benefits of Drinking Liquid Collagen

    Supplemental collagen has a number of acknowledged health advantages. Although further research is needed for several of these claims, early findings are promising:

    1. Skin Elasticity: Collagen makes up roughly 75% of our skin. [3] According to one study, women who consumed collagen on a daily basis experienced enhanced skin elasticity and increased skin moisture. [4]
    2. Wrinkle Reduction: Our skin will start to wrinkle and sag as we age because our bodies produce less collagen. A daily collagen supplement was proven to increase skin thickness and firmness over the course of 12 weeks in studies on women between the ages of 35 and 65, reducing the visibility of wrinkles. [5]
    3. Strong Nails and Teeth: Our teeth and nails are built and strengthened with the aid of collagen. According to a 2017 study, women with brittle nail condition who took a daily collagen supplement saw a 12% increase in nail growth and a 42% decrease in nail breakage. [6]
    4. Hair Cell Growth: In a 2020 study, researchers found that consuming 2.5 g of bioactive collagen peptides daily for 16 weeks dramatically enhanced hair thickness and increased hair cell proliferation by 31%. These experiments, however, used specific peptides rather than commonly available products. 
    5. Healthy Heart: Collagen serves as a building block for our arteries. Atherosclerosis and heart disease can develop as a result of the arteries hardening over time. A 2017 study discovered that regular collagen supplementation decreased arterial stiffness and may aid in the treatment and prevention of artery disease. [7]
    6. Joint Health: Lack of collagen between the joints, which leads to pain and inflammation, is the root cause of arthritis. The consequences of arthritis may be slowed down and the cartilage surrounding the joints may be protected by taking collagen regularly. [8]
    7. Bone Loss Prevention: According to a 2016 study, women with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis who regularly take a collagen supplement can increase their bone mineral density and experience less pain. [9]
    8. Less Fat Accumulation: There have not been many human studies on the use of collagen supplements for weight loss, but a 2019 study indicated that individuals using a specific type of collagen supplement from fish (skate) had lower levels of body fat. However, there was only a slight decrease in body fat. [10]
    9. Building Muscle Mass: As we become older, we all lose muscular mass. A 2019 study discovered that taking a daily collagen supplement together with strength training activities helped people gain and maintain muscle mass over time. [11]

    Best Time to Drink Liquid Collagen

    Liquid collagen peptide supplements are comparable to eating veggies, so you can take them whenever you like. It can be consumed as a beverage after breakfast or added to meals like soup and oatmeal.

    Additionally, you can drink liquid collagen during your afternoon snack. You can substitute liquid collagen for coffee if you are tired and resisting the impulse to nap. It goes well with snacks like cheese, crackers, and fruits.

    Drinks with liquid collagen are also excellent before bed. Many people forget to take their liquid collagen supplement in the morning because they are too busy. For this reason, people take it at night before going to bed with a glass of water. Some even drink a glass of warm milk along with it.

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    Safety and Side Effects

    Supplemental collagen is generally well tolerated. However, it is best to consult a doctor before starting any new supplement to ensure that it is safe and to ensure that you are using it in accordance with the supplement’s product label directions.

    Some dietary supplements contain common food allergens including fish, shellfish, and eggs. Collagen supplements prepared with these substances should not be taken by individuals who have allergies to these foods.

    When taking collagen supplements, some people experience nausea and bloating, although research hasn’t consistently proven these as negative effects. [12] Moreover, according to some reports, collagen supplements may also have gastrointestinal side effects like heartburn and a bloated feeling. [13]

    Nevertheless, these supplements seem to be safe for the majority of people.


    Taking liquid collagen carries certain additional potential risks in addition to allergic reactions.

    Dietary supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as food products rather than as medications. This indicates that collagen supplement manufacturers are not obligated to substantiate the security or efficacy of their products. This may, at best, indicate that certain products may not work. 

    However, there have also been instances where manufacturers have distributed collagen powder that came from questionable sources and was contaminated with harmful substances like cadmium or mercury. In other instances, manufacturers have mixed prescription medications into cosmetic supplements to get the desired result. This carries a significant risk.

    Some nutritional supplements may indicate their contents inaccurately, which could result in consumers taking something they don’t want to consume if they avoid specific animal products for moral, dietary, or religious reasons.

    Liquid collagen supplements might also include herbs, minerals, or vitamins. Some of these may interact with a person’s drugs and underlying conditions. While moderate quantities of vitamins, minerals, or herbs may be harmless, some, like iron, can become toxic in excessive levels.

    By only purchasing collagen supplements that have been subjected through independent testing to make sure they are pure and derived from safe collagen sources, people can avoid these concerns. Additionally, if the contents in a specific supplement are right for you, a doctor can tell you.

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    Things to Avoid When Drinking Liquid Collagen

    When you drink liquid collagen, there are a few things that you need to avoid to maximize and utilize to the highest extent the benefits of liquid collagen. Here are a few that are considered collagen-killer ingredients and that you need to avoid:

    • Coffee: There are numerous health advantages to coffee. There are numerous health advantages to coffee. However, mixing collagen with coffee won’t provide you with all of the advantages of collagen you’re hoping for. This is due to clinical trials showing that caffeine might cause collagen to be destroyed.
    • Sugar and Alcohol: Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and sugar can cause collagen to break down, which is detrimental for the skin. Alcohol and sugar both cause inflammation, which destroys the collagen in healthy skin. As a result, you ought to avoid mixing any cocktail with collagen. Watch out for how much sugar you add to your collagen drink as well. Each serving shouldn’t contain more than 2 grams of sugar.


    Drinks containing liquid collagen can help reduce the appearance of aging skin. You must keep in mind, though, that they are merely supplements and should not be taken in place of prescription medications. In order to guarantee safety, you should only purchase liquid collagen drinks from reputable manufacturers.

















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