Beauty Tips that Save Time


    Hectic schedules and an extensive beauty regime often don’t go together. One thing that takes a backseat when you face time restraints is your beauty routine. Extensive skin, hair, hand and feet care takes a lot of time. Laziness and lack of time may result in you neglecting the self-care you need. However, self-care is essential for a confident and stress-free mind.

    Taking care of yourself and your appearance is known to be a natural mood booster and instills a positive mindset. We are listing out a few beauty tips that will explain how to perfect your self-care routine without putting in a lot of time and effort. 

    Use Multi-Purpose Products

    Skincare involves a few routine steps such as cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing, putting on sunscreen, etc. Every step is vital to attain a healthy, glowing skin. However, you can also achieve the desired objective without putting using many products. Using multi-purpose products will help you skip some basic steps in your regime and hence, will save you time. 

    There are several multi-purpose products such as cleansers with scrubs, moisturizers with added sun protection, etc. 

    You can also try getting such products for haircare. Shampoos with added conditioners can cover both purposes in just one go.

    Hair care products kept on a shelf

    Get a Haircut and Color

    How does this save time? Well, giving your hair a proper style and hairdo takes a lot of time from your daily routine. Deciding on a hairdo and then perfecting it takes ages. However, getting a chic haircut with a trendy hair color can save up that time. Some haircuts are extremely easy to style. You just brush them, and you are good to go. The better the haircut, the lesser the time spent taming the hair.

    Getting your hair permanently straightened also helps if you are into daily ironing of your hair. 

    a hair stylist cutting the hair of a woman

    One Product for Lips, Eyes, and Cheeks

    Ever heard of lip and cheek tints? They are a major time-saver. One product that goes on to color your lips, works on your eyes as a shadow and gives color to those cheeks. It is super handy at times when you are running late. Just toss a tint in your bag and put it while on the way.

    Also, if you don’t want to invest in a tint, the right colored lipstick can also do the job for you. Just pick a subtle color that you would love to show on your face. Dabbing it lightly through the fingertips is an amazing replacement for tints.

    Five different shades of lip tints kept in a container

    Use a Multi-Purpose Body Wash

    Skip investing time separately on exfoliating and then moisturizing when in the shower. Use an exfoliating and moisturizing body wash that will serve the purpose just right and will also save you time.

    a few bathing products kept together with a loofah

    Sort Your Products

    Placing all the products together will create clutter and will also take up time while searching for the products you need. Sort your daily routine products from the ones that aren’t used often. Also, place all the showering products inside the shower to declutter the space. 

    beauty products cluttered on a table

    Put on a Mask While You Work

    A face mask is one of the essential steps in any skincare routine. However, putting on a facemask and just sitting around will take up quite some time. After putting on a facemask move around the house to complete your pending chores and errands.

    a woman making a surprised expression with a facial mask on

    Buy a Dry Shampoo

    We all go through those lazy days when we just don’t want to shower. For days like these, buy yourself a dry shampoo. As the name pretty much suggests, a dry shampoo is used on dry hair which means you don’t have to get wet! Handy, right? 

    Dry shampoos are also great for sudden unexpected plans when you are running late and have zero time to take a bath. These are amazing time-savers and very useable.

    Buy a Dry Shampoo

    Use an Eyeliner Stencil

    If you are someone with wobbly, clumsy hands and love wearing cat-eye liners but don’t have the skill, eyeliner stencils are the right thing for you. They come in different shapes. An eyeliner stencil is a plastic sheet cut out in the shape of a wing. You just place it right over your eye, fill it with the liner and remove it. There you have it, a perfect cat-eye liner.

    You can also make the stencil at home by cutting out a wing-shaped chunk off paper and using it for lining your eye.

    Liner stamps are also amazing products for people who take hours perfecting the right liner shape. They are exactly like normal stamps and help you achieve the perfect shaped liner in no time. 

    Eyeliner Stencil

    Cleanse Your Face with Wipes

    If you haven’t already tried it, wet wipes are an amazing makeup remover and facial cleanser. After a long, fun night when you are just too exhausted to cleanse your face off makeup, simply use facial wipes to cleanse your face. If you are too sleepy, you might just as well do it on your way back home. 

    Cleanse Your Face with Wipes

    Invest in a BB Cream

    BB Creams are the new fad. They have set a new trend and make it super easy for makeup newbies to perfect a makeup look. Usually, a detailed makeup look would firstly require you to moisturize your face, apply a sunscreen, top it with a concealer, a foundation and then a setting powder. High-quality BB creams work as a replacement for all these steps. Instead of investing time and money in an array of separate products, get yourself a high quality, good coverage BB cream. 

    Invest in a BB Cream

    Braid Those Locks

    An easy way to get nice beachy waves is to sleep on braided hair. If you are fond of curls but don’t like investing too much time using a curling rod, this technique is for you. Just dampen your hair with some texturing moisturizer and make two braids out of your hair. Sleep on it. The next morning you’ll have amazing, voluminous beachy waves. 

    Braid Those Locks

    If you are someone who loves self-care and dressing up but are often short on time, these beauty tips are for you. They will save you time and help you look amazing in an instant.


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