Fun Video Game Gift Ideas for Gamers

Being a gamer is an identity. It is like having a ticket to an unlimited amount of fun that sure is addicting. If you are unable to take the game out of your mind while you eat, sleep, or go out, then welcome to the club – you are officially a gamer, an enthusiast who loves to boggle his mind with new challenges. Video games help stimulate minds. They also help greatly in developing problem-solving skills with extensive levels requiring gamers to put all their mental efforts in coming out of a situation.

Gamers love everything related to their favorite games – be it a stylish controller charger or an LED lamp in the shape of Tetris blocks or Fortnight bottle rockets. So, if you know a gamer and looking for some fun gaming gift ideas that they would cherish forever, you have landed at the right place.

Following is the list of amazing and fun video game gift ideas for gamers:

Where to Buy
AOLVO Gameboy Case for iPhone
PacMan Ghost Light Table Lamp - 16 Color Options
My Perfect Day Video Games Funny Cool Gamer Gift T-Shirt
Gamer Heartbeat T-Shirt Video Game Lover Shirt T-Shirt
Silly Goose Gifts Video Game Poster for Boys and Girls Gamer Wall Art Decor
Stackable Night Light,Puzzle Lamp,7 Colors Induction Interlocking Lighting Blocks
Playstation Mini Light
Game Room LED Sign, Large 25" Double Sided Red Arrow Sign
Power Practical LED Lights for TV in Living Room or Bedroom, Luminoodle Backlight


AOLVO Gameboy Case for iPhone

TheAolvoGameboy phone case is the ultimate treat for gamers. These phone cases come in a bright color, and can help portray your gaming identity to all. Made with high-quality silicone, this Game boy phone case has precise cutouts for the speakers and camerasthatdo not hinder your phone using experience at all. Above all, it relives one of the best childhood memories of all!

With easy to operate keys, this phone case does not let you get bored. The most interesting thing about this phone cover is that it comes with classic games, such as snakes and Tetris. Now, roll like a pro with this smart Gameboy phone case and show off your gamer identity proudly.

Pacman Ghost Light Table Lamp

You have had a wonderful childhood if you played Pacman throughout the day! Relive those moments with this Pacman ghost light table lamp. This table lamp is in the shape of one of the iconic villains in gaming history – the ghost that eats Pacman! It is a perfect gift for anyone who has had this experience. It comes with 16 different color options, including red, blue, green, yellow, and more.

You can also turn your game night into a party and turn on the party mode in this table lamp which flashes all the colors to any beat of the music. This lamp is 8 inches tall and is a fantastic addition to a gamer’s room décor – making the room more homely to all their gaming adventures.

New Super Mario Bros Family Team Yoshi 3D Table Lamp

What could be more thrilling than the Mario Brothers lighting up your room with different colors? This Super Mario Brothers Yoshi 3D table lamp is one of the most exquisite fun gifts for a Nintendo lover. It has 16 different lights that change colors with a single touch. Place this fun lamp on your study table or nightstand and let the warm light glow your room.

It is a perfect gift for any special occasion, be it birthdays or Christmas. It is powered by a USB cable and comes with an option of dim night light as well.

My Perfect Day Video Games T-shirt

If you are looking for gift ideas for a person whose motto is something similar to, “eat, play, sleep, and repeat,” then this t-shirt is the perfect option. This solid color t-shirt with text about how a perfect day for a gamer goes is the true illustration of fun.  It is made of high-quality fabric and will not bleed color. It is loaded with humorous text and will be appreciated by all the gamers out there.

It is available in five different colors, three fits, and various sizes to choose from.

Gamer Heartbeat T-Shirt

If gaming runs in your loved one’s blood, then this Gamer Heartbeat t-shirt is an excellent gift option. Made of high-quality fabric, this block-colored tee makes a suitable gift for anyone who is gamer at heart. It is available in all the sizes and fits perfectly.

It cleverly shows how a gamers’ heartbeat is solely attached to the controller. Have a big laugh when you gift it to your brother, partner, son, or father who loves gaming. Equipped with hemmed sleeves and bottom, this gamer heartbeat tee has our heart.

Video Game Themed Art Print Room Wall Decoration

This set of video game themed art prints is the best gift for your loved one’s gaming room. Gift it to someone whomyou know cannot live without their games. These art prints come in a set of four, and each of them is 8 by 10 inches in dimensions. They make the perfect game room décor with bold texts on each of them, such as “You just cannot pause a game.”

These art prints come in different colors, and you can put them behind your console on the wall or the wall right in front of the door so that the very first thing everybody reads is this.

TetrisStackableToy Light

This modish Tetris decorative light is one of the most amazing gifts you can ever give to anyone. It has seven different light features that shine through the stackable Tetris blocks. Yes, you heard it right! You can stack the Tetris blocks like in the game and let your room glow in the flashy lights.

Gift it to someone who loved playing Tetris back then or get it for yourself and Impress your friends and siblings with this amazing Tetris stackable toy light. The light on each block turns on when you stack them and turns off when you take them apart. Place it near your gaming console and show off your awesome game room décor.

PlayStation Mini Light

With this super cool PlayStation mini light, your gamer friend’s room will look more fun and stylishly illuminated. It makes an excellent gift for all the PS lovers out there who can get into a long debate when talking about Xbox vs PlayStation. This iconic light is equipped with symbols and buttons of PlayStation, and more interestingly, it makes official PlayStation sounds as well.

It is an officially licensed product, which means you will be getting high quality. It is approximately 4.5 inches tall and requires 3 AAA batteries to get powered on (included). You can easily place it anywhere you want – from the shelves to the desks and mantles; this PlayStation mini light is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Game Room LED Sign

Say goodbye to any interruptions during your gaming hours with this flashy game room LED sign. It is classy and says what needs to be said – that is, “Game Room.” This retro LED sign has small bulbs framing the arrow sign. It looks amazing and fun to put outside the room. It works with 2 AA batteries (not included) and has an incredibly easy-to-reach switch that turns it on and off.

Luminoodle Color Bias LED TV Backlighting

Have the perfect lighting in your gaming room with this color bias LED TV Backlight by Luminoodle. It gives a sophisticated ambience and helps create an ideal environment for a game night with friends. It is super easy to install and is operated by remote control. It comes with 15 different colored lights and several brightness levels. It also has a fade mode which helps light your room with dim light, making the LED’s screen easy on your eyes.

Final Words

If you and your friends cannot live without gaming for at least some hours a day, then this list of fun gifts ideas is great for you. You can give these fun gaming gifts to your friends, and in return, receive a big smile on their face.