Fun Video Game Gift Ideas for Gamers


    For some people, gaming is more of an identity than a hobby. It’s what they do to relax, have a good time, and even socialize. With the rapid development of the gaming industry, there are now whole virtual worlds that gamers obsess over. It’s now even possible to make a successful career out of gaming. 

    With the unlimited fun of this activity, it makes sense to think about a video game-themed gift for someone who’s a gamer. If you have a friend who loves gaming, the best gift for them will probably be something related to that area anyway. Take your time and check out the following guidelines on how to choose the best video game gift for any gamer: 

    1. Game-Themed Wall Decor

    Game-Themed Wall Decor

    If you look online or even in physical video game and gift stores, there should be plenty of options for geeky video game decor

    If they can manage it, most gamers love to have their own room or den for playing games. They also like to decorate it according to their tastes and preferences in gaming. If your friend also has a specific place or corner for gaming, they might like some video game-themed wall decor item. This will brighten up the place and also help create a certain gamer’s vibe. 

    You can contribute to the ambiance of a gamer’s den with the following ideas:

    • A sign with a pun or funny message such as ‘You just can’t pause a game’, or ‘just five more minutes’
    • Neon lights with words spelling out something related to gaming, such as ‘Game Over’, or ‘Game Zone’
    • Three large wall hangings that are connected in some way; they could make up one large picture or have gaming-related quotes on them
    • Wall decal stickers can change the look of a plain wall; these could be large images of gaming items or words such as ‘Do not disturb. Gaming mode activated’
    • A wall clock with a gaming quote or picture; you may contact a local vendor for customization if there aren’t any suitable ones in the shops

    2. A Quality Pair of Headphones

    A Quality Pair of Headphones

    Gaming can be exciting, but gamers can also get quite noisy during a session. The sounds of the game itself can also be very loud, which disturbs the people nearby.

    If your gamer friend has roommates, family, or neighbors who don’t like all that noise, you can help them be more considerate with the gift of a quality pair of headphones. A lot of companies are now coming out with high-performing headphone models specially designed for gaming. 

    Check out the top brands for gaming headphones, headsets, and earbuds in the market. Before selecting any model, make sure to read the specifications and see whether they will suit a gamer. Consider the following brands and see if you can afford them: 

    • Sennheiser
    • HyperX
    • Steelseries Arctis
    • Razer
    • OMIC

    Keep in mind that the branded headphones sets will be quite expensive. There are also cheaper options available, but they might not perform as well or last as long. You can also look at the best headphones for gaming and start saving up for one now. 

    You may also check out our Guide to Choosing Headphones if you need help in picking out the best one.

    3. A Gaming Keyboard

    A Gaming Keyboard

    Gaming can be an expensive hobby, so your gamer friend might not have all the accessories they’d like. If you’re familiar with their setup, you can consider something like a gaming keyboard for their favorite hobby. 

    Gaming keyboards aren’t just flashy pieces of hardware. They’re sturdy, rugged, very durable, and much more accurate than regular keyboards. They also last a long time, so you’d be giving a gift that will hopefully benefit their game for several years. Suffice it to say, frequent gamers will prefer a keyboard like this if they usually play with their computer screen. 

    These keyboards will enhance the enjoyment of gaming, but there are certain factors to consider. Have a look at these now: 

    • Get a mechanical keyboard if possible, especially if the intended recipient is a pro gamer. These keyboards are built for higher speed and accuracy, allowing gamers to get the most out of their experience. 
    • RGB (red blue and green) lights on a keyboard look pretty and can amp up the excitement of gaming. A model with a single-color backlight might be a little less expensive, though
    • According to your friend’s preference, get a keyboard with a quiet tactile switch or a clicky tactile one. If they prefer user-friendly and quiet keys, get a linear switch. Even if you make the wrong call, it’s easy enough to buy different switches and install them on a professional gaming keyboard.
    • Choose the size you think is best for your gamer friend. Most gaming keyboards cut out the Numpad, navigation keys, or arrow keys to make the board smaller. See if you can find out whether your friend uses every single key or not and buy accordingly.

    For more guidelines on choosing the perfect model, check out this guide to picking the only gaming keyboard you need

    4. Nostalgic Gaming Items

    Nostalgic Gaming Items

    Gaming has come a long way in terms of graphics, visuals, storyline, and many other aspects. However, a lot of gamers still turn nostalgic at the memory of the classic games they grew up with. Even if they didn’t play those games in their childhood, some gamers might still be interested in certain vintage gaming items. 

    If your friend is among those nostalgic gamers, here are a few gift ideas they might appreciate: 

    • A poster depicting a screen from an original Super Mario game
    • A book about classic video games and their history (only if they’re also open to reading as well as gaming)
    • A small pinball machine that one can play with and also use as a paperweight
    • A game-themed table lamp; there are lots of choices available including a Pac-man lamp and a Tetris lamp in different colors. You might also be able to find a night light shaped like the question mark from Super Mario.  
    • Action figures from various video games

    Items like these will help to create a gaming ambiance in any room. A gamer will probably love anything that showcases their love for video games. With the nostalgia-inspired gifts, they’d also be able to remember and revisit a simpler time. 

    5. Organizers


    Gaming isn’t a very neat hobby; it involves CDs, wires, and a lot of gadgets strewn around the room. You can help your gamer friend get their act together and be more comfortable with the gift of organizers. Here are a few ideas that might pique your interest: 

    • A table that fits onto the gamer’s lap and provides space for their mouse, gaming keyboard, and many other gadgets. Some models might even have space for some snacks and a drink. The important part is that it keeps everything in one place
    • A universal headset stand that gamers can use to hang their headphones when they’re not in use. This saves the headphones from damage by knocking into other gadgets. Plus, it keeps them secure in one place so the gamer won’t have to look for them before each session. 
    • A gaming controller charger stand that safely charges the devices when needed. It’s also a quick storage option for the controllers when they’re not in use. 
    • A customized wall shelf or storage tower for keeping games secure

    6. Miscellaneous Options

    Miscellaneous Options

    When you start thinking about it, the ideas for gamer-related gifts may just keep on coming. Other than the options above, see if any of these miscellaneous ideas might be viable: 

    • A gaming chair to maintain proper posture and make your friend comfortable. Some models even allow gamers to lay them flat for a quick nap. However, this is an expensive option if you want to do it right
    • Blue light-blocking glasses reduce glare from the screen and also improve contrast. These glasses also help to restore the true colors in any game, which helps to give sharper vision and eliminate distractions
    • An arcade-style light switch in classic arcade style. They come in a push-button style that any gamer would like to operate. 
    • A snack box with a mixture of sweet, savory, salty, and healthy snacks to munch on during a long gaming session. This may include popcorn in several flavors, chips, candy, granola bars, trail mix, cookies, and some drink mixes. 
    • T-shirts with some quotes or a game-related image printed on the front


    If you’re not a gamer yourself, it can be hard to think of video game-related gifts at first. When you really get into the process, though, the ideas are never-ending. It does help if you know the preferences of your gamer friend, so try to observe or directly ask what they need or want. 

    Some gifts are best when given as a surprise, though, so think about discussing the matter with other close friends or even the gamer’s family. You’ll hopefully figure out the perfect gamer gift soon.


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