Essential Gear Needed for Beach Camping


    Camping on the beach is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a simple and enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones while on vacation this summer. You must be organized if you want to get the most out of your camping trip. In light of this, there are essential items you should pack to ensure a successful beach camping trip.

    Essential Gear Needed for Beach Camping

    These items will be useful whether you’re at the seashore, by a river, or on a beach! You can pack everything you need for a pleasant camping trip with the help of this beach camping packing list! Include these necessary camping items on your packing list.

    Beach Camping Tent

    You should have a sturdy tent with you when you camp on the beach. Choose one with a lot of mesh vents and openings to let air flow through and a secure interior pocket to keep your valuables.

    tent for camping on beautiful beach

    Water Bottle

    First things first: always bring plenty of water bottles with you when you go to the beach. This is because dehydration is a constant worry when spending time by the ocean, regardless of whether you’re planning a summer vacation to the beaches. Bring some dependable water bottles with you whenever you go on a beach adventure to prevent dehydration. The more water you can consume outside, the better. Therefore, it is best to have two or more 1-liter water bottles available for each member of your camping party.

    Drinking water on sand of beach


    Without a cooler in tow, no camping trip at the beach is complete. Even though bringing a quality cooler is essential for any car camping trip, the warm weather and sunshine at the beach make it even more crucial. To help keep your food as cold as possible at the beach, you’ll want to look for a sturdy cooler with thick insulation. Choosing a reasonably portable model is essential as well because it is unpleasant to carry heavy objects over long distances through sand or rocks. Remember that you’ll need some dependable ice packs as well to keep your food and beverages as fresh as possible while you’re on the go.

    Beer chilled on ice in camping fridge on the beach

    Camp Tarps

    Sometimes it can be windy and wet at the beach. As a result, having a sturdy camp tarp on your list of essentials can be very helpful when the weather is uncooperative. However, keep in mind that when beach camping, you probably won’t have any trees to use as anchors while you pitch your tarp. Plan to bring additional equipment, such as hiking poles, to support your tarp. To aid in securing your tarp in the sand, you might also want to bring along a few extra tent stakes.


    It’s not enjoyable to sit down and relax on the beach and get sand in every crevice. Therefore, you’ll need a top-notch set of blankets if you want to unwind while beach camping by relaxing in the sand. We typically advise one blanket per person for beach camping, even though everyone’s blanket and lounging requirements differ. By doing this, you can make sure that when the long day of exploring by the sea is over, you’ll have a sand-free place to unwind.

    Mother and daughter sunbathing at beach

    Solar Panels

    You can take full advantage of the sunny weather that beaches are known for by bringing some solar panels. Of course, if you plan to camp close to your vehicle, you could simply pack a generator. However, a set of solar panels and possibly even a solar-powered generator can offer more than enough eco-friendly energy to run your necessary camping appliances.

    A set of portable battery packs that you can recharge using your solar panels could be a bonus. So you can still have access to a dependable and sustainable source of power for your GPS and other devices while you’re out hiking for the day.


    Towels are the one item you must always bring with you when going to the beach. There is no substitute for having a set of towels on hand while at the beach, whether you enjoy boogie boarding, surfing, or just taking a quick dip in the ocean. You’ll also need a set of towels for drying off after using the camp shower to wash off any salt or sand that may have accumulated from a day of lounging by the sea.

    Camping Table

    You won’t have much luck finding a picnic table while camping at the beach, even though many traditional campgrounds come with them and other amenities. To have a place to prepare food, eat, and unwind while camping, you should pack your camping table. You might want to think about bringing a set of camping chairs as well, depending on your camping preferences. Even though you could also use your blankets to sit on while eating, having a set of chairs can make your trip a little more comfortable.

    First Aid Kit, Sun Protection, and Aloe Vera

    Accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Because of this, it’s wise to bring a first aid kit with you whenever you go outside. You don’t need to have a fancy first aid kit. All you need is a small bag with some bandages, antiseptic wipes, and a tiny tube of antibiotic ointment.

    It is preferable to also include aloe vera and sun protection. Never assume that a base tan or cloud cover will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. Even if you don’t typically wear a hat and SPF 80, keep in mind that camping at the beach is different from spending a few hours there. You’re going to be there for more than a day; you don’t want the first day to burn you out and make the rest of your trip miserable. It is preferable to take extra precautions so that you can fully enjoy your camping experience. Even with extreme caution, sunburns can still occur. As a result, be sure to pack aloe just in case. 

    Woman holding sunscream

    Camping Toilets

    You frequently need to be a little inventive when disposing of your waste when camping by the beach, especially when using the bathroom. In general, if there are bathrooms available at your beach campsite, those are your best bets for attending to nature’s needs. However, you’ll probably need to bring your camping toilet if there are no facilities nearby.

    When near the coast, it is preferable to use camping toilets. When restrooms aren’t available, using these toilets and packing out your waste is frequently the best choice. Don’t forget to bring toilet paper and a camp toilet on your upcoming camping trip to the beach.


    One of the most thrilling outdoor activities you can engage in is beach camping. This list of essential gear needed for beach camping will make it easier for you to pack for your upcoming trip. 

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