Learn the Benefits of Using GPS When Hiking


    Do you enjoy being outside? Like hiking through the hills and camping with your family. For many people, there is nothing better than escaping the busy city and the stresses of their jobs and simply returning to nature. How do you navigate, though? Sure, there are routes you can take and directional signs to help you stay on course. 

    While there are many good reasons to become familiar with map reading and compass navigation, a high-quality hiking GPS is incomparably superior. But why are GPS devices such a necessity for hiking gear? Discover the benefits of using a GPS while hiking by reading on.

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    Benefits of Using GPS When Hiking

    You should never forget to pack a few essential hiking items when you go on a trip. While a compass and a map are included in this kit, it is now required that you also pack a hiking GPS. Technology advances take place for a reason, and this is true for every industry as well as outdoor activities like hiking. There are many benefits to using a GPS when hiking, including the following:

    1. GPS Allow You to Get to Nature

    Using a hiking GPS can be just what you need to get back into nature, even though the idea might seem a little strange. No more walking with a map or compass in your face. You can concentrate on the beauty of the environment around you because your dependable piece of equipment is guiding you. Spend a moment admiring the surroundings.

    sharp GPS and two unsharp people in the alps

    2. It is Impossible or Hard to Get Lost When Using a GPS

    Using a reliable GPS indeed makes getting lost while hiking all the more unlikely. Anyone can get lost, but if there is a GPS signal, you can always locate yourself. Knowing that makes returning to your desired location simple. With such a tool in your pack, you can hike with more confidence and concentrate on taking in the scenery.

     Hand-held outdoor GPS and a hiking map of a mountain range

    3. Document your Explorations for Future Use

    It can be great to get outside and explore your surroundings. As you hike, forge your path and uncover fresh landmarks, spots, and vantage points. These fresh trails are recorded and saved in the memory bank of your hiking GPS, allowing you to return to them at any time. You can even tell your family and friends about your discoveries.

    4. Multifunctional GPS Systems Offer Additional Benefits

    A hiking GPS can offer you extra advantages in the form of extra features if you have the right brand and model. Some can be used for navigation, guiding you to your starting point rather than just keeping you on course while you’re hiking. 

    5. Geocaching

    The contemporary version of a treasure hunt is geocaching. You can use GPS to discover what items are concealed nearby. The GPS coordinate will then direct you to your destination, rewarding you for your navigational prowess.

     A geocache and GPS. Geocaches are hidden all over the world. You can download the coordinates to a GPS device and track them, record your details when found, and register on the website. This is a very popular pastime in many countries. A hide-and-seek game that is enjoyed by people of all age

    6. GPS can be Life Saving Devices

    Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but when you consider hiking and nature walking, there are always potential hazards and issues. A hiking GPS can save your life if the worst happens and you end up injured or stranded. Many of the gadgets include an SOS button that you can press to send out an emergency signal and encourage others to help you.

    7. Positioning

    Unlike hiking maps, the GPS device displays its location. By doing so, uncertainties regarding the point of view are removed and the constant comparison with landscape features is saved. The GPS display can be configured to always face north or to point in your intended direction of travel.

    Hand-held GPS used for navigation in the mountains

    8. Display  of the Altitude Profile

    Your GPS device creates an altitude profile when you load a route onto it, in addition to displaying the length of the entire route. It is beneficial to know what is coming up, particularly on arduous climbs.

    How To Use GPS Tracking While Hiking

    It’s time to start using this technology in your daily activities to ensure your safety and ability to find your way back. The steps listed below should be followed to use GPS while hiking:

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    1. Prepare Your Device  Before You Leave

    This should be your first action. To begin with, make certain that the GPS device is functional and fully charged. Additionally, it’s a nice idea to start by uploading the top map of your hiking routes.

    2. Learn How to Use This Device

    It’s also crucial to make sure you know how to use it properly before you head out onto the trails. It’s not necessary to arrive in the forest only to discover that you are unable to send your locations.

    3. Use Landmarks

    Before you begin the trails, this is yet another very crucial point to remember. When tracing locations, you should mark a few landmarks to make your job easier.

    4. Check your Location Now and Then

    You must occasionally check your location to make sure you are moving in the right direction. When you take breaks for water and snacks, you can do this.


    In general, a GPS device has many benefits for hikers. Even for those who prefer to spend their free time outdoors and away from screens. GPS is a crucial tool to have with you while hiking if you want to have a safe and enjoyable experience. 



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