A High Fiber Cracker – FINALLY!


It is hard to find a good tasting high-fiber cracker. You would think “wheat” or “stone-ground wheat” crackers would naturally be good sources of fiber – but, like most packaged and processed foods, they’re made from enriched and refined white flour, and often have at most 1 gram of fiber per serving. …

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Mott’s and Other Applesauces


Mott’s Applsauce has a line of snack-sized applesauce cups. Three different flavors are “formulated with important nutrients for which women often don’t meet their daily requirements”: Cranberry Raspberry flavor has 3 grams of dietary fiber Apple flavor provides 10% of the daily value for calcium (100 mg) Pomegranate provides 17 mg of …

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Fiber Bomb! Mission 10″ Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas


Mission’s burrito-sized carb balance whole wheat tortillas pack an incredible fiber punch! Weighing in with 21 grams of dietary fiber (84% of your daily value), these monsters are unusual given their relatively normal 10-inch serving size with 200 calories. But, the high fiber content is not a function of any ingredient that …

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Guide to Boysenberry Syrup and Preserves


Like most edible fruits, the boysenberry is packed with a plethora of nutrients. The amazing fruit is rich in potassium and folate that are said to be beneficial in improving brain function. Boysenberries also contain vitamin K to strengthen our bones and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones in our bodies. But …

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Tajín Shakes Out the Salt


If you know Mexican food – then you probably know Tajín. Tajín is made by the Mexican company of the same name, and it’s a spicy, tangy sprinkle on flavor additive known for its chili and lime combination. Tajín is a ubiquitous condiment in Mexico, available pretty much everywhere food is made, …

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What We Should Know About Ginseng

Tea powder with ginseng

Whether we’re looking at a new health supplement or an energy drink for a caffeine boost, it seems like everything contains some form of ginseng these days. Those who look for more natural alternatives to mainstream medication will also find ginseng as an ingredient in many ancient traditional medicinal practices. There are …

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Oregano Oil Buying Guide


Oregano is known to be a fragrant herb used in cooking Italian dishes. But aside from that, it can also be concentrated into essential oil and that oil comes with a lot of antioxidants and powerful compounds that have proven health benefits. Oregano herb has been used for hundreds of years in …

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Benefits of Blueberries for Health


Tiny, vibrant and sweet blueberries are an essential pick during the summer season. You would find them in oatmeal, waffles, cereals, pancakes, smoothies, and drink, but little do you know the wonders these blueberries bring to your body. The blue colored berries we eat come from perennial flowering plants and their blue …

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