What are Slow Feeder Plates and How Can They Help


    No doubt, pets love their food! They are excited to indulge in their meal every feeding time. Some pets enjoy their meals by eating slowly, while others are picky eaters. Some pets enjoy it a little too much and gulp on their food. 

    Now, it’s a different story if your pet eats fast and gulps on its food. Pets can ingest air that may cause them to vomit. This eating habit is dangerous for them and may lead to gastrointestinal issues. Swallowing air and vomiting can be damaging to their organs over time.

    If your pet eats fast and you’re worried about it, it’s time to use a slow feeder plate. A slow feeder plate is a container with lots of separations and obstructions built into it. These obstacles will cause your pet to eat slowly and chew their food. A slow feeder plate will help in improving your pet’s eating habits.

    Slow feeder plates come in different shapes, designs, and materials. Some have ridges on the surface, and others have pockets and holes that would keep your pet engaged and mentally stimulated. If you’re still hesitant to let your pet use a slow feeder plate, here are some factors that will benefit your four-legged friend.

    Restrains Your Pet from Choking

    Pets get excited come feeding time which will cause them to wolf on their meal. Slow feeder plates slow your pet’s food intake and prevent it from choking on its food. They also let your pet chew their food before swallowing. Choking on their food will be avoided.

    Using slow feeder plates on your pets trains them to be patient and disciplined. It is healthy for your pet to eat their food slowly. Their food will flow smoothly through its stomach.

    Lessen Gas Intake and Bloating 

    Hungry Labrador retriever is feeding at home.

    Our canine friends gulp on their food and also ingest the air. The swallowed air may cause bloating and can be dangerous to our pets. Bloating or gastric dilatation-volvulus can be life-threatening. Your pet could have twisted intestines which causes blood flow issues; this is fatal. There would be a blockage in their stomach.

    Slow feeder plates prevent this kind of complication for your pet. They would chew their food which would promote better digestion. They will also digest all the nutrients that their meals provide. Food and nutrients will flow smoothly in their tummy.

    Promotes Better Digestion

    Slow feeder plates slow your pet down while eating their meal. Your pet will chew its food which helps in better digestion. Better digestion for your pet leads to a happy and healthy pet. There will be no emergency visits to the vet due to gastrointestinal threats.

    Some pets may have developed this fast-eating behavior at an early stage. They may have felt that each meal time is a competition. It is best to introduce a slow feeder plate at an early age. So, you won’t have to worry about them damaging their organs due to bloating or gastrointestinal issues. They would be disciplined enough to chew their food properly.

    Improves Eating Habits

    Another benefit of using a slow feeder on your pet, it helps in improving their eating habit. Pets tend to gulp their food when they get excited or hungry. Slow feeder plates will help avoid this fast-eating habit. They will develop a slower pace of eating their meal. 

    Slow-feeder plates are beneficial for your pet’s health. A prolonged mealtime allows your pet to chew and digest its food properly. They will not feel hungry until the next mealtime, which will prevent obesity.

    Mental Stimulation

    Slow-feeder plates/bowls have ridges, pockets, and holes in them. They have a puzzle-like design that would challenge your pet’s mental skills to access their food. They will treat eating as an activity for mental stimulation. Every mealtime is playtime for them.

    Your pet will enjoy slowly eating their food. They would also enjoy the nutrients that come along with it. These slow-feeder plates are beneficial for your pet’s physical and mental health. 

    Fewer Worries and Stress for You

    Little dog Maltese and black and white cat eating natural, organic food from a bowl at home

    As a pet parent, you worry about your pet not feeling well. You get stressed whenever your pet feels sick. The worst part is when you rush to the animal hospital during life-threatening situations. You don’t want that to happen to your pet. You only want your pet to be healthy and out of harm’s way.

    One way of keeping your pet healthy is using slow feeder plates during mealtime. These slow-feeder plates will help in slowing your pet’s food intake. Your pet will develop a slow-eating habit, especially when you introduce a slow feeder plate at an early age. There will be less stress and fewer worries for you.

    In conclusion, slow-feeder plates are beneficial to your pet. All of the benefits mentioned above lead to a healthy and happy pet. Slow feeder plates help in avoiding tummy issues on your pet. Choking on their food won’t be an issue anymore due to gulping their feed. They also prevent emergency visits to the vet due to bloating. Your pet will develop a slow-eating habit which promotes better digestion. Slow-feeder plates keep your pet engaged and stimulate their brain while eating.

    As a pet parent, your job is to ensure your pet’s well-being. Slow feeder plates will assist you in achieving your goal. When choosing the slow feeder plate for your pet, pick the right size and design. Select the one that works for your pet. Keep them mentally stimulated while eating. 

    A healthy pet will have a happy life. That is what we want for our pets. Slow-feeder plates are essential for our pet’s healthy and happy life.

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