Must-Have Items to Keep Your Car Organized for Long Commutes


    Long car rides are often more entertaining to discuss than they are to endure. Sleeping in the backseat of a car in the middle of nowhere sounds exciting until you have to do it. Eating crackers and beef jerky until you have to travel 1000 miles with overflowing trash bags. When you need a bunch of must-have car road trip items, read on!

    With the right gear, it is possible to wade through all of the unpleasant experiences, leaving only the pleasant ones behind. Road trip necessities will help you avoid unpleasant realities, transforming your long car ride into a special, memorable vacation. The items listed below are essential for keeping your car organized, clean, and safe during long commutes. 

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    Must-Have Items to Keep Your Car Organized for Long Commutes

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    1. Seat Gap Filler

    Nothing is more aggravating than dropping a credit card, CD, cell phone, sunglasses, or any other valuable item down the obnoxious gap between the driver and passenger seats and the gear shift console. You can save time and effort by using a gap filler organizer to retrieve items from that small, tight space. The handy pouch slips right into the gap, filling it and catching items before they fall out.

    2. Cargo Net

    Soccer balls, hockey sticks and skates, groceries, and other loose items can easily fall to the back of your trunk during transit, especially if you slam on the brakes suddenly. A cargo net attaches to one side of the trunk and holds items in place. This is especially useful when transporting fragile or breakable items, such as eggs.

    3. Collapsible Trunk/Cargo Tote

    A collapsible tote will easily fit in your trunk or cargo area. Several deep pockets are ideal for stuffing shopping bags. It not only prevents your purchases from sliding around but depending on the weight, you can carry the entire tote into your house to unpack items rather than making multiple trips between the house and the car. It also folds up and stores easily in a closet, cupboard, or the side of a trunk until needed again.

    4. Seatback Organizer

    Seatback organizers come in a variety of styles, each with multiple built-in pockets for storing a tissue box, toys, magazines, books, water bottles, snacks, and whatever else you want to bring. These organizers are ideal for kids or backseat passengers on road trips because they allow them to reach forward, grab a drink, and snag a variety of items to keep them entertained while in transit.

    5. Auto Garbage Bin

    Eating and drinking on the go are very common these days, especially if you have a busy schedule or a long commute. Instead of balling up fast food bags or tossing empty coffee cups on the floor, use auto garbage can to dispose of your garbage. Some models are strapped to the back of the seat, while others can be hung from the gear shifter next to the passenger seat.

    6. Auto Document Case

    In an emergency, keeping track of important car documents such as your vehicle registration, insurance certificate, and even medical information is critical. If your glove compartment is overflowing, you may have to sift through a mountain of paperwork or other items to find them. All of your important papers are kept in a dedicated auto document case. Many of them have see-through pockets to help you quickly find what you’re looking for and zippered cases to keep everything together.

    7. Sunglasses Holder

    When the sun is particularly bright or dips below the visor, sunglasses block out the blinding rays. They’re also extremely easy to misplace when you need them the most! When you need some shade, a clip-on sunglasses holder that fits on your visor or one that clips on the back of the seat come in handy.

    8. Cup Holder Organizer

    The center console or side door pockets of most vehicles have multiple cup-holding options. A cup holder organizer fits into one of those spaces and keeps pens, sunglasses, cell phones, earbuds, and other small items accessible and contained.

    9. Hand Sanitizer Holder

    If you’re carpooling or transporting a large number of passengers, a hand sanitizer holder serves as a sanitizing reminder as well as a convenient storage space. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate both travel and full-size sanitizer bottles and can be hung from the seat or door.

    10. Pouch Cord Organizer

    Phones, tablets, headphones, and other electronic devices all require a charger to function. Is there anything worse than opening the center console to find a tangled mess of cords? Get a case or small pouch and keep all of your cords in it.

    Things to Consider Before Buying Car Interior Organizers

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    1. Determine Your Needs and Car’s Capacity 

    Different vehicles have different empty spaces for drivers to store accessories. The ability to place, hang, or fix organizers is dependent on the amount of space available in your vehicle with the driver and all passengers inside, as well as your needs.

    2. Mind the Storage Capacity

    You should be aware that different types of car organizers are not only designed to fit specific spots inside your vehicle, but they also have different storage capacities. Some can carry larger and bulkier items, while others can only carry lighter items such as smartphones and magazines. Thus, it would be beneficial to plan ahead of time for long trips so that you know exactly what to bring and which must-have car organizing item will best carry it along. You’ll quickly figure out which one is best for you based on what you want to store in your organizer.

    3. Do Not Compromise on Build Material

    A product that keeps your car clean for long commutes should be well-made, just like any other. Your chosen car organizer should be strong enough to carry weight in proportion to its capacity while not deforming over time. Because car organizers are usually more expensive than standard carriers and bags, they should last a long time. Durable construction will ensure that the organizer will accompany you on more than one trip. Finally, the best item for organizing your car should be washable and leak-proof. You can easily clean such products with antibacterial liquids or even a damp microfiber towel to keep your car not only organized but also sanitary.


    The car organizers listed above will assist you in minimizing clutter and maximizing storage and convenience as you travel. 

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