Must-Have Items to Keep Your Car Organized for Long Commutes

Long commutes on cars are often more fun to talk about than they actually are. Sleeping squeezed on the backseat in the middle of nowhere always sounds so exciting until you have to do it. Eating crackers and beef jerky all the way until you’re left with 100 more miles of traveling with overflowing pieces of trash. Here’s when you need a bunch of must-have car road trip items!

It is possible to wade off all the irritating experiences with the correct gears, leaving just the good and enjoyable stuff behind. Road trip essentials will help curtail unpleasant realities, turning your long car commute into a special, memorable vacation.

Below are a few must-have items to keep your car organized, clean and safe for long commutes. This list recommends the nicest products to keep your edibles protected and fresh. And if you’re traveling with minors, we have also included some amazing must-haves for toddlers and kids to keep them nice and comfy.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Interior Organizers

Determine Your Needs and Car’s Capacity 

Different vehicles come with different vacant spaces for drivers to keep accessories. The possibility to put, hang, or fix organizers depends on how much space is present in your vehicles with the driver and all travelers inside, as well as what your needs are. 

Which type of organizer will prove best in keeping your car organized for long commutes also depends on your needs and car’s capacity. The table below will help you understand what type of organizers will fit perfectly into your case: 

Type of Car Organizer

Best For:

Front Seat Car Organizer

  • solo drivers who can easily hang it on the front passenger's seat

  • drivers who want easy access to stuff while driving on the road

  • keeping the car's front seat and dashboard organized for long commutes

Back Seat Car Organizer

  • a family/group of friends on a road trip 

  • keeping kids things organized 

  • having easy access to tablets, magazines, and bottles.

Seat Gap Car Organizer

  • keeping small items like bottles, smartphones, power bank

Trunk Car Organizer

  • vehicles with adequate space at the back

  • storing bigger and heavier things 

Mind the Storage Capacity 

You must know that not only are the different types of car organizers designed to fit distinct spots inside your car, but they also provide different storage capacities. Some can carry bulkier and larger items, while others can only hold lighter ones like smartphones and magazines. 

Thus it would help if you prepare for long traveling a little before the departure date so that you know exactly what to take and what must-have car organizing item will best carry it along. Depending on what you want to store in your organizer, you’ll easily discover which one suits you best.

Do Not Compromise on Build Material 

As with every product, an item that keeps your car mess-free for long commutes should be robust in construction. Your selected car organizer should be potent enough to carry weight according to its capacity while not deforming with time. 

As car organizers usually tend to cost higher than typical carriers and bags, they should also be great in terms of longevity. Durable built quality will ensure the organizer accompanies you for not just a single trip but many more to the come. 

Lastly, the best item to keep your car organized should be washable and leak-proof.  With such products, you can easily wash them down with antibacterial liquids or even rub a damp microfiber towel to keep your car not just organized but also hygienic. 

Look For a Best-Fit Color 

Though a perfect color is not important when buying car organizers for long commutes, there’s no harm in taking care of the car interior looks. If you can not compromise on maintaining your car’s overall appearance (even from the inside), the color of your organizer must complement the car’s interior. 

The nicest choice and the most popular is black since it matches perfectly with almost every car interior and is also the universal color. Otherwise, nothing can be better than the exact same color as your car interior. 

Must Have Items to Keep your Car Organized for Road Trips 

Where to Buy
Foldable 4-Tote Trunk Organizer 
HOTOR Multipurpose Car Trash Can
Car Seat Headrest Pack of 4 Hooks 
Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids
SUNMORN Car Seat Gap Organizer

1. Foldable 4-Tote Trunk Organizer 

Foldable 4-Tote Trunk Organizer 

Incredibly useful and versatile, this foldable cargo storage bag swells into four compartments for convenient and effortless storage. There are two mesh pockets at the very front of the bag to safely hold small items. 

Overall, the container accounts for immense durability, thanks to its shell material made of robust polypropylene that won't bend or collapse no matter what you stuff in. It is also water-resistant, meaning users can easily wipe off dirt with a wet cloth or running water using detergent. 

A portable Insulation Cooler Bag is bundled together that easily slides into one of the compartments and can be detached when you stop for sightseeing and snaps. It has super thermal insulation for warm or cool food/drinks.

Trunk Organizer, Foldable Cargo Storage Bag Portable Insulation Cooler Bag Collapsible Vehicle Organizer Divider Storage Totes

The most significant benefit perhaps is that the tote can be folded back when not in use, so it doesn't occupy additional space. However, the tote will definitely take space when stuffed with items, and this is only recommended for trucks or cars that aren't already loaded with too much luggage. 


  • Practical Design for Maximum Storage 

  • Incredible Durability

  • Separable, Portable Cooler Bag 

  • Easy to Clean


  • Suitable for cars with bigger trunks only 

2. HOTOR Multipurpose Car Trash Can

HOTOR Multipurpose Car Trash Can

Don't let your travel garbage accumulate in your vehicle by carrying a mobile trash can with you. Thanks to its smart leak-proof design, users don't have to worry about spillage or odors while traveling for no matter how many miles. 

Not only will the bag keep your journey clean, but it will also take care of its hygiene, which means that the leak-proof material is water-resistant, allowing the users to wipe off dirt or give a deep wash in case of stubborn stains. 

Because the bag features an adjustable strap, it easily hangs anywhere, for instance, the seat's headrest holder, or you can also make it sit on the floor. 

Moreover, many people will like this must-have car organizing item because it can also be wielded as a storage container. This is because the HOTAR can is large enough for holding foods, bottles, books, snacks, and even kids' products.

Apart from all, the most special thing about HOTAR multipurpose is that it retails in multiple different colors and styles to fit everyone's preference and car interior.


  • Adjustable Strap Allows Convenient Hanging

  • Durable Leak-proof interior

  • Multipurpose

  • Great Compatibility 


  • Less than 2 gallons of space 

3. Car Seat Headrest Pack of 4 Hooks 

a Car Seat Headrest Pack of 4 Hooks 

We know most people are used to hanging almost everything to the seat's headrest, but now is the time to change. With this pack of 4 car headrest hooks, hang your accessories in a better manner that gives you easy access to what's inside without needing too much effort. 

The packs carry customized design pieces that fit on the Seat Headrest of most vehicles. Attaching the hooks to your headrest is also a breeze. No need to remove the headrest itself; instead, the upgraded side opening design of the hooks will make the task a lot more convenient for you. 

What's of most interest is the dual nature of hooks that include a BONUS bottle holder part to add on the bottom hook to turn it into a bottle holder. Moreover, the hooks can easily move around, so they can be used for the back or front of the seat without needing to detach and install them all over again.

Thanks to their high-quality ABS material plastic construction, all four hooks are durable and wide enough not to deform, no matter how many accessories you hang.

However, there's one dark side associated with the hooks that they don't last long. The hooks' hard body material will make you believe in their strength and even let you hang bulky products for several months but not after they snap into two halves. 


  • Wide Length Hooks Carry as Many Bags as Possible 

  • Easy to Install

  • Includes a BONUS bottle holder part 

  • Can hold up to 13 lb (6 kg)


  • Most Likely to Break after a Few Months of Use 

4. Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

This polyester backseat organizer is not a typical accessory carrier but a techy station that will keep backseat drivers, especially kids, occupied and entertained. The organizer has a specially designed safe pocket for tablet-like devices and a couple of more storage areas. There's also a bigger polyester section for storing bulkier accessories. 

Fortunately, each pocket is made of mesh and has elastic tops to hold all stored in place. The back of the organizer is leak-proof, so any leaking bottles can’t stain the back of your car seat. This super convenient Seat Organizer's manufacturer also provides a free microfiber cloth for easy and no-scratch cleaning of the Tablet Pocket screen

To make installation easier for all consumers, the Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organiser comes with adjustable bottom and top straps that, along with the nifty buckles, easily affix to the back seat. Moreover, it comes in a universal design that fits almost all vehicles.


  • Durable 600D Polyester Built 
  • Waterproof Backing 
  • Multipurpose Organizer
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee 


  • Could have more storage pockets

5. SUNMORN Car Seat Gap Organizer

SUNMORN Car Seat Gap Organizer

Haven't come across a good car space to keep your mobile phone or a glass of starbucks? The SUNMORN Car Seat Gap Organizer will finally end your quest. Not every car comes with nifty accessory holders, and thus this product will fill the lacking. Thanks to the unique design and adequate capacity, this gap organizer will fit every must-have car item that needs to be close by your side. 

As the name suggests, this SUNMORN organizer smoothly slides between seat gaps or the console without any manual installation. If you intend to fix it between the center console and seat, make sure your car's console is lower than the seat and the gap between them is not wider than 0.6 inches. 

Because unfortunately, if that's the case, the organizer will not sit in one place. Once it's properly secured, it does neither affect sitting nor the use of seat belts. With SUNMORN by your side, you can easily keep your mobile, wallet, keys, and even a bottle or cup inside its dedicated cup holder so that they remain accessible. 

This car seat gap organizer also houses a cut-out for the charging cable to go all the way to the dashboard. Made of water-resistant ABS high-quality plastic material, the organizer is very durable and won't quickly wear off. 


  • Very Comfortable

  • Durable and Leak-Proof Construction 

  • Easy to Install 


  • Not Suitable For Every Vehicle – does not fit a gap wider than 0.6 inches

Final Word 

For many years, automobile manufacturing companies have been trying their best to induce as much convenience for the users as possible. They are doing this by modifying the interior designs to make them more practical. But for all the creative changes car makers come up with, we can always use products like those mentioned above to keep the cars organized for long journeys. 

With the five best car organizing items discussed in the post, your car’s cabin will be recharged with unique storage spaces and pouches where you can keep your food, drinks, napkins, smartphone, toys, laptops, and much more. 

However, choose one or more than just one only after determining your needs and how much space your vehicle has. If you are a small car owner or have many passengers with you, make sure you select only the compact style car organizers like the Mom’s Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

If you have a bigger, truck-like vehicle with adequate space in its rear, or you have a small family along, the Foldable 4-Tote Trunk Organizer might fit you well.