What are Car Dashboard Dolls and Our Best Picks?

A dashboard doll is a car decoration item that has become a trendy accessory nowadays. It has become common mainly because it adds a little bit of flair to the vehicle and reduces stress whenever the driver looks at it when stuck in heavy traffic. When you’re on the road, you will see dashboard dolls in many cars and trucks, along with fuzzy dice on the mirror. 

This trend of putting up dolls on the dashboard will most likely not end because they help the driver in relieving stress and at the same time enjoy while looking at these dolls. 

Hula doll is the most popular type that usually has springs on its legs that make it dance slightly while the car is moving. Even though it is a famous dashboard doll, most people don’t know how it became a part of the car decoration trend. To understand how the dashboard dolls have become instrumental in creating other dashboard decorations in the market, you must know its brief history. 

Origin of Hula Dolls

No one knows who invented the hula doll figure, but it is a fact that it became popular among tourists that were visiting Hawaii during the 1900s. Some people who visited Hawaii frequently liked to collect as many Hula dolls as they could. They also gave it to their family members and friends, who eventually started collecting them. 

The dolls made in the 1920s and 1930s were hand-painted and hand-sculpted using bisque, a type of porcelain that is not shiny but has a matte finish instead. Other than bisque, another common material used for making Hula dolls is redware, which has a reddish-brown color that replicates the Hawaiians’ skin color. Some Hula girls are made with these materials even today, but the most common dolls are made from plastic.

It is essential to know that Hula girls didn’t have springs to make them dance, and this feature was only added to the figure by the 1950s. In the 1950s, the American soldiers who were the participants of World War II bought hundreds of Hula dolls as souvenirs and as a way of remembering their time in the war.

After bringing the dolls home, the soldiers placed them on their cars’ dashboards and found that the dancing hula girl figures proved to be an exciting concept. The soldiers recommended the doll to their friends and family members, and in this way, the decoration became quite popular in the United States and around the world. 

Dashboard and bobblehead figures were made after the Hula dolls as inspiration, and new designs have been incorporated using that same concept. 

Where to Buy
KC Hawaii Hula Girl Posing Mini Dashboard Doll 4.4 inches
KC Hawaii Barack Obama Playing The Ukulele Bobble Head Doll 4"
KC Hawaii Shaka Hula Man Solar Dashboard Doll
Batty Bargains Giddy Bobblehead Tabby Cat with Auto Dashboard Adhesive (Brown)
Batty Bargains Patriotic Bobblehead Eagle with Car Dashboard Adhesive and American Flag
Dashboard Hula Dog Golden Retriever Car Bobblehead Figurine 6 Inches Green Grass Skirt Hawaiian Lei Desk Mantle
lovemmm Car Decoration Ornaments Auto Interior Decorations Big Doll Toys Cute Cartoon Doll Toy Bobble Head Toy
YGMONER Solar Dancing Toy Animal Solar Powered Dancing Dolls Swinging Animated Bobble Dancer Car Decor (Cactus)
Bobble Head Dog Simulation Shaking Head Dog Bobbleheads Dog Toy Ornaments Mini Bobble-Head Toys for Car Vehicle Home Office Decoration - French Bulldog

Our Top Picks

1. KC Hawaii Barack Obama

This dashboard doll depicts the character of Barack Obama, the United States’ former president playing the ukulele while wearing a Hawaiian outfit. The doll is made from polyresin that works great in improving your mood and makes for a great traveling companion. You can easily place it on your car’s dashboard as it has a sticky adhesive on the bottom of its base.

2. KC Hawaii Hula Man

KC Hawaii Hula Man dashboard doll has a height of 6.5 inches and is made from polyresin. It is perfect for your car dashboard or computer desk. Similar to the Hawaiian girl edition, these also help in improving the mood. These dolls come in different skirt colors like green, yellow and red. You can choose the one that you find enjoyable.

3. Batty Bargains Giddy Bobblehead Tabby Cat

If you are a fan of cute cats, getting a kitten bobblehead will be a great decoration. It will keep on nodding while you are driving the car. Its adorable face and beady little eyes will make you feel happy and positive when you look at it. 

This bobblehead tabby cat is adjustable and moves pretty easily and smoothly, making it look like it is nodding or shaking its head. You can also place it anywhere, and it will be a good fit.

4. Batty Bargains Patriotic Bobblehead

This dashboard doll or bobblehead is an eagle waving the American flag. It is a sign of true patriotism, which would make you feel proud when you look at it. It has an adjustable head that moves easily and smoothly, making it look like it is shaking or nodding its head. 

It is guaranteed to bob at a wide range of different angles – all you need to do is loosen or tighten the weighted bolt on the back of its bobbing head.

5. Dashboard Hula Dog Yellow Retriever Bobblehead

This dashboard doll depicts the character of a female dog similar to a Hawaiian girl. It has spring in the middle of its body that makes it dance when the car is moving. It has a height of 6 inches and is made from high-quality material with a unique design. 

This doll comes with adhesive, so you can easily stick it on your car’s dashboard. 

6. Lovemmm Baymaxx Car Decoration

This dashboard doll represents the character from the movie Big Hero 6. It is made from high-quality vinyl plastic material and makes for a good car or room decoration. 

If you are a fan of Big Hero 6, this cute robot-looking figure will be a good choice for you as it will help improve your mood while driving the car. It also gives off nostalgic vibes and memories of that movie.

7. Ygmoner Solar Dancing Cactus

The YGMONER Solar dancing cactus is a dashboard doll that will keep dancing as long as the sun is shining. As the doll runs on solar power, there is no need to waste money on buying batteries. Hence it is a safer decoration to have in the car than other battery-operated dashboard dolls. 

YGMONER also produces other solar-powered dashboard dolls like the Soldier, the Beach Girl, and the Unicorn.

8. Taotenish Bobblehead Cute Dog Dashboard Doll

This dashboard doll is designed in a cute dog-shaped figurine. The body and head of the dog are connected with a tough yet flexible spring, which allows the doll to shake its head more lifelike when the car’s running. The best thing we like about this product is its high-quality material that won’t easily fade its color even in the brightest of sunlight. 

Dashboard Dolls – Cute Decorations for Your Car

It is good to have a dashboard doll installed on your car’s dashboard as it can improve your mood and make you feel more encouraged, especially if you are stuck in heavy traffic. Even though no one knows where the trend came from and how it became popular, it is still an interesting concept that also helps relieve stress. That is why many people like to have dolls on their dashboards, making them look unique and cute.