The Guide to Car Mirror Fuzzy Dice

Whenever you are a passenger or a driver on another person’s vehicle, you may have noticed several decorations placed on the car’s dashboard or hanging at the bottom of the rear view mirror. As many people drive cars that sport the same color like blue, black, or red, one of the few things that can make their vehicles unique from others is by decorating their dashboards with different accessories and gadgets, and one of the most popular car decorations for accessory enthusiasts is the fuzzy dice.

Since the 60s, a lot of car owners have hanged fuzzy dice on their favorite vehicles, but why did the accessory become a trend, and why is it still abundant in accessory shops and department stores until today? To answer these questions, let us dive into the origins of the car mirror fuzzy dice and see how the product developed into one of the most recognizable car accessories in history.


The trend of hanging dice in front of the driver is believed to have started when pilots from World War II hanged dice above their plane instruments for good luck. Pilots would display the sides of the dice that can produce seven pips, as the said number is supposed to be lucky.

In addition, the fuzzy dice are meant to symbolize the risk that the pilots are taking when flying their planes, as being in the seat during times of conflict is like rolling the dice, you would often get lucky to roll the side that lets you go on to see another day, or you could also have a bad roll and not make it out alive in the battle. The pilots who went home after the conflict then continued the tradition and started hanging the dice they had for their planes to their cars to serve as a memento of their time in the war.

Noticing that dice look cool on dashboards, many accessory companies started manufacturing dice made of cotton that is softer and lighter so that it won’t swing around as easily as the ones made of plastic. The fuzzy dice then became the first accessory that was made to be hanged on the rear view mirror.

Today, the fuzzy dice is considered a lucky charm amongst drivers to protect their cars from getting damaged or being involved in crashes and collisions. However, some people say that fuzzy dice often obstruct the view of the driver on the road, and some states even ban fuzzy dice that are too big in size because they may cause accidents. But as long as the fuzzy dice are not large and do not block the driver’s view, then it is safe to be hanged on the rear view mirror.

The Best Car Mirror Fuzzy Dice

Where to Buy
Zento Deals Hanging Red Fuzzy Dice
YGMONER Fuzzy Plush Dice
Kicko Mini Hanging Fuzzy Dice
NFL Fuzzy Dice
NCAA Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy dice are now available in a variety of colors and shapes, and each of them will surely add a little bit of flair to your dashboard. Here are some of the best ones you can purchase online.

1. Zento Deals Hanging Red Fuzzy Dice

The most basic accessory on the list, the Zento Deals Hanging Red Fuzzy Dice is a no-frills rear view mirror decoration that pops because of its bright red color. The product can also serve as a stress reliever while driving, and you can touch it or just look at it to make you feel calm in times of heavy traffic.

2. YGMONER Fuzzy Plush Dice

The YGMONER Fuzzy Plush Dice has a velvety texture compared to the Zento Deals that have a softer feel, which makes it slightly more appealing to look at. In addition, the YGMONER dice comes with a suction cup so that you can display it in different areas where you can’t hang the accessory using its strings.

3. Kicko Mini Hanging Fuzzy Dice

The Kicko Mini Hanging Fuzzy Dice is an interesting accessory, as each side of the dice has different colors, making it the most colorful accessory on the list. However, it is not as fluffy as the YGMONER and the Zento Deals, but it will be able to retain its shape longer.

4. NFL Fuzzy Dice

Made by Fremont Die, the NFL Fuzzy Dice features the logos of teams in the popular football league. So if you are a big fan of any NFL teams, then displaying this accessory on your rearview mirror will show those who see your vehicle how loyal you are to your favorite team.

5. NCAA Fuzzy Dice

Another product produced by Fremont Die, the NCAA Fuzzy Dice includes the logo of famous NCAA teams on one side of each die. If you are studying in any of the NCAA schools or if you are just a fan of their sports teams, then you can purchase the NCAA Fuzzy Dice to show your support to your chosen school.

Where to Buy
Star Wars Han Solo Lucky Dice
Zebra Safari Animal Print Fuzzy Dice
BDK Retro Mirror Hanging Joker Dice
Bunco Game Shop Pink Fuzzy Dice
Secaden Hanging Fuzzy Dice


6. Star Wars Han Solo Lucky Dice

A dice featured in the Star Wars Solo movie; the Han Solo Lucky Dice mimics the vehicle accessory placed by Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon’s dashboard. However, since the original lucky dice is made of metal, it may be unsafe to hang on rearview mirrors since it may cause harm to the driver and passenger, so the company Se7en20 created a softer fuzzy dice that has the icons and logos debossed on Han Solo’s lucky dice to make it a safer car accessory.

7. Zebra Safari Animal Print Fuzzy Dice

For those who want something different in terms of the looks for their fuzzy dice, the perfect accessory for them is the Zebra Safari Animal Print Fuzzy Dice, which has an outrageous pink and black zebra print. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any dots on it like most fuzzy dice products, but it doesn’t really need dots since it already has an eye-catching animal print on each side.

8. BDK Retro Mirror Hanging Joker Dice

If you are a fan of the certain caped crusader’s most menacing villain, then you might want to get the Hanging Joker Dice by BDK that features the iconic colors of the Clown Prince of Crime. One die is green, while the other is purple, and one side of each die has the joker logo often seen in playing cards.

9. Bunco Game Shop Pink Fuzzy Dice

Those who like the color pink may want to get the Pink Fuzzy Dice made by Bunco Game Shop, which sports a lovely light pink color that is not too bright so that it won’t distract you while driving. However, this fuzzy dice may be too big for smaller dashboards, and it may obstruct that view of the driver if it occupies too much space at the bottom of the rear view mirror.

10. Secaden Hanging Fuzzy Dice 

The fuzziest fuzzy dice on the list, the Secaden Car Fuzzy Dice has a striking yellow color that is pleasing to look at while you are stuck on traffic or if you are just waiting for some while you’re inside the car. This retro car dice is also available in purple and black varieties. 

There are plenty more fuzzy dice to choose from in the market, but the ones mentioned here are arguably the most popular and the best-selling car accessory out of all. After purchasing a fuzzy dice, make sure that it is hanged securely on your vehicle’s rear view mirror so that it won’t fall off accidentally.  We all love our cars and you should always check out for best tires for your car and other maintenance needs to ensure it keeps running great.