Guide to Men’s Grooming Kits

Men’s grooming kits are not just limited to razors, shaving creams, or trimmers. There are a variety of products available for men to help them improve their looks and their treatment to their own body further, and most of them are likely used before shaving and even after showering.

Not many people own a grooming kit, as some of them might assume that having one may not be manly since others would think that they are obsessed with taking too much care of their bodies. However, owning a grooming kit is important because you will be able to treat and groom your body properly, and having people judging you for having one shouldn’t matter as long as you know that you are taking good care of yourself by having proper body hygiene.

Things Commonly Found on a Men’s Grooming Kit

Before purchasing a grooming kit, you should know all the products that may come in each package. Not all kits can fit all grooming products found in the market, but most of them will still be able to provide you with an almost complete groom for your body.


Probably the most important grooming product found in almost all kits, the trimmer is a tool used to shave the beard, the mustache, and other hair found on the body. Trimmers can either be battery-powered or have a cord that you can plug into any electrical outlet. Shaving cream may also be needed if you are going to trim your beard or mustache and get them clean-shaven.


The comb is an essential grooming tool that both men and women need in order for them to properly style their hair. Combs have teeth that can vary in size; the larger teeth are used to mimic how you comb your hair using your fingers, while the smaller teeth are utilized to style more stubborn hair that sometimes wouldn’t cooperate with larger-teethed combs.

Nail Clipper

As stated previously, some kits are not just limited to hair products since they also include nail clippers into the mix. True to its name, nail clippers are used to trim nails on the fingers and the toes, and they generally prevent dust and dirt from entering the nails because they clip the parts where germs may live on those specific parts of the hands and feet.


For those with longer hair on their face or the top of their head, they may need to cut their hair with a pair of scissors first before using a trimmer. The scissors can also be a more effective hair cutting tool if you just want to trim your beard or mustache a little bit instead of using a powerful trimmer that may shave the hair in longer lengths.

Recommended Grooming Kits

Where to Buy
Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit
Wahl Model 5622 Shaving Kit
Keiby Citom Stainless Steel Travel and Grooming Kit
Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Man’s Grooming Kit
Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit
MI Slick Beard Grooming Kit


There are so many grooming kits for men that are available in different stores, so we compiled some of the best ones so that you will have an easier time picking the right grooming kit for you.

1. Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit

The Wahl Self-Cut Kit has all you need to properly groom your hair, your beard, and your mustache because it has a trimmer with 12 extra secure snap attachment guards that have different teeth lengths.

In addition, the kit also comes with left and right ear taper guards for safer shaving, a small bottle of blade oil for a smoother shave, a cleaning brush to brush off shaved hair, a cleaning cloth for the blade of the trimmer, a pair of scissors to cut your hair to your desired style, and a clipper blade cover to protect the trimmer’s blade against the outside elements that may corrode or damage it. All of these tools and accessories can fit inside its 7” storage case that is compact enough to fit inside a backpack.

2. Wahl Model 5622 Shaving Kit

If you want a cheaper alternative to the Personal Haircutting Kit, Wahl produced a simpler kit that has a hair and nose hair trimmer as well as a bottle of blade oil and hair comb that they sell for half the price of the first Wahl kit.

The Wahl Model 5622 has both a hair trimmer head and a nose hair trimmer head for ultimate versatility, but it also comes with three stubble combs and four hair guide combs that you can attach to the trimmer for a more customized shaving. These tools and accessories, along with the power adapter, can be placed inside the black pouch that is included right out of the box.

3. Keiby Citom Stainless Steel Travel and Grooming Kit

From the kit made for hair cutting and trimming, we are now going to tackle a grooming kit made for grooming nails on the toes and on the fingers. The Nail Clipper Travel and Grooming Kit by Keiby Citom contains not only a nail clipper made of professional stainless steel but also tweezers to pluck out ingrown hair and eyebrows, a pair of scissors for cutting excess hair in the eyebrows and other parts of the body, an ear pick to reduce the amount of wax on both ears, and an acne needle to remove pimples, blackheads, and acne on the face. These hair care and skincare tools are all made of professional stainless steel like the nail clipper.

But the contents inside the package doesn’t end there, as Keiby Citom also included a zigzag callus remover to clean dead skin found on curved edges the foot, a flat callus remover that gets rid of calluses on the flat surfaces of your skin, and an oblique callus remover to remove dead skin on the skin between your toes. These tools are stored in the included thin and compact carry case for easy transport during trips and travels.

4. Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Man’s Grooming Kit

If you want an all-in-one kit that has both the main nail and hair grooming tools, then the 5-in-1 Man’s Grooming Kit by Sminiker Professional is the perfect grooming kit for you. The kit includes a trimmer that has a hair trimmer head as well as a nose hair trimmer head to trim excess hair inside your nose.

Along with the trimmer heads, the Sminiker Grooming Kit also comes with four haircut positioning combs for the trimmer to style your hair properly, one vertical trimmer head, one micro shaver, a precision trimmer, one hair comb to manually fix your hair, two nail clippers, one pair of scissors, one nail file, one tweezer, one ear spoon to get rid of excess earwax, and an adapter to plug the trimmer to any electrical outlet. The tools for the hair can be placed on the charging base, where you can insert the adapter to charge the trimmer automatically.

5. Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit

The Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving has all you need to shave cleanly and precisely, as it has a long handle double edge safety razor, which comes with ten replaceable Astra blades that are considered the best and the sharpest in the market.

Along with the razor, the shaving kit also includes a gorgeous wood shaving bowl where you can put the included Maison Lambert Organic Shaving Soap and the black badger shaving brush, an organic pre-shave oil to make your hair softer before shaving, and a beautiful chrome stand where you can display the razor and the shaving brush. After shaving, you can apply the organic unscented aftershave oil that comes in the package so you can have a smoother facial hair.


For excellent beard grooming, you would have to get the beard kit made by FULLLIGHT TECH. The kit comes with a beard comb that is made of wood so that it won’t be too harsh on your facial hair unlike plastic ones, and it also has a beard brush with wild boar hair that you can utilize after putting the included beard oil and beard wash.

Besides the oil and the wash, the FULLLIGHT TECH Beard Kit also includes a beard balm to make your facial hair soft and smooth, along with a tiny pair of barber scissors if you want to trim your beard a little bit. There is also a code inside the package that lets you download an e-book titled “The Ultimate Beard Care E-Book” so that you will be more knowledgeable in the intricacies of beard grooming.

7. MI Slick Beard Grooming Kit

Another beard grooming kit, the MI Slick kit contains almost all the contents found on the FULLLIGHT Tech kit, with the exception of the beard wash. However, it does have an even better comb, as it is a double-sided version where one side has larger teeth while the other has thinner teeth. The beard brush found on the MI Slick kit has the same materials used in the FULLLIGHT TECH, and it even has the same handle shape.

Another advantage that it has over the FULLLIGHT TECH is that it comes with a bigger pair of stainless steel scissors, but some people might find this as a disadvantage since they may want a smaller pair for precise cutting.

You can choose one of these seven grooming kits and you’ll be set to groom yourself, or you can also combine at least two them to create the ultimate grooming experience.