What are the Latest Braun Trimmers?

Braun is a modern consumer products company, founded by Max Braun in 1921. He founded thcompany as a workshop where he could build and test his appliances. Braun rose to fame because of its progressive ideas, innovative products, and its use of the latest technological developments, which Max Braun was able to transform into marketable products.

The first successful product was a transmission belt connector that reduced wear on transmission belts, and after that, they produced similar products that got immensely popular over time. Today, the company produces many great personal care products like trimmers, shavers, and hair removers.

The most popular Braun products are beard trimmers and shavers because men prefer them for their grooming needs. The reason behind Braun’s popularity is the affordable range of products and the quality it provides. They offer amazing self-care products that everyone can use without any hassle or danger.

Where to Buy
Braun Beard Trimmer BT5240
Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260
Braun Beard Trimmer BT5265
Braun 3 Series Electric Shaver
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Electric Shaver
Braun MGK5245 Hair Clippers Set
Braun BT7240 Hair Clippers Set
Braun 8 Series Electric Shaver
Braun 9 Series Electric Shaver


Latest Braun Trimmers

There are a lot of great Braun trimmers that you can buy depending on your grooming needs. Here is a list of some of them:

1. Braun Beard Trimmer BT5240

Braun BT5240 is an electric cordless beard trimmer that allows you to get a smooth trim for your beard in the style you want without worrying about the cuts and bumps. It also enables you to get rid of the need to have two separate trimmers for beard and head as it can be used for both purposes.

It comes with two adjustable trimming combs to trim your beard by choosing from 39 different hair lengths. It is easy to hold, and its battery lasts a long time. The trimmer provides you a strong grip, so you don’t have a chance of easily dropping it on the floor.

Braun BT5240 is available in blue plastic casing and has a dual battery system that can adjust itself according to the beard hair type and helps in shaving the toughest, thickest beard. Moreover, the trimmer also comes with a ProGlide Razor.

2. Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260

Braun BT5260 is a hair clipper with sharp blades that last a long time for a perfect beard trim. It has a dual battery system and can be used both with and without a cord. It has two dedicated combs for 39 accurate hair length settings in 0.5 mm, allowing you to get the beard trim you want with ease.

It is made with German technology precision trimming, with 100 minutes of cordless time, and can charge in under 1 hour. A Gillette Prorazer is also included in the package.

3. Braun Beard Trimmer BT5265

Braun BT5265 is one of the fastest, sharpest, and efficient trimmers compared to Braun’s other trimmers. It is made with German technology and has an ergonomic design suitable for delivering 100m of cordless trimmer usage on a 1-hour charge.

It has a precision dial with 39 length settings with 0.5 mm steps to choose from. It also comes with three comb attachments and a Gillette Fusion 5 razor that helps you trim and shave. It has sharp blades that provide even trimming and can last a lifetime.

In short, this trimmer is an excellent option for providing smooth trims and creating precise lines and edges on the neck and cheeks.

4. Braun 3 Series Electric Shaver

Braun 3090CC is an electric foil shaver and a razor that provides a faster and smoother shaving experience without hurting your sensitive skin. It has three pressure-sensitive shaving elements that adapt to any facial contour trimming with a micro grip that captures more hair in one stroke, allowing you to get a smoother shave. It comes in grey color with a pouch and a charging station.

Moreover, Braun’s electric shaver also has twin foils with an integrated middle trimmer that allows you to get a closer shave. The foils together effectively cut the thick and long beard, and they have been tested on the difficult 3-day beards.

5. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Electric Shaver

Braun ProSkin 3080 is an electric rechargeable foil shaver/razor. It is a black and blue 3-in-1 grooming tool that allows you to get a smooth, clean shaving and trimming experience. It comes with three pressure-sensitive shaving elements for ensuring a smooth shave and skin comfort.

It has three blades, which can be used on both dry and wet hair, whether with foam or gel. Furthermore, it is powered by two rechargeable long-life batteries.

6. Braun MGK5245 Hair Clippers Set

Braun’s MGK5245 is a 7-in-One hair clipper set for beard, face, hair, and nose. It has 13 length settings and lifetime sharp blades that allow you to get a precise cut according to your needs. It also has an autosensing motor that provides fast speed no matter how tangled or messed up your hair is.

It comes with four comb attachments that help you maintain a shorter or a longer beard and allows you to achieve the exact hair length in 0.5 mm to 21 mm steps. You can also use the mini foil shaver attachment for smaller areas. It is fully washable and has a Lithium-ion battery that offers 100 minutes of non-stop trimming experience.

The trimmer comes with a Gillette Fusion5 Pro Glide razor with Flexball technology.

7. Braun BT7240 Hair Clippers Set

Braun BT7240 is a faster and sharper beard trimmer set than the other generations of Braun beard trimmers. Like other trimmers in the series, it also comes with four different attachments and a Gillette Fusion5 Pro Glide Razor.

Moreover, it has a precision dial that offers 39 length settings in 0.5 mm step sizes for a struggle-free and smooth trimming experience. It has sharp metallic blades installed that can last a lifetime when used for beard trimming or hair clipping. It is made with German technology and has an ergonomic design that delivers 100m of cordless trimming on a 1-hour charge.

8. Braun 8 Series Electric Shaver

Braun 8370cc is an electric shaver that gives precise closeness and skin comfort. The shavers head captures hairs even in the thickest areas for flawless results. It also has sonic technology that delivers micro-vibrations so that an electric razor can glide across your skin while shaving. This shaver is suitable for both wet and dry shaving.

It also has an eight directional flexible trimmer head that makes it easy to make the hard contours with individually floating foils and trimmer, mounted on a pivoting head. The shaver gives the closeness of 0.05mm. In addition to that, it has a beard density adjustment system and LED display that shows the battery status, hygiene, and travel lock indicator.

It comes with a charging system, a travel case, and a pouch.

9. Braun 9 Series Electric Shaver

Braun 9390cc is the world’s most effective shaver made in Germany with premium craftsmanship. It has five different shaving elements that capture more hair in one stroke for a smooth shave. This shaver provides you with both a close and gentle shave without any problems like cuts and bumps.

It easily glides and smoothly glides over the skin and is suitable for a wet and dry shave. It allows you to shave continuously without any interruption as its battery lasts for 1 hour. It also includes a Pro display with a performance dashboard.

The shaver is coated with titanium metal and 10D Flex Head with independently flexible cutting elements mounted on it, such a micromotion combined with micromotion that gives maximum facial adaptability giving you more skin contact for a thorough shave.

Max Braun – A Mastermind of Grooming Tools

Braun’s efforts and dedication led to the creation of amazing grooming tools for men that offer grooming with ease and convenience. Over time, the use of manscaping and grooming has grown rapidly, where men have developed a habit of taking care of themselves regularly.

The reviews of men tell us that Braun self-care products such as shavers, trimmers, etc., are well-liked and preferred by them for their regular, everyday usage, making Braun one of the most popular names in the industry.