DIY Gel Nail Removal


Gel nail polish is known in the beauty world for being incredibly durable. Unlike your usual acrylic nail paints, gel nails last for weeks without chipping. But because of their longevity, they are notoriously difficult to remove once you want to get rid of them. If you need to get your gel … Read more

A sweet little surprise

A sweet little surprise-jpeg

Have I mentioned that I love this man? My husband, the father of my children, the love of my life…yeah, you know the drill. He’s pretty sweet. And funny. And hot. Sometimes he surprises me. Not often, but sometimes.   Last week he surprised the hell out of me.   He came … Read more

I Love Juicing!

glasses of vegetable juices

Anytime is a good time to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Adjusting to a new lifestyle can be rocky at first, as you may be tempted to go back to your old unhealthy habits. But as long as you are resolute and determined in achieving your goals – including … Read more

How to Come Up with New Year’s Resolution

a corkboard of messages

Are you decided to reinvent yourself in the coming new year? Or at least take the new year as a long overdue excuse to get rid of your old bad habits or take up new ones? It’s rather unfortunate that more than half of all New Year’s resolutions end up in failure. … Read more

Ideas for an Inexpensive but Great Date Night

a couple sitting and having coffee outside a café

“Love don’t cost a thing,” as a line from a pop song says. Showing love for your spouse or significant other doesn’t always have to mean splashing out big on every date, even if that exceeds your budget. While we would all love to treat our loved ones with luxury gifts and … Read more

DIY Gel Nails at Home


If you find yourself getting frustrated about nail polish chipping as quickly as two to three days, you’re probably looking for an alternative. Gel nails are a great option because it’s a long-lasting manicure that can stay chip-free for weeks. However, going to the salon to gel manicure can get expensive if … Read more

My New Year’s Resolutions

making a list of new year’s resolutions

At some time in your life, chances are you’ve declared a New Year’s resolution – and then broken it. But haven’t we all? It’s easier said and done, after all. But hopefully, for the next new year, stop the cycle of making resolutions and not keeping them. If your resolutions are to … Read more

Ideas for a Secret Santa

A pile of Christmas gifts

As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to feel festive once again! It also means that school, office, and family reunion parties are also in the offing, and they typically entail Secret Santa gift exchanges. One of the great things about Secret Santa is that it doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or … Read more

Ideas for Holiday Manicures

A woman with nail polish holding a candy cane

Everybody has a different way of celebrating the holidays. Some go full-throttle – wearing different Christmas sweaters every day, decking their halls and homes with more lights, and blasting some holiday tunes that can be heard around the neighborhood. Others prefer a subtler approach – barely decorating a white Christmas tree and … Read more

Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte – A Great Holiday Drink!

a person holding a cup of Starbucks caramel brulee latte

Attention, coffee lovers: while Starbucks may be the most popular coffee chain in the country, a surprisingly significant number of people don’t like its coffee. According to them, Starbucks’ coffee tastes too bitter and almost burnt. So, while it’s safe to say that not all Americans are huge Starbucks coffee fans, otherwise … Read more

Things I love Thursday

Things I love Thursday scarf-jpeg

This week I wanted to show you my new scarf. I’m in love with it. My mom sent it to me and it’s a Warriors in Pink scarf in support of breast cancer awareness. She sent me one last year as well, so now I have 2. Look at this gorgeous print! … Read more