The Secrets Out Coconut Secret is the BEST Alternative to Sugar!

It looks like the secret is out! People are discovering just how incredible these Coconut Secret products truly are, and it’s time you should as well!

The Coconut Secrets line up is fairly new and people have been absolutely loving them.


After doing all of the research into the health benefits of coconut, we just had to try out all five products from Coconut Secrets (and yes, we bought them). We love, love, LOVE, that each product only has ONE INGREDIENT COCONUT (except for the Aminos which also has sea salt).

We have loved EVERYTHING we’ve made with the Raw Vegan Coconut Vinegar, Raw Coconut Nectar, Raw Coconut Crystals, Raw Coconut Flour, and Raw Organic Vegan Coconut Aminos. You can learn more about each of the specific products below.

We Knew Coconuts Were GREAT for US But We Never Knew It Could Do So Much!

We had never in our life heard about the ability to make vinegar, amino sauce, and sweet syrupy nectar from the coconut palm, but when we did it made us appreciate this incredible and versatile plant even more. If you’re not crazy about coconut no worries these products may have a SLIGHT hint of coconut, but you really won’t taste it in the finished dish. You get all the health benefits of coconut, with almost none of the flavors.

One of the best things about these products is that they come from small family-owned coconut farms in the Philippines which are located on volcanic, mineral-rich soil. The company is totally committed to keeping everything in it’s pure, unadulterated, raw forms for our enjoyment. The trees are completely non-GMO, and no pesticides or herbicides are used. All of their products are organically certified, and will also be displayed on each label gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and fair trade symbols. Awesome!

All Coconut Secret products come from the coconut sap which is hand tapped from the coconut tree blossoms. It is a beautiful opalescent ivory color and is delicately sweet without having to undergo any further processing with heat. It is amazing that once the blossoms are tapped, the coconut sap will keep flowing continuously for the next 20 years! It takes very little energy to collect the sap and is a very sustainable food source. All of this and the sap are highly nutritious with 17 amino acids building blocks of protein, a broad spectrum of B vitamins, vitamin C, electrolyte minerals, and even FOS which is a prebiotic, helping to feed our health-promoting bacteria which are essentially our immune system.

Here is a bit of a rundown of each of the products:

Raw Coconut Nectar

Now that the Glycemic Research Institute has banned agave nectar as a low glycemic food and further states that it is dangerous to diabetics, pre-diabetics, and those with insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, we no longer use it. If you are looking for an alternative to agave, Coconut Nectar may be perfect for you.

It is low glycemic, rich in minerals, and made from the evaporation of coconut sap at very low temperatures. The temperature during processing never exceeds the temperatures of a naturally sunny day in the tropics. It is a fully alive and unadulterated sweetener that is easy for the body to process and will not cause blood sugar spikes. The flavor is very mild; we would liken it to a cross between maple syrup, light agave with a hint of molasses. we can even taste a bit of a vanilla flavor as well.

RECIPE TIPS: The naturally sweet, mild flavor of this Nectar is an ideal sweetener for use on pancakes, over cereal, in tea smoothies, and all your favorite dessert recipes and savory recipes that need a bit of sweetness. This delicious Coconut Nectar does not have a coconutty flavor.

Raw Coconut Crystals

You can now finally have a healthy, raw sugar substitute with these Coconut Crystals. They are a coarse consistency and taste slightly of brown sugar with a hint of vanilla.

When the coconut tree is tapped, it produces a naturally sweet, nutrient-rich inflorescence (juice or sap) that exudes from the coconut blossoms. This sap is very low glycemic (GI of only 35), diabetic-friendly, contains 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH. Small batches ensure that Coconut Secrets organic, Crystals sweetener, made from this natural sap, is a raw product, minimally evaporated at low temperatures for 90 minutes (to remove excess moisture and allow for crystallization).

RECIPE TIPS: The naturally sweet, earthy flavor of Coconut Crystals is an ideal sweetener for use in cookies, muffins, confections, over cereals, in teas, and all your favorite dessert recipes. You can generally use equal measurements of Coconut Crystals vs in recipes.

Raw Vegan Coconut Vinegar

Now, this is incredible stuff. It is very similar tasting to apple cider vinegar, although we would say a bit more fruity and light. It starts off as mineral-rich coconut sap and is aged for 8 months to a year. It is full of enzymes and naturally occurring prebiotics. It touts many of the same health benefits of apple cider vinegar, so it is alkalinizing and helps promote healthy hydrochloric acid production in the stomach for great digestion. Due to the fact that coconut sap is so highly mineralized and nutritious, this vinegar is as well!

Coconut Sap Vinegar vs Apple Cider Vinegar: Coconut trees are grown in rich volcanic soil, contributing to the sap’s high mineral content (especially abundant in Potassium – 192 mg per tablespoon of fresh sap). Coconut Secrets vinegar contains 17 health-promoting amino acids, broad-spectrum B vitamins, vitamin C, and naturally occurring FOS (a prebiotic that promotes digestive health).

Apple cider vinegar enthusiasts say it can heal a vast array of ailments and prevent chronic diseases of aging, largely because it is chock full of nutrients. However, in truth, according to the USDA Nutrient Database, a nutritional analysis reveals that apple cider vinegar has no measurable vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, or vitamin @, and the fiber (pectin) and amino acid content is zero.

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NOTE: Coconut Vinegar has an alkalizing effect in the body much the same as apple cider vinegar. Although vinegar is an acidic food, when it is metabolized by the body, it becomes alkaline-producing.

The naturally occurring organic acids found in coconut sap vinegar, provide the body with important minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. These and other minerals form compounds in the body that convert acid body fluids into alkaline. These are known as alkalizing minerals.

Raw apple cider vinegar is touted by many as an alkalizing food that raises pH levels. Well known alternative health experts such as Earl Mindell and Robert C Young, hold this point of view.

However, Dr. D.C. Jarvis, the physician who popularized apple cider vinegar as a cure-all and health tonic, recommended using it to make the body’s pH more acidic. He found that his patients were more alkaline before they became sick and that making the body more acidic helped prevent illness. Since there is no clear consensus about the acid/alkaline nature of vinegar, the best way to know how your own body responds is to regularly test your urine with pH testing strips that are available online or in most health food stores and pharmacies.

RECIPE TIPS: In addition to using with your favoring dressings and marinades, Coconut Secrets Sap Vinegar may also be used instead of apple cider vinegar for skincare and with any internal cleansing program.

Raw Organic Vegan Coconut Aminos

Braggs liquid aminos and soy sauce are now a thing of the past. The coconut aminos are probably my favorite of all. While Braggs liquid aminos are questionably processed and overly salty, coconut aminos are neither of those things. They are gluten and soy-free so perfect for someone with allergies to those things. The salty flavor comes from sun-dried mineral-rich sea salt only. There are 17 naturally occurring amino acids in this sauce. We love it because it is has a great balance of flavors. It is definitely a bit salty, but also contains a sweetness from the coconut sap, and has an almost smokey, earthy flavor that is so delicious and can really add depth to a lot of recipes. People will wonder what on earth is making the food taste so great! Coconut Aminos is the secret ingredient.

RECIPE TIPS: Use Coconut Aminos like soy sauce in dressings, marinades, sautés, and sushi. We love it so much we pour it over almost everything!

Raw Coconut Flour

Highly nutritious, full of flavor, and totally raw. Open up a tin of this and your nose will be bombarded with the scent of fragrant, sweet coconut.

This raw coconut flour is made in small batches from unheated coconut meat and dried using a proprietary tumbler-dry method. Coconut flour is gluten-free, very low carb, actually lowers the calorie content of food, contains 40% dietary fiber, promotes lipid oxidation which helps burn fat, aids in digestive health and helps balance blood sugar levels.

RECIPE TIPS: Use for baking, to thicken gravy, or as a supplement to the super-boost fiber content in smoothies and any recipe! Coconut flour readily absorbs moisture, so I suggest that you blend with other flours at a ratio of ¼ cup coconut flour to ¾ cups alternate flour. A second popular option for those wishing to use 100% coconut flour, is the addition of eggs at a ratio of 4 eggs to ½ cup flour. Since coconut flour is gluten-free, eggs act as a gluten substitute in any recipe. It can also be helpful to increase the liquid content in coconut flour recipes by adding an extra 1-to-1 ratio of liquid per equal amount of flour.