How To Maintain Good Posture While Working On a Computer?


    We are living in a time where we have to sit for hours in front of a desk, working on a computer. Since we were kids, no one has actually told us about the correct way of sitting on a chair and using a computer. Late down the road, we develop several kinds of pains in the back, which require frequent visits to the doctor. 

    Support Your Back

    The first thing you need to consider while working on a computer is providing proper support to your back. This is the primary reason behind incorrect postures that lead to back pains in the future. While working on a computer you should ensure that your back is properly supported. If the height of the seat is not properly adjusted, your back will remain under stress and if that remains the same for days, it might cause a serious issue. 

    Therefore, the first thing you need to do after sitting on a chair is adjusting its height so that your back is properly supported. This will help remove the strain and relax the muscles of the spine. Get a chair that features adjustable height and can tilt as well. Furthermore, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips as well. If necessary, get a food rest.

    Adjust Your Chair

    How often is it that we focus on adjusting our chairs properly so that we are able to sit in a comfortable position for hours? Not often. Without us being aware of it, we tend to sit on a chair for hours during the day without having it adjusted according to our backs. The only time we become aware of the aftereffects is when we get up after the day ends and experience a striking pain in the lower or upper back. 

    This is primarily because you did not adjust your chair. Your chair should be adjusted in a way that allows you to grab nearby items and objects without stretching out or straining your muscles. In simple words, your chair needs to be at a height where your forearms and wrists are straight and level with the floor. If you were to position yourself in any other way, you risk putting several muscles under strain, resulting in straining injuries. 

    Rest Your Feet On The Floor

    The next thing you need to consider is that your feet should be resting flat on the floor. Believe it or not, the way we rest our feet and legs has a significant influence on our posture. For instance, if we tend to cross our legs, that has a negative effect on our posture as well. We might overlook it because it does not cause us any pain at the time but if you continue to do it, you will face troubles down the road. 

    If you are having some problem when resting your feet on the ground flat, you should ask for a footrest. However, that does not mean that you should be sitting in absurd positions to give yourself some so-called relaxation vibe. One of the reasons contributing to a hunched back is that people tend to become too relaxed sometimes. This causes them to assume positions that they believe helps them relax but in reality harms their posture. 

    Place Your Screen At Eye Level

    This is perhaps the most important point that requires your attention and consideration. If you were to observe other people and the way they look at their screen while working, you will be surprised to see the angle and distance they keep to read the text displayed on the screen properly. The reason is that most of the time, the screen is simply not placed properly or in other terms at eye level. Your eyes should be leveled straight towards the screen and not going sideways or up and down. 

    Furthermore, you should not be changing your position to view the screen properly, which will compromise your healthy seating position. If you observe that the monitor is too low, you might need a monitor stand. Opt for a monitor that comes with an adjustable height to set the monitor at the right level. 

    Have The Keyboard Straight Infront of You

    Have The Keyboard Straight Infront of You

    Now that you have placed the screen at the proper level, it is time that you set the keyboard straight in front of you as well. When typing, ensure that the keyboard is right in front of you. Furthermore, keep a gap of atleast 4-6 inches at the front of the desk to allow your wrists to rest between typing. Keep the elbows to the side and the arms bent. If while typing, you observe that your elbows are under constant strain and pressure, you might want to consider changing the position. 

    Moreover, it should be placed right in front of you at more or less the same level as your chest. Ensure that you are sitting up straight and that there is nothing that is causing you to assume a position putting your body especially your back under strain. 

    Final Word

    Developing a correct posture is the key to preventing back problems, especially if your job requires you to sit in front of the computer all day. Although it is unhealthy for your eyes and back, implementing and following the tips mentioned above are going to make it easy for you to work without any complications. 


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