Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Computer


    Almost every technological device experiences a decline in speed after a time. In fact, time is often the biggest reason behind the sloth-like speeds on aging computers; as more software and files get installed and stored, greater burden is placed on a computer’s limited RAM and other performance-related capacities.

    If your PC is suffering from a speed decline, it’s time to take action and regain some productivity. Below are some quick and simple ways to speed up your computer and save precious time.

    1. Limit Startup Items

    It’s incredible how fast a computer can go from being a machine that boots up at lightning speed, to being a lazy bot that’ll give you enough time to make a coffee till it functions. Startup items that eat away precious resources are one of the causes behind this scenario.

    The good news is that both Windows and Mac users can remove unnecessary startup items by using the CCleaner tool or opening System Preferences. On your Mac, open System Preferences, choose Accounts/Users & Groups, click Login items, and then review the apps currently allowed to open at log-in. Remove what you don’t want or require.

    2. Delete Your Browser Cookies and History

    If your Chrome/Safari/Firefox browser seems to be functioning slow, it might be time to eat  (we mean delete) those cookies. Whenever you visit a site, your browser saves your session and gathers cookies. Small files and cookies can gradually add up and slow down your web surfing experience.

    As a result, make it a habit to clear cookies on a regular basis. Doing so will help keep browsers running efficiently. You can do this on a weekly basis or whenever you notice a lag in browsing speed.

    3. Increase RAM


    One of  the simplest ways to speed up your computer is by purchasing more memory (aka. Random Access Memory). Whether you’re aware or not, RAM doesn’t cost a lot, and doesn’t require technical knowledge on your part. In fact, the average PC user can swap out his/her memory at home in 5-7 minutes.

    When you search for RAMs online, you’ll come across a lot of complicated terminology and jargon, but don’t let that scare you. Use a free tool like the one provided by Crucial to discover how much and what kind of memory your PC requires. For installation, look up a video on YouTube for a step-by-step rundown.

    4. Stay On An Older OS

    You’re probably aware that installing the latest version of an operating system is the best thing you can do to improve computer security. We fully agree with this statement. However, what we don’t agree with is the claim that the newest software will also increase your computer’s speed. Not true. More than anything else, new OS tends to slow computers down because they’re designed keeping latest hardware and machines in mind.

    Just ask any Mac user and they’d tell you that their machines used to run fast before the software update. So, we suggest you consider staying with an older software version when it comes to the operating system and make sure you keep an anti-virus software activated to keep threats at bay.

    5. Find and Remove Malware, Viruses and Software

    See those suspicious files that don’t do anything when they launch? Well, they’re working behind the scenes to send your data to hackers. Also, they’re injecting bloat into your system, which is one of the reasons why your computer is running slow. Get rid of malware by scanning and deleting it via Norton or Avast free tools.

    Apart from eliminating malware, you should also take steps to remove spyware and viruses from your system. Download a good antivirus program and conduct a scan on a manual basis. You can schedule scans on a monthly basis. However, make sure to limit your antivirus use to just one program; having too many antiviruses installed on your computer is a surefire way to slow it down.

    6. Defragment Hard Disk Files

    As time passes by, the documents and data on your hard drive are going to become fragmented. Because you PC now has to run checks in various places for these files, it could experience a reduction in speed. While the word defragment may sound a little technical, it just means that you’ll be putting everything back like it was before to help your computer function efficiently.

    Windows 10, 8 and 7 does this on a specific schedule automatically, which is once per week. Windows users, however, can also do this on a manual basis if an issue has been suspected. Please note that manual defragmentation is only possible on hard disk drives (not solid state drives).

    7. Perform a Physical Cleanup

    You may not know this, but dust can also slow down your PC’s speed. It can also prevent air from flowing through the PC’s components, causing overheating of the machine. Interfaces, USB ports, and disk drives can also be blocked because of poor ventilation. Moreover, dust can lead to a short in integrated circuits and regular circuit boards, causing the computer to crash.

    Therefore, you should clean up the computer’s hardware on a regular basis. Adopt care when eliminating dust; use vacuum to gather loose clumps and canned air to blow out the dust. Avoid using regular vacuum as that could lead to an electrostatic shock. Only make use of compressed air, or buy vacuums that are especially designed for computer use.


    That’s it. You’re now aware of seven simple steps that you can implement to boost your computer’s speed. Whether you’re using a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, you can limit startup items, add RAM and remove malware to speed up your machine. A faster computer will enable you to work and complete projects faster. It will also enable you to earn more money as you’d be able to get business deals done quickly when browsers and other programs are running with efficiency.


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