Easy Workout Ideas While Working


    Laptops and smartphones have given us a variety of benefits, but let’s not forget the downside: they make us sit for several hours a day. This can have negative consequences on our health – sometimes even permanently! While we’re not suggesting that your computer is going to give you a heart attack, it’s a good idea to keep your body moving. Below are a few easy workout ideas you can try while working.

    Split Jumps

    Split Jumps

    Got a new customer? The weekend’s near? Why not celebrate with split jumps? Get your feed hip-width apart, go back two feet with your left leg, and try balancing on your foot’s ball. Now, get into a lung, and then jump upwards in joy. During the leap, switch one feet with another so that the right leg goes behind while the left is planted in front. You can do this in the office, at home, or even in the park. Repeat 7-10 times to get a good workout.


    cleaning appartment

    Who likes to clean their office/apartment? Apart from clean freaks, no one! It’s not one of our guiltiest pleasures. So it’s better to make a game out of it. With a single song playing at max volume, see how much you can clean in 30 minutes. This will give you a good workout, as well as a cleaner house or office to work in.

    Tricep dips

    You can literally do these in all places. Get started by using your office desk or your seat if it doesn’t have wheels on it. Move your hands “shoulder-width” apart on the equipment, then move your backside off the front, achieving an extended position. Now straighten both of your arms while maintaining a little bend in the elbows to fire the triceps and keep tension away from your elbows.



    Rather than having water cooler conversations on a day-to-day basis, consider going for a brisk walk or hiking a few steps of stairs. You can even incorporate gentle stretching into all of this. To give an example, stand up and pull back one of the ankles and bring it up to your back. Hold each ankle in the same position for 20 to 30 seconds, and then release.


    planks exercise

    Make your legs strong while putting together those weekly invoices. Believe us, no one is going to realize you’re burning calories in the office. Just sit on your office chair’s edge with your feet on the floor and knees bent. Now extend your left leg out until it’s parallel with the floor and in a straight position. Hold as is for 15 seconds, release, and then do the same with your other leg. Perform this exercise 5-10 times to get your body toned.

    Foot drill

    Another way to shed the calories on your desk is to perform foot drills. Notice how footballers, during practice, tap their feet? This can be done at your desk as well. As you’re seated, tap the feet for 30 to 50 seconds – go as long as your stamina allows.

    Challenge your employees/coworkers

    Challenge your employees-coworkers

     Odds are you aren’t the only person in the office looking to add a little workout to their daily routine. Getting workouts during work with like-minded coworkers/employees can be highly motivating. Try creating daily challenges of planks, lunges, squats, etc. where everyone has to perform a certain number of repetitions for each exercise for a certain period of time. Working out with people you know will ensure you’re committed to the greater goal.

    Replace chair with a fitness ball

    Replace chair with a fitness ball

    When it comes to a fitness ball, your body will do everything it can to maintain balance. The result? You’ll get an improved posture as the ball forces your spine back into proper alignment. On top of that, the movements it makes you perform helps battle procrastination and enhances the tone of abdominal muscles.

    Printer calf raises

    Printer calf raises

    Need to print out just a little more than a 100 pages? Why not get some calf raises done as you stand beside the printing machine? Get your feet shoulder-width apart, move up on the toes, be still, and then go back in the same position. Do this 12-15 times, or until all of your documents have been scanned/printed. Want to make it an even bigger challenge? Try doing it with one leg at a time.

    Prayer workout

     Praying for bigger biceps? Or hoping to get a bonus on a recently delivered project? In both of these instance, the prayer workout has your calorie goals covered. Put feet on the floor in a flat position, put your palms in front and push them together powerfully to get a good contraction. Hold them in a pushed position for at least 30 seconds. Perform this exercise multiple times until that zen feeling begins to kick in.

    Shadow boxing

    Shadow boxing

    So that strict client didn’t like your project and returned your email with a lot of requests? Get a fabulous arm fix and vent out the frustration via shadow boxing. You can even download a perfect boxing playlist on your phone to make this fun. While sitting on your chair, throw out uppercuts and jabs in quick succession (of course, move a little away from your computer’s screen and any coworker). Do this for a minute or longer to tone up yours arms and blow off the steam.

    Random forward lean

    Been waiting for the manager to arrive since 20 something minutes? Make the most of that time by getting a workout. Try leaning against a nearby wall, using only your forearm to support your body. Now try leaning into the solid surface until you almost touch it with your upper arm, and then push out. Do this until the meeting starts.


    It’s not necessary to head to the gym. By doing all of these exercises, you’ll be productive both professionally and physically. Get started by trying one of them.


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