Guide to Organizing Your Laundry


    If you allow your household laundry to pile up, it can get overwhelming. As a result, laundry rooms usually take one of two paths: they can be really useful and orderly, or they might be a complete mess. However, if a laundry room is stylish, well-organized, and efficiently uses space, it can be a calming, welcoming site.

    Fortunately, newer tools for organizing laundry are better and more efficient. These laundry organizers will help you solve organizational problems in your laundry room.

    Magnetic Organizing Rack

    In search of an efficient and quick solution to increase your storage without making holes in your walls? You can fill a magnetic organizing rack with anything from cleaning supplies to random items you don’t want on the floor or counter and attach it to the side of your washer and dryer.

    Laundry Cabinet

    Install a laundry cabinet to keep tiny cleaning supplies like rags, stain remover sticks, and fabric scent spray if you don’t have much, or any, closed storage space. Your laundry cabinets should be able to survive the bustle of daily living and a perfect storm of environmental conditions (water, heat, and next-level moisture). Plywood, particleboard, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are the framework for standard cabinetry, which is finished with solid wood drawer faces and cabinet doors.

    Rods or Drip Hangers

    When you can’t access your dryer or go-to clothesline, a folding hanger, also known as a drop hanger system, can fill in. You may hang it from just about any place, including the balcony railing, the shower head in the bathroom, and the closet rod.

    Refillable Dispensers

    refillable soap dispensers, gloves, three sponges stacked on each other, powdered soap in a glass container with a wooden scooper

    Reusable pumps are currently a desirable commodity, regardless of whether you value matched laundry furnishings or need a dependable dispenser that provides soap without making a mess. Refillable bottles are better for the planet than the original bleach, laundry detergent, and softener packaging since they look much nicer.

    Hamper Organizer

    While new mattresses and comfortable duvet coverings may be more exciting house purchases, laundry hampers have a very necessary function. They keep all your laundry, including towels, clothes, and linens, in one location, saving you from having messy laundry piles on your bedroom or bathroom floor. Your hamper, which separates the clean from the unwashed, is the true workhorse.

    The ideal hamper should hold loads, making it easier to handle (especially if you don’t have a washer and dryer at home) while still being a better alternative to a “clothes chair.”

    Hanging Drying Rack

    You should utilize your ceilings in a small laundry room since you want to keep every surface free. Drying racks hanging out of the way serve as storage and workspaces. Additionally, attractively painted cupboards and a decorated mantle can detract attention from unattractive appliances.

    Rag and Towel Organizer

    Before and following washing, keep your towels and rags neatly arranged. They’re held in position by a towel holder.

    Soap Dispenser

    Although it’s difficult to prevent detergent leaks, you can elevate your Costco-sized bottle with a soap station with a small downward inclination, eliminating the need to tip the bottle when you run out of cleaner.

    Wall Hooks

    wooden wall hooks on a white wall

    Extra wall hooks will be useful for hanging trinkets like shoe bags or things that need to go to the dry cleaner. To make them blend in, paint them the same shade as the wall.

    Ironing Blanket

    In small laundry rooms—and even more so in homes without any laundry rooms—portable, heat-resistant ironing pads are a game-changer. An ironing blanket’s genius is its simplicity of rolling up, and you can put it in a bin or closet after usage.

    Ironing Board Organizer

    If you don’t have a designated laundry area, a wall-mounted organizer can also fit inside a closet, saving you valuable floor space.

    Wicker Storage Baskets

    One of the greatest storage choices is using wicker storage baskets. They are the ideal way to store all the extra laundry items that frequently find a sneaky way to muck up even the most well-organized laundries.

    Wicker storage baskets are also quite simple to incorporate into the style and design of your home. Because of their inherently neutral color, you won’t have any trouble integrating them into your minimalist laundry room.

    Hamper Organizer

    This compact storage box with an extendable hamper will be useful in a laundry area.

    Step Ladder

    An accessible ladder could come in helpful if your laundry area is small but tall. A step ladder is ideal for reaching high places, such as storing towels on the top shelf of the closet or trimming paint edges along the top of a wall.

    Step ladders, however, are not all made equal. The ideal step ladders are solid enough not to tilt, skid, or waver while standing on them, can support your weight safely, and are long-lasting.

    Open Shelving

    brown wooden wall mounted racks

    Several alternatives are available if you wish to add storage to your laundry room that will fit any area or budget. Think open shelves, do-it-yourself shelving systems, shelves hidden behind cabinets, and DIY or custom-built shelving that will capitalize every square inch of this important home hub, no matter how small or large.

    3-in-1 Laundry Center

    Raise your hand if you enjoy watching TV while folding but dread carrying your mounds of clothing to your bedroom once you’re finished. It can all fit in a 3-in-1 cart and be moved easily. Particularly in a smaller laundry room, gear that offers more than one practical benefit is worth the cost.

    Pet-Friendly Built-Ins

    If your laundry area is also your mudroom, add built-in feeding dishes that can be conveniently kept away when not used to make it pet-friendly.

    Glass Jars

    While stylish storage containers are not required, they offer a more picturesque appearance than a large box of Tide perched on your washer. Keep all your laundry supplies in one location, such as glass jars on the counter, to keep them organized.

    Folding Tools

    Post-laundry organizing will be much simpler if you have a tool to assist you in folding your freshly washed clothes.

    Hidden Hamper

    Put this container in and out of your cabinet as needed, or choose a hamper that doubles as storage furniture rather than leaving your overflowing hamper out for others to trip on.

    The transition from disorganization to order is not as challenging as one may believe. Maximize your laundry space with innovative storage options, and get creative with designated bins for socks and lint. Lastly, don’t forget to add some humor with artistic touches and witty signage.


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