Must Have Items for Any Laundry Room


    There’s always laundry to do. If you’ve ever had to carry your laundry bag back and forth down three flights of stairs and across the street to the nearest laundromat, you know that having a laundry room is heaven-sent. Laundry always creeps up on you and mysteriously multiplies right before your eyes.

    For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of laundry room essentials, whether you’re having trouble keeping your area organized or want to give your laundry room a makeover. Stock up on these necessities for your laundry area.

    Washing Machine

    Choose a model with a range of capabilities that enable you to perform various wash cycles because your washing machine will be the main machine for washing all your clothes. It should be powerful enough to wash really dirty loads while still having a setting for gentle cycles for a few t-shirts or pairs of pants. It must feature temperature settings and programs that let you wash different clothing for longer or shorter lengths of time.


    Although you might not think of detergent as an accessory, it is unquestionably the best match for your washing machine. You should use the right type of detergent in the right amount to ensure optimal fabric care and better outcomes; you probably already keep your detergent in the laundry room. An excessive amount of detergent can irritate the skin, aggravate allergies, and be particularly hard on clothing.


    We’ve all grown accustomed to the fresh and fluffy feeling that a clothes dryer gives our garments and hastening the drying process. Although it isn’t complicated, your dryer should have control options to limit shrinking particular materials. A timer and different settings for different fabrics must both be available.

    Additionally, you want a model with an accessible lint trap and lint traps integrated into the door opening. This dual technique removes animal hair more quickly, saving you time when using a sticky roller afterward. Depending on where you are, it might not always be seen as a laundry room necessity, but it does help your clothing dry faster when needed.

    a towel inside a tumble drier

    If you have a small space or are constantly on the move, check out these compact and portable dryers you can use at your convenience!

    Clothes Basket

    This one should be obvious. Transporting dirty and clean laundry to and from the laundry room requires a laundry basket or hamper. You can buy laundry baskets in various sizes and designs to accommodate any laundry demand, no matter how big or little, so you’ll never have to see the mound of filthy clothes left behind in your bedroom.

    Glass Mason Jar Dispensers

    Get some glass dispensers and use them for liquid detergents and fabric softeners if you use them to avoid having neon plastic detergent containers ruin the aesthetic of your laundry room.

    Ironing Board

    A good ironing board is the cornerstone of laundry room necessities and will assist you in getting clothes looking neat. Pick a setup-friendly model that can fold up and be kept in a small spot or behind a door. Have all of your accessories close at hand so you can quickly hang up a large batch of garments that need to be ironed while also having easy access to hangers.

    Ironing and Sewing Supplies

    a clothes iron pressed on a denim clothing

    If this is the space where you patch torn clothes, keep any supplies you use for other laundry room duties, such as a sewing kit or spray starch for ironing. Store any backups of your favorite things that you purchased here as well.

    Hanging Rod

    You may effectively dry individual clothing items in your laundry room using a hanging rod. Right out of the washer, you can hang garments or just-washed shirts while folding the remainder of the load.

    Extra Towels

    Keep a supply of spare towels and rags near your washer and dryer. You’ll need them to mop up the occasional leak or spill, dry clothing flat or on a rack, or all three.

    Laundry Product Storage Cart

    In the washing room, a rolling cart is a terrific idea, especially if it has wheels. Any cabinet with storage bins or deep pullout shelves is a good candidate for adding castor wheels to the bottom.

    A pushcart typically available in office supply stores can be used as a portable washing and storage cart as an alternative solution. Two-liter empty beverage crates are excellent storage containers that won’t tip over when you move them about.

    Cleaning Products

    Remember to designate a space in your laundry room for any cleaning products you require for the laundry room itself. If you need some hand soap, a mop, a roll of paper towels, or a broom, you shouldn’t have to go to the kitchen or bathroom hurriedly.

    Clear Containers

    Cleaning materials like laundry detergent store well in clear containers and jars. Clear containers make it easier to find what you’re searching for, let you know when you’re running out on a product, and give your laundry room a sleek appeal.

    Garbage Can

    a gray garbage can under the sink

    A compact trash can (and extra liners) are a need in every laundry room for packing remnants and dryer lint.

    Appliance Instruction Manuals

    Keep the instructions for your washing machine, dryer, and other commonly used appliances (like irons) handy as another small approach to make laundry less of a problem. You can solve a problem if anything starts to blink or thump alarmingly rather than dashing around the house looking for the information on the offending item.


    Depending on the size of the area, there should be some storage space in every laundry room, which you may accomplish in a few different ways. Consider what is required for storing products like laundry detergent and fabric softener when designing or upgrading a laundry room.

    Additional linens or dry pantry storage are frequently kept in the laundry room. Adding open shelving or wall cabinets is an excellent option for using the space above a washer and dryer in a closet.

    Under Cabinet Lights and Back Splash

    You spend heaps of time in the laundry room, so why not give it the appearance you want? You can get creative with the backsplash if your laundry room is small!

    It need not be purely practical. The best technique is with a lively backsplash. In addition to improving your ability to see what you’re doing, adding under-cabinet lighting highlights your countertops and backsplash. 

    Any former tenant will appreciate the luxury of having a washing machine and dryer in the home. To streamline these chores and make them more manageable, you must design a room that makes you do laundry as effectively as possible. We sincerely hope that this list of laundry essentials will be useful to you as you set up your laundry room or area.

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