DIY Life hacks for Improving Your Home Décor


    Home décor is one of the first things that people notice when they visit your house. This is why you must come up with some beautiful yet economical DIY ideas to improve your home décor in an attractive way. Today we are going to talk about some of the best DIY lifehacks that will enhance your home décor. Let’s get started.

    The Best Way to Put the Pillows

    Pillows are amazing to sleep with, but it is also a fact that they cover too much space. Most of the time, they look so ugly lying down on a table or a carpet. If you want to make sure that you contain your pillows in a better way, then we have an idea. You can also visit reputable carpet shops and check out the best option you can use in your home.

    All you need to do is buy a brand new basket from a store, decorate it according to your choice and then put all the pillows in it. It is probably the most economical but best DIYlifehack, which will help you in improving your home décor and de-cluttering as well.

    Turn a Ladder into a Shoe Rack

    Shoe Rack, Shoe Cabinet

    If there is an old ladder lying around in your house which is not in use, you can make a perfect shoe rack out of it in case you need one. All you need is a ladder, five boards of wood and some spare time.

    For complete DIY instructions, visit this site.

    Turn Teapots into Vases


    Nature attracts everyone. If you have old teapots that are not in use anymore, you can turn them into beautiful vases. Teapots have a lovely shape that makes them an amazing vase. The best thing is, you don’t have to modify its shape – all you need to do is decorate its body and put your favorite flowers in it.

    For complete DIY instructions, visit this site.

    Paint the Sides of a Drawer

    Paint the Sides of a Drawer

    It is good to be a little different when it comes to home décor. If you would go like any other person, then you won’t be able to bring a unique change in your home décor. One of the best DIY life hacks for improving your home décor is painting the sides of drawers. You can paint the side of your drawers with the colors you like. For instance, if you have four drawers in your dressing table, then you can paint their sides with different colors such as blue, green, yellow and purple. This way, they will look prettier and will leave a lasting impact.

    Refill Your Cushions

    Refill Your Cushions

    We are aware of the fact that sofas and cushions start looking shaggy after some use. It is always a good idea to buy sofas and cushions that have a zipper. This way, whenever you feel that they are becoming shaggy, you can stuff them with cotton, shredded foam, or even old clothes (soft).

    Paint the Floor of Your Bedroom


    People believe in painting walls and roofs, but it is OK to be a little different. If you want to make sure that you give an eccentric but beautiful touch to your bedroom, then it is a good idea to go with painting your floor. You can paint the floor of your bedroom with the paint of your choice. Make sure the paint resembles with the color of the walls. You can also paint a specific contrast.

    Plus, if there are scratches and scuffs on your laminated floor, and you don’t want to replace your floor, then painting it is an excellent option. We don’t recommended painting vinyl or linoleum flooring because it may or may not accept the paint. If you still want to do, then go for oil-based paints.

    Turn a Necklace into a Tieback

    A Necklace

    Explore your jewelry boxes and grab the old necklaces that you no longer use. You can use them as tiebacks for your curtains. It is an easy project that can instantly add a glamorous touch to your home décor. Just make sure you don’t use a gold necklace.

    Make Picture Frames with the Help of Tapes

    You don’t always need a frame to keep the pictures. You can make a frame on the wall with the help of tapes. It is an innovative idea that can help in improving your home décor. If you have some favorite pictures with you but don’t have any frame then don’t worry – make a frame with the help of different colored tapes and paste your favorite picture in them.

    Hang Your Curtains with Rope


    You can give your home’s interior décor a nautical touch by just using a rope. You can hang your curtains with rope and even use it as tiebacks.

    For more information on this, click here.

    Homemade Cork Mat

    Cork Mat

    Try this cool DIY life hack to add some life to your kitchen. Cut up old cork bottle tops, arrange them in the desired pattern, and simply glue all the pieces together in that shape. To add more depth and color to your mat, you can even use red wine-stained corks. Use this mat to put your wine bottle and wine glasses.

    Replace or Paint the Legs on an Old Sofa

    Old Sofa

    To quickly update the look of your old sofa, you can install new legs or paint the existing ones. You will see how this little tweak will add to the overall ambience and décor of your home.

    Hide Your Cords in a Box

    Hide Your Cords in a Box 

    You will agree on this that messy cords ruin the look of your home. But you can store and organize those wires in a box. In this way, you can hide them from plain sight and keep them untangled. This is an excellent DIY life hack if you have lots of messy wires behind your desk.

    Make Holes in a Dark Lampshade

    Make Holes in a Dark Lampshade

    If you have a lamp in your home with a dark shade, you can use make holes in it to create an interesting design of your choice. You can make fantastic scenery or design by poking holes, which will become visible at night when you switch on the lamp.


    Home décor is easy, but a tricky task. Many people are still using the old conventional ways for home décor that don’t grab much attention. You can use all or your favorite DIY life hacks from the list above to improve your home décor instantly.

    And yes, don’t forget to be innovative!

    Also, if you are looking for an easier way to build a simple home, you may check out our Guide to Cabin Kits for some tips and recommendations.


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