Unusual Life Hacks for the Home

Life can be hard sometimes, but why not make things easier for yourself when you can? Plus, what can be more satisfying than doing things that can save you time and/or money? Just by tweaking little things in your everyday life, you can make your life much more convenient. For this purpose, we have put together some of the most unusual yet cool life hacks for the home that are easy as well:

For Quick Iced Coffee, Freeze Coffee in Ice Cubes

A glass full of iced coffee

Don’t like your iced coffee water down due to those regular ice cubes? There is a solution! If you love iced coffee, the best thing you can do is pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze them. This way, whenever you make iced coffee at home, you won’t have to use regular ice cubes that can water down your drink. Coffee ice cubes will not just make your coffee cold but also enhance the flavor.

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Turn your Perfume into Lotion

Woman pouring lotion onto her hand from a plastic tube bottle

When there is a little perfume left in the bottle, you can add it to your favorite body moisturizer. Now, the lotion will smell like your favorite perfume and still provide all the benefits of a moisturizer as well.

Use a Shoe Rack to Organize the Cleaning Supplies

plastic shoe rack organizer

Shoe rack organizer can be used for organizing just about everything than only shoes. If you find it hard to reach your cleaning supplies under the sink, then you can use a shoe rack organizer to organize your cleaning supplies for easy access. This way, you won’t have to deal with the mess cleaning supplies create under the sink, and you no longer have to get down on the floor to locate them.

Just keep all your cleaning supplies on display on the back of a door.

Microwave Your Sponges

Two sponges in a sponge holder

Don’t have time to go and grab a new sponge from the store? No worries, there is just a perfect life hack when your sponge is on its last leg! Just microwave your dying sponge – it will kill the odor-causing bacteria on and in the sponge, so you can use it for a little while longer.

Blend Soap and Water in Your Blender

An electric blender

Cleaning the blender is one of the most annoying tasks, but with this cool life hack, you can make your life so simple! After you use your blender, add soap and water into it and blend before cleaning it out in the sink. You won’t believe how convenient it will get for you to clean the blender after that. This hack is for you if you make a lot of blended drinks or smoothies.

Use Dryer Sheets for Staticky Hair

dryer sheets pack

Having staticky hair issues? No problem! Just grab a dryer sheet and insert it onto the bristles of your hairbrush by puncturing it. Do it slowly to make sure it lies flat against the base of bristle evenly. Once done, brush your hair as usual and say goodbye to that static fizz.

Add Baking Soda When Boiling Eggs

eggs boiling in a pot

Hard-boiled eggs are a bit tough to peel, but you can add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water while the eggs boil. This way, it will get super easy to peel them.

Use a Ketchup Bottle for Pancake Mix

Freshly made blueberry pancakes

Want to eat the perfect pancakes of your life? All you have to do is keep an empty, ketchup bottle in a drawer for when needed. Prepare pancake batter and put it into the bottle. So, whenever you are up to making perfectly round pancakes, use the ketchup bottle to pour the mixture to the pan evenly.

And yes, don’t forget to serve them hot!

De-Wrinkle Clothes like A Genius

Six women's white dresses hanging on hangers

This life hack is great for both home and when traveling. If you don’t have an iron or steamer on hand and have a dress or shirt that has a few wrinkles, you can hang it up in the bathroom before you take a hot steamy shower. Make sure to keep the door closed, so all the steam stays in the bathroom. Your clothes will de-wrinkle after an hour or so without you have to iron or steam them.

Get That Extra Product Like A Pro!

Makeup tubes on a table

You can get a lot out of your lotion or makeup bottles by cutting off their bottles. What we mostly do is dispose of the lotion or makeup container when it ends, but there is still a lot of product sitting at the bottom of the bottles. Cut the bottom with a scissor, take out that extra product and use it or save for later use.

Amplify Sounds by Putting Your Phone into a Glass

empty glass on a table

Want to amplify sound when you are watching a video with your buddies but don’t have speakers? Put your phone into a glass or jar – this will increase the phone’s volume like magic!

Foot Bath

woman taking a foot bath

Clean your feet like a pro at home without using any expensive skin cleansers and stuff. All you need to do is blend a half cup of mouthwash and half a cup of vinegar into lukewarm water to create a foot bath – you can even add herbs for better results. This will remove and heal cracked, dead, and callused skin. Plus, your feet will smell minty fresh.

Open Tough Packages Easily

A modern can opener with a combination of a rotating cutting wheel and a serrated wheel

It is not just tough to open those factory-sealed plastic packaged but dangerous too. You can use a can opener to slice the plastic-sealed packages easily without cutting your fingers.

Reheating Leftover Meals

green pasta on a white plate

A microwave oven unevenly reheats cold food that can ruin the fun of eating a plate of leftover pasta. Next time you reheat leftover meals, circle in the middle of the food so it can be reheated much more efficiently.

Cooling a Beverage Quickly

icy cold Coca Cola can

Rather than just putting a can or bottle of soda in the freezer to cool down, you can wrap it up in a soaked paper towel. This way, your beverages will get icy cold in minutes!

Water-proof Shoes

blue canvas shoes on grass

Canvas shoes area great for wearing in summer when the sun is working its magic on us. Although they are great for warm summer months, they are not so great in keeping your feet dry during those summer downpours. Just rub beeswax all over your shoes and then dry them using a hairdryer – there you go, you have successfully waterproofed your shoes!

Slicing Bread without Obliterating It

If you ever try slicing your own bread, you might end up completely obliterating the loaf. To cut your bread like a pro, flip it over to the flat side, and now try cutting it – you will instantly see how much convenient it gets to slice.

Here Are Some More Unusual Life Hacks For The Home:

  • Like eating Oreos by dunking them into a glass of fresh milk? Sadly, not all the glasses can accommodate the dunk. What you can do is stick a fork into the white cream center of an Oreo and dip it that way. Now, you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting dirty or the glass not accommodating the dunk.
  • Laptops can heat like hell when playing games or watching a movie on them. There are several cooling pads available in the market that can take care of this problem, but if you don’t have one – no worries! Just put two forks beneath your laptop so the air can leave the laptop vents in a much better way.
  • Is your toothpaste about to end and you don’t have a new one? Use a binder clip to use as much toothpaste from the container.
  • It is an annoying task to find bobby pins in a drawer when everything is so messed up inside it. You can use a magnetic strip in a drawer to stick bobby pins to it, so you never lose them.
  • Want to carry soup from one place to another in a car? Use rubber bands to close the bowl’s lid tightly, so it doesn’t leak.
  • Want to pour oil into your car’s engine but don’t have a car funnel? Grab a screwdriver out of your car’s toolbox and pour the liquid onto it – it will help slide the liquid into the hole smoothly without dropping it.
  • You can use your AirPods case as a phone stand when watching a video or movie while eating your favorite snack.
  • Ants can steal your dog’s food – you can put the bowl with dog food into a larger bowl with water in it. This way, the ants won’t be able to pass.
  • Children can ruin a beautiful wall with crayons and pencil colors. You can use Windex to wipe off crayon marks from painted walls like a pro!
  • If you think the vibrancy of your clothes is vanishing after several washes, add a spoonful of black pepper to your washing machine the next time you wash your clothes. The pepper works as an excellent exfoliant on the clothes that can strip away that greasy soap residue.

We hope that you like all the unusual life hacks for the home mentioned above. Apply the ones that you like the most and let us know if it really made your life easier!