Unusual Life Hacks for the Home


    Even if life might be challenging at times, why not try to ease your own burdens whenever you can? What could be more fulfilling than taking actions that can help you save time and/or money? You may significantly improve your quality of life by just making little adjustments to your daily routine.

    Being an adult is more difficult than it seems. Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that you are now responsible for maintaining your own home. When you’re juggling a million things every day, it’s more crucial than ever to discover methods to optimize your daily routine and find quicker, more effective ways to do the small tasks. Whether it’s finding additional closet or kitchen space or cleaning hard-to-reach locations, our collection of clever, practical, and unusual home hacks can make your life simpler.

    Here is a list of incredible and creative life hacks for the home. These smart hacks and techniques can greatly simplify your life.

    1. Cleaning The Sink with Toothpaste

    toothbrush with toothpaste

    You can do a lot more with toothpaste than just brush your teeth. Toothpaste may be used for much more than simply tooth cleaning. In addition to keeping your teeth healthy and white, toothpaste can also make a dirty sink sparkle. Literally!

    If you happen to smear some toothpaste on the sink counter while brushing your teeth, resist the urge to wash it down the drain. Clean the whole sink with a moist cloth or sponge. After that, thoroughly rinse the sink and allow it to dry. The sink will not only be clean, but it will also smell wonderful.

    2. Freeze Coffee in Ice Cubes for A Quick Iced Coffee

    Don’t want your iced coffee to be watered down by normal ice cubes? There is a remedy! The easiest way to enjoy your favorite beverage cold is to freeze coffee cubes in ice cube trays. So, when you make iced coffee at home, you won’t have to use regular ice cubes, which can water down your drink. Coffee ice cubes will not only cool your coffee but will also improve its taste.

    3. Use Mouthwash to Clean Your Toilet Bowl

    flushing water in toilet bowl

    If you need to clean your toilet bowl but don’t want to spend a lot of money, just use some mouthwash instead. Simply pour a capful into the toilet bowl and let it to rest for half an hour. When you are ready to clean the bowl, any dirt will be simply removed.

    4. Using Dish Soap to Clean Your Blender

    Anyone who has ever tried to clean a blender understands how dangerous it may be to do so. After all, you’re putting your hand into a pitcher of blades and praying for the best. Fortunately, there is a safer and easier method to clean your blender after making a smoothie or shake.

    After you have finished using your blender, put some soap and water inside of it, and then blend it before putting it in the sink to clean it. After that, you won’t believe how easy it will be for you to clean the blender. If you often create smoothies or blended beverages, this hack is for you.

    5. To Remove Sticker Residue, Use Hand Sanitizer

    a picture of a person pumping sanitizer)

    Children like playing with stickers. They find it interesting and enjoyable. Kids love to stick things to glass, wood, and the walls of the house. However, it might be challenging to remove stickers from a new frame or the firmly adhesive price label off the rear of your phone’s new cover case. Exasperation is inevitable when adhesive remnants are added to the mix. After all, an unwanted texture or broken nails can be left behind by a sticker.

    If you find yourself in this situation, use this simple hack. On the surface, dab a small amount of hand sanitizer. Spread evenly. With a clean towel, rub it. Voila. The sticker residue is gone, and there are no visible scratches to show for it.

    6. Use A Rubber Band to Keep Doors from Locking

    If your doors have sensitive locks and your kids or pets run around the house, you know how simple it is to get locked out of a room with no easy way in. Fortunately, a rubber band is all that is required to prevent the doors from closing. Simply wrap the flexible band over one doorknob and twist it over the latch bolt, pressing it into the door. After that, loop the other end of the band around the other doorknob, and from then on, you won’t ever be locked out of the house by mistake again.

    7. Unclogging Drain Using Coffee Grind

    coffee grind in a steel scoop

    Drains get blocked all the time, and the hardest part is removing the hairball that is creating the problem. Worry no more, for your morning drink is here to help!

    You may combine leftover coffee grinds with soap and hot water and then pour the mixture directly down the drain. The mixture should break up whatever is blocking your pipes and keep you from ever having to pull out another hairball again.

    8. Foot Bath

    Clean your feet at home like an expert without using pricey skin cleansers and other products. To make a foot bath, just combine half a cup of mouthwash with half a cup of vinegar in a basin of lukewarm water; you may even add herbs for added benefit. For better results, you can also add herbs. This will get rid of and heal rough, cracked, and dead skin. Your feet will also smell like mint.

    9. Before You Nail into Plaster Walls, Put Down Masking Tape

    picture of masking tape on a table

    Though plaster walls are more soundproof than drywall, they have their own set of issues, especially when it comes to hanging anything on them. However, a little tape is all that is required to resolve the problem.

    Before nailing a hole in your plaster wall, cover the area where you will be inserting your nail with a tiny square of masking tape or painter’s tape. In this manner, it will be less likely to flake or distribute dust when you nail into the plaster.

    10. Peppermint Oil to Repel Insects and Rodents

    Are mice and insects, such as ants and spiders, gradually taking over your home? Before contacting a pest control professional, try this easy and efficient home remedy. And you use cotton balls and peppermint oil to do it.

    Spiders and mice, both of which depend heavily on their sense of smell, will often avoid or flee from objects or areas that emit strong aromas of essential oils. To keep annoying insects at away in your home, soak a few cotton balls with peppermint oil and then place them in various nooks and crannies around the house. Essential oils, such as peppermint oil, are not only kind to the environment but also perfectly safe for use around children and pets.

    11. Using Ice Cubes, Smooth Out Wrinkles in Fabric

    a picture of a glass filled with ice cube

    Time to rejoice if you are the sort of person who despises wrinkled clothing. Why? This hack of utilizing ice cubes can keep your clothing wrinkle-free. All you have to do is toss three to four ice cubes into the dryer with the wrinkled clothing.

    Then, turn on the dryer for around 10 minutes. As a result, your garments will be wrinkle-free. The ice cubes will melt inside the dryer, releasing moisture and providing a steam-like effect that will help eliminate wrinkles from the fabric.

    12. To Avoid Dents in Your Vehicle Door, Use A Foam Noodle

    Opening your car door right into the wall of your garage is one of the worst things that can happen. What’s the good news? There is a simple remedy. If you have an old pool noodle hanging around, you may split it in half and mount it to the garage wall, aligning it with the door handle’s height. So, if you open the door too far by accident, it will hit the soft noodle rather than the hard wall.

    Wrapping Up

    So, there you have it; an unusual list of home hacks that will make your life easier.

    We hope you like all of the unusual home life hacks discussed above. Use the ones you like best and let us know if they really helped you out.



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