Fun DIY and Craft Ideas


If you’re into DIY projects and fun crafts, chances are you’re in search of supplies for more creative fun. Check out the following fun ideas that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or just by yourself:


Boolean Box Build a Computer Science Kit for Kids

diy computer-jpeg


This kit can make technology come to life for children instead of having them glued to screens all day long. Anyone with a creative mind and an interest in computers should appreciate this DIY computer kit. When you follow the blueprints included inside, you can make your own games, stories, and animations based on Raspberry Pi 3 powered PC.

According to research, kids who use this kind of computer kit can increase in their creative confidence. This might hence be the perfect gift for a young inventor or coder. It’s meant for children of 8 years and above, but we’re sure adults would love playing with it too.


DIY Gummy Candy


DIY Gummy Candy


This is perhaps the most surprising addition to a DIY crafts list. You can delight your candy-loving kid or friend by giving them this DIY kit for making actual gummy candy. This way, you can get a treat but only if you work hard to create it beforehand.

The snack kit here comes in a few flavor options, such as grape and cherry. You’ll get everything here that’s needed to create chewy, tasty gummy candy. This would hopefully dash away the boredom during a rainy day and reward you with an edible prize when you’re done.

Chalkboard Spray


Chalkboard Spray


This is an innovative spray that should be a great addition to any crafting kit. Simply put, it creates a customized chalkboard on just about any surface you have around the house. These include masonry, metal, wood, paperboard, cardboard, glass, concrete, and many more options. You can thus create a chalkboard wall anywhere you like for several purposes.

With one can, you can cover an area of up to 7 feet. The chalkboard you create will be scratch resistant, smooth, and will erase easily once you’re done with it. This DIY project would hence be mess-free and perfect for any kind of drawing, keeping score, or games like hopscotch.

DIY Superhero Cape Kit


DIY Superhero Cape Kit-jpeg


If your kid loves playing at being a superhero, watching superhero movies, or reading their comic, this kit might make the perfect gift. It allows you to craft a little cape of any superhero you want. You don’t even have to stick with the kinds that are in comic books or movies.

This also comes with a kit that helps you construct your own superhero mask. If you get these two together, you can easily make up a superhero costume for your little one in no time. Make this a joint project, and you’ll be building up your relationship as well as their thinking and activity processes.


Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit

Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit-jpeg


Snow globes are a classic gift for Christmas season. While they don’t do much, people always appreciate them and even own huge collections of these beautiful items. You can unleash your creative side and make a stunning gift for your loved one with this handy snow globe kit this season.


Star Wars Kirigami (Journey to Star Wars: the Last Jedi)


Star Wars Kirigami (Journey to Star Wars the Last Jedi)-jpeg


If you’re a huge Star Wars fan, you might be looking for a more creative way to enjoy your passion. This book just might have the solution in Kirigami. It’s written by Marc Hagen, a renowned paper artist and a designer to boot.

The Star Wars Kirigami book is suitable for many age groups, as long as they love the series. It has something for everyone, whether they’re a beginner, learner, or expert. There are some beautiful kirigami ships and scenes included here, all from the Star Wars saga.



Glow In The Dark Adhesive Vinyl


Glow In The Dark Adhesive Vinyl


You can make your craft project more flamboyant by adding this glow in the dark vinyl into the mix. It has a silhouette of the Americas inside it, so you can cut out the shapes and give a little shine to a geography project. With the rest of the sheet, you may cut out any shape you like.

If you wish, you can also attach this 9×4-foot vinyl sheet to any wall, ceiling, or flat surface. User reviews report that there’s no damage to the wall with its adhesive. Many users are also full of praise for the bright glow, which is essential if you want to fully enjoy your project.

 DIY Robot Building Kit

Having a career in robotics is fast becoming one of the most lucrative choices for the digital age. You can get your child ready for their future profession by getting this DIY robot building kit for the next event.

This kit has more than 600 parts, all of which interlock together to create the final piece. You can also download an app for the instructions, which is easier than looking after a paper manual. The best part is that your kid doesn’t require any tools here, as all the parts fit like a 3-D puzzle. The resulting robot is interactive and controllable with the control box included.


Artistic Plates

The home décor trend of hanging artistic plates on the wall is still going strong. Now, you can add a twist to this trend and also have your kids take part in a unique art project. This crafting kit allows children to paint small decorative plates complete with stands. This way, you can display the result on your wall or on any flat surface.

This kit includes 3 mini plates, 6 paint colors, and a paintbrush. Your kids will be ready to start as soon as they get the box. Since the size of the plates is so small, any child can easily finish their project and feel proud of their achievement. You can also pitch in to enjoy a bonding experience with your child.

Comic Book Kit




If you or someone you know loves comic books and is good at drawing, this comic book kit might be a necessity. You could be the next Jim Davis once you get started with this handy package. It has everything you could want to start penning down the adventures in your mind and filling them with color.

This kit is also suitable for little kids, especially those who love graphic novels for children. They can make up their own comic book consisting of 32 pages, customized just the way they like it. There are bottles of ink, ink pads, rubber stamps, stencils, markers, and a blank comic book inside the package. In order to keep everything organized, there’s even a handy storage box to keep everything in.

Every DIY project is a fun, creative journey. However, you should choose from the above items according to your skills and needs. If you need something for young kids, the gummy candy kit and the superhero cape are two of the best choices. For older individuals, the kirigami book might be a better option.