Easy airbrush makeup with Luminess Air {review + promo code}

I’m dying over today’s post, and am so excited to introduce a new brand to my blog: Luminess Air! I’ve always wanted to try airbrush foundation and at long last I got my chance. Airbrushing is definitely a different technique to applying your foundation, but I found that with Luminess Air, it is possible to achieve professional looking results at home- even if you’re brand new to airbrushing. I had no previous experience and I’ve been loving my Luminess Air system. It’s the #1 best selling airbrush in the world!

Benefits of airbrushing
  • Easy to use on the face and body.
  • Gives a delicate, flawless finish.
  • Dermatologist recommended.
  • Easily evens out skin tone and patchiness.
  • No more foundation lines- airbrushing allows for natural blending.
  • Exact skin tone match is easy.
  • Hygienic- never touches the face, unlike hands, sponges, and brushes.
  • Buildable coverage, from light to full.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines.
  • Reduce the appearance of blemishes, age spots, redness, large pores, acne, and freckles.

Here’s what came in my starter kit:
Airbrush compressor & stylus, AC adapter, instructional DVD, 2- .55oz bottles of foundation, plus primer,  blush, and skin brightening glow. 

Foundation- I chose the matte foundation because I have oily/combination skin. The matte foundation gives a powdery finish, giving medium to full coverage without appearing thick or cakey, and is perfect for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin. The Luminess Air matte foundation is oil-free, mineral based, hypoallergenic, and long lasting. I originally chose shades 3 & 4, but those were too dark. Shade 1 & 2 are perfect for me!
Primer/moisturizer .25oz- hydrates skin to prevent dryness and and softens skin while the priming action re-texturizes skin for a smooth, flawless canvas.
Blush .25oz- liquid airbrush pigment for a naturally soft, youthful looking glow.
Skin Brightening Glow .25oz- brings back luster to dull skin, and is perfect as a highlighter on the brow, cheekbones, and bridge of nose for a youthful glow.  



 How to use Luminess Air
The Luminess Air system is pretty easy to use, but it’s the application technique that takes a little bit of practice to perfect. Here’s how I used Luminess Air to achieve flawless results:
Shake your makeup. The airbrush foundation needs to be shaken for at least 5-10 seconds before each use to ensure even coverage and to avoid any separation of the product.


Turn on the system. Simply plug in the Luminess Air system and power it on by pressing the on/off button. At this time, air will start flowing out of the tip of the stylus, but no makeup will be dispensed until the throttle (or trigger, as I call it) is pulled back. Get a feel for the flow of air, and practice going around your face in small, circular motions, staying about 6-8 inches away from the face. Practice pulling the throttle back lightly, only doing so about halfway. You never want to pull it back all the way, except for when cleaning  your stylus. Important tip: keep your hand moving! If you stay in one area for too long, you’ll end up with a cakey, splotchy-looking application.


Dispense the product into the stylus. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the air flow and the hand motion, dispense a few drops of makeup into the stylus cup. The instructions say 4-8 drops, but I use more like 10-15. Remember, we’re going for buildable coverage, and I tend to lean more towards medium to full. If you want less, start with only a few drops.
Apply to the face. Remember to keep the stylus level, so as to not dump out any makeup from the stylus cup. Hold it like a pen and keep your wrist loose, while gently pulling back on the throttle. You’ll feel a cool mist, which means the product is coming out, so keep your hand moving. Remember to stay about 6 inches or so away from the face, and go around each area in small, circular motions. I tend to start in the middle of my face, where I want the most coverage, and then go out towards my hairline and neck. Start with a light layer, let it dry for a few seconds, and then add more if needed, keeping each layer light. You can always add more!
The first time I tried Luminess Air my makeup turned out pretty OK- not perfect, but not too bad. There is a slight learning curve and it takes a little bit of practice holding the stylus, pulling back on the throttle, keeping the correct distance between your face and your hand, and keeping your hand moving in small, circular motions. Try practicing on a piece of paper or a tissue and get a feel for it! By the second and third try I felt like I had it down, and I ended up with some pretty spectacular results. It was so easy to pick up and learn- anyone can do it with a little practice. 

My own personal tips for a flawless finish


I’m going to give you a few tips of my own that I did to create the perfect, flawless airbrush foundation application and finish. First, I still use my own primer before applying any Luminess Air products to my skin. Why? It gives a smoother, more even finish and covers my pores and wrinkles better. I apply my normal primer first, then I use 3-4 drops of the Luminess Air primer before applying my foundation. Secondly, I still apply my usual concealer under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, and on any major blemishes or spots I want to conceal. Again, this is just a personal preference, but since I do a bit of contouring and highlighting at the end, I found that using my favorite cream concealer first helps make those areas “pop” a little more. Plus, it just provides even more coverage, like if I have a breakout on my chin or something. Thirdly, I still apply a light dusting of my favorite finishing powder at the very end to ensure a lasting matte finish.

In addition to the Luminess Air products I mentioned above, there’s also a really cool highlighting and contouring kit that I’d like to get and try. It would be so great to be able to do that with my Luminess Airbrush system, rather than having to go back to my brush and powders. I’ve also got my eye on this lovely bronzer!

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I’m truly a believer in airbrush makeup, and I will definitely continue to use my Luminess Air system. Make sure to check out Luminess Air and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on the latest in airbrushing makeup and all things beauty related.



I was given these products by Luminess Air for reviewing purposes. All opinions are, as always, my own 🙂