Getting Started with the Top Organic and Natural Makeup Brands


    There’s no denying that your makeup bag could contain a variety of toxic ingredients. Approximately 80% of these substances can be directly absorbed by the skin. As a result, using artificial cosmetics on your skin seriously compromises your health.

    Various companies are starting to replace harmful chemicals in their products with natural and organic ingredients as organic products have become more and more popular in recent years. While it used to be challenging to find certain organic beauty products, there are now many options available. It might be challenging to determine which brands of natural, organic makeup you can rely on. Here is a list of the top all-natural makeup companies that we think you should definitely give a shot. These are all safe and free of chemicals.

    What Exactly is Natural or Organic Makeup?

    Simply said, it’s any cosmetic free of chemicals, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, or other toxic chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), petroleum distillates, coal Tar (aminophenol, diaminobenzene, phenylenediamine), polyethylene, etc.

    Top Organic and Natural Makeup Brands

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    Many of us are turning to clean makeup brands as we become more conscious of what we’re putting on our bodies in addition to what we’re putting in them. While the performance of these cosmetics has historically lagged behind that of the products from our favorite cosmetics counters, there are now numerous brands of 100% plant-based cosmetics that are producing products that are richly pigmented, apply beautifully, and last just as long as their more synthetic rivals. Some of these might even be used by you right now without your knowledge.

    1. 100% Pure

    A 100% natural skincare and cosmetics company that uses berries, herbs, and seeds for color. A broad variety of clean makeup products and lovely colours without the use of any synthetics are available from 100% Pure, including five distinct types of natural and organic foundations, face palettes, eyebrow gels, and luminizers.

    2. Au Naturale

    An organic and nontoxic cosmetics company called Au Naturale is equally committed to offering healthy cosmetics to consumers as it is to advocating for stricter regulation of cosmetics in the US. It goes without saying that every component they use is carefully inspected, and the entire line is organic, non-toxic, and devoid of parabens, nano-particles, carmine, gluten, and sulfates. The manufacturing of Au Naturale products takes place in the company’s own exclusive laboratory, ensuring consistency, reliability, and quality controlled process all throughout the manufacturing.

    3. Fitglow Beauty

    Fitglow Beauty, a high-end vegan and organic skincare and makeup line, is another OG natural beauty company that always innovates to offer its devoted customers the most cutting-edge organic makeup. Fitglow has evolved over the years, but they have never wavered in their determination to avoid taking any short cuts, which many firms do in an effort to maximize earnings and position themselves in a way that they won’t be an easy target for acquisition. The anti-aging Lip Colour Serums are their most popular makeup item.

    4. Kjaer Weis

    Kjaer Weis is a high-end, organically certified makeup company that prioritizes performance and sustainability. The company was started by makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a Danish-born New Yorker who mixes the best of both worlds – European luxury and American innovation. Every makeup batch has undergone a hand inspection to ensure that it is free of parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers, and artificial fragrances. Nearly all Kjaer Weis products are made in Italy and have been certified natural or organic according to the strict guidelines of the country’s certification authority, Controllo e Certificazione Prodotti Biologici.

    5. INIKA Organic

    One of the most devoted clean makeup companies is Inika Organic, which takes pride in being over 70% organic and has numerous certifications to support those claims. With a more upscale price tag, they offer a sophisticated, minimalist, sleek appearance. All of the ingredients utilized by Inika Organic are natural, derived from botanicals or minerals, and ethically sourced. If that weren’t remarkable enough, Inika makeup is also natural and organically produced, so you can be sure that at least 70% of each product’s ingredients are organic.

    6. Sappho New Paradigm

    Affordably luxurious, organic, and vegan makeup line Sappho is based in Canada and carries no known endocrine disruptors or carcinogens. Sappho boasts of its next level transparency: no known harmful or hormone disruptive ingredients; made with low heavy metal ECOCERT® minerals; produced and formulated in Canada, in a zero carbon footprint facility; vegan & cruelty free certified by PETA; mica suppliers are members of the Responsible Mica Initiative; offer a diverse, global shade range; foundations PFAS free; and loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

    7. Lovinah

    Lovinah makes luxurious skincare and makeup that is both effective and safe using knowledge and ingredients from ancient Africa. They are a cutting-edge brand that handcrafts their products from the finest natural ingredients.

    8. ZAO Organics

    ZAO Organics is a brand of certified organic and natural makeup that is entirely made of natural ingredients and free of any synthetic or dubious ingredients. They are easily recognized by their eco-luxury packaging made from bamboo that has been harvested under controlled conditions.

    9. HAN Cosmetics

    HAN is a vegan, all-natural makeup line that is incredibly inexpensive. Their enduringly well-liked multi-sticks are merely $18. All HAN products are colored using mineral and plant-based pigments as a safe and healthy alternative to synthetic coloring agents. A pregnant woman who needs safe, nontoxic makeup free of questionable substances founded HAN. You can rely on HAN to be dedicated to keeping synthetics and dubious ingredients out of their line.

    10. ZUZULUXE

    Since its founding by Gabriel Santino, ZUZULUXE has produced relatively affordable, non-toxic cosmetics. No artificial chemicals or animal byproducts are used in the manufacturing of any of the products. You shouldn’t pass up ZUZULUXE’s mineral powder makeup, lipsticks, and liquid eyeliner.

    11. HYNT Beauty

    A breast cancer survivor who was unable to find truly natural cosmetics that satisfied her demands developed Hynt Beauty. Hynt Beauty is an all-natural, organic beauty line that never uses artificial colorants or preservatives and is best known for their Concealer and SPF 30 Primer. All items are vegan-certified by PETA, with the exception of their mascara.

    12. Alima Pure

    Alima Pure, a range of high-end mineral makeup that is a certified B Corporation, is free of talc, bismuth oxychloride, petroleum, and dimethicone. They produce natural cosmetics with an emphasis on minimalism, both in terms of ingredients and packaging.


    You already know that leading a more natural and sustainable lifestyle involves more than just what we eat; it also involves everything we put on and in our bodies, including our makeup. You can improve your eco-friendly lifestyle and have naturally gorgeous skin by switching to non-toxic makeup from any of these top all-natural makeup brands.


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