Guide to Selecting Outdoor Furniture


    Staying at home and bonding with your family can be more fun and interesting when you have a good outdoor space. You can level up family bonding moments or spend some alone time on a well-furnished patio, deck, or yard with a combination of the best outdoor furniture. You may choose to place a combination of simple furniture, such as a patio table and lounge chairs, or you can also add something different, like a sectional seat to host family and friends.

    If you are thinking of enhancing your patio or deck with pieces of outdoor furniture, we are here to help you. Remember that having a great outdoor space does not happen by chance. To achieve it, you need to plan and pay attention to details, as well as your needs, as there are lots of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for outdoor furniture that you can use to bond with your family or simply looking for one where you can meditate outdoors, there is a perfect furniture set for you. 

    In this article, we are giving you a guide to selecting outdoor furniture. This way, you’ll be able to find out the various materials used in making outdoor furniture, the different types of outdoor furniture, and the important things you need to consider in order to get the best one for your needs.

    Benefits of Having Outdoor Furniture

    family eating together outdoors

    Outdoor furniture also referred to as patio furniture, is designed specifically to be placed outside. They are made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand even the harshest conditions outdoors. There are actually a lot of good reasons behind investing in outdoor furniture. Below are some of them.

    Benefits of Having Outdoor Furniture

    Provides a Place to Relax

    There are times when it feels good to cut off from everything and spend some time alone. When you have a garden at home that has the right furniture, it can be a great go-to place to unwind.[1] It is a good spot to get some fresh air and connect with nature. You can also sit there are read a nice book while sipping coffee or tea. An outdoor sofa set can be a great choice to lounge around, which can give you a more relaxing experience, and it can also accommodate your whole family if you want to bond.

    Can Make Working from Home Exciting

    Remote working is becoming more and more popular. However, most of us know how uncomfortable it is to sit in an office chair for long periods. But if you have outdoor furniture at home, you can easily choose to work in a more relaxing and comfortable spot aside from your home office. Imagine how great it can be to sit on a comfortable outdoor sofa as you work. There are also lots of outdoor furniture pieces that can be used to set up your laptop and other work tools, which can make outdoor working easier and cozier.[1] 

    Provides Some Space to Host Gatherings

    When you have the right outdoor furniture at home, you will be able to hold gatherings in your gardens, deck, or patio. You can host small parties and gatherings with your friends and family. You only need simple outdoor furniture to do this, such as a patio table and some outdoor chairs.

    Allows You to Get Closer to Your Family

    At the present time, most families are too busy with their own high-tech devices in their rooms, and they sometimes forget to bond with their family members. But when you set up some outdoor furniture at home, you will have a good space where you can spend time with one another. With the help of outdoor space and proper sitting space, your whole family can spend meaningful time together.[1] 

    Can Make Your Outdoor Space Look More Beautiful

    In addition to providing an area to relax and bond with your family and friends, having outdoor furniture pieces can also help in making your garden, patio, or deck look more beautiful. Most outdoor furniture are also decorative pieces that can enhance the look and ambiance of a certain space. Therefore, if you are looking into beautifying your outdoor space, adding a few pieces of outdoor furniture is a great idea.

    Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

    an outdoor sitting area

    When it comes to outdoor furniture pieces, there are lots of options to choose from, which can make it quite overwhelming to choose the best ones that will work for you. With the many options available, it is also easy to get carried away. To avoid this, you need to remember that it is essential to consider the overall layout of your outdoor space. 

    If you buy everything that catches your eye and throw them in altogether, this could end up crowding your outdoor space without any style. Therefore, you also need to be picky when it comes to the furniture pieces that you are going to buy. To help you, below are some of the important things to consider when buying outdoor furniture:

    Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

    Plan Your Outdoor Living Space

    Before buying outdoor furniture pieces, you first need to assess the needs of your outdoor space. Have a clear image of how you want to utilize your outdoor space. For example, it can be for relaxing with the family, entertaining guests, and more. If you plan to use it for personal use, then you probably just need a few comfortable lounge chairs or benches. But if you are looking into using the space to entertain guests and hold small events, then sofas and dining sets might be what you need.

    The idea is to make your outdoor space as versatile as possible. This way, you can easily transition between different uses. After having a clear idea in mind of how you are going to use your outdoor space, it can be fairly easy to begin looking at what furniture pieces you are going to buy.[2] 

    Choose Where You Will Place the Furniture

    It is also important to determine where exactly you are going to place the furniture pieces. Consider whether your outdoor space is exposed to the elements or if there is an overhead covering. You should also decide whether the furniture will rest on soft ground and grass or on hard surfaces like wooden decks or paved patios. This way, you’ll be able to choose the right materials that will match the environment and surroundings in your outdoor space. For instance, you need to avoid placing furniture pieces made of softwood like pine on a grassy surface or in an exposed area, as moisture from the ground can cause the wood to rot.[3] 

    Measure the Size of Your Outdoor Space

    You also need to prevent yourself from buying furniture pieces that will only end up too small or too big for your space. Of course, you will want to get outdoor furniture pieces that will fit easily into your space and pieces that are easy to move around in. Therefore, it helps to put some effort into measuring your outdoor space and the furniture pieces you are eyeing to compare them and ensure that they will all fit in. Placing small furniture pieces in a huge space or big ones in a small space are both unattractive. Therefore, it is important to consider measuring first before buying.[2]

    Number of Seating Needed

    When choosing outdoor furniture pieces, you always have to keep the headcount capacity in mind. Think about how many people you are planning on having over. When picking what to buy, always go with the maximum count in mind, along with the actual measurement of your outdoor space. This way, you will have a good idea of whether you should pick furniture pieces that will be permanently fixed in your garden or whether you should go for something fluid, like those that you can move indoors or keep in storage during the days when you don’t need them.[2] 

    Consider Your Budget

    Of course, it is also very important to consider your budget, as it is what determines what you can buy. It is ideal to purchase the best furniture you can afford, as quality furniture offers more value than cheaper ones that will not last long. If you are looking into maximizing your budget, try to consider furniture pieces made of less expensive but durable materials, such as heavy-duty resin or aluminum. You can also check out yard sales and thrift stores for some best quality furniture pieces you can buy.[3] 

    Different Outdoor Furniture Materials

    beautifully decorated and furnished patio

    One of the important things that you also need to consider when choosing outdoor furniture pieces is the material they are made of. Since they are going to be left outdoors regardless of seasonal changes, it is essential to put the quality material into consideration. To learn more about this, below are the different outdoor furniture materials that you can choose from:

    Different Outdoor Furniture Materials


    Aluminum is one of the sturdy and durable materials when it comes to outdoor furniture. It also does not rust, unlike other types of metals. Therefore, outdoor furniture pieces made of aluminum are great to be placed in spots that get a lot of rain or ocean spray. There are also different treatments for aluminum furniture, and one example is powder coating. This type of coating gives extra protection against corrosion. 

    While aluminum outdoor furniture pieces are among the best ones that you can buy, some are put off by their high cost as it is one of the most expensive in all of the material options available. Aluminum also comes in several grades, but the most popular ones are cast and extruded aluminum.[2] 

    Wicker and Rattan

    If you are looking for outdoor furniture that can be moved easily to different areas in your garden, patio, or deck, wicker and rattan are great options. These materials are lightweight and commonly used for making outdoor furniture. The only downside of these materials is that they are not suitable for the wet season. But since they are lightweight, you can easily move them away from being exposed to the elements. But if you want an all-season use outdoor furniture, you can also opt for those made of synthetic rattan.[4] 

    Steel and Wrought Iron

    Steel is another quality metal that is great to be used for a furniture set that is going to be positioned permanently outdoors. However, this material is quite expensive but praised for durability when coated properly. Wrought iron, on the other hand, is great due to its aesthetic design and handmade quality. Both of these materials are durable and long lasting, making them great options for outdoor furniture.[4] 


    Wood is also an impressive material for outdoor furniture because its natural feature matches the outdoors. Most of the time, furniture made from solid wood is long-lasting and weather-resistant if maintained properly in and out of season. Wooden outdoor furniture pieces mostly offer value for the money invested into them due to their durability and strength.[4] 


    Plastic is also popularly used in making outdoor furniture as it is versatile and perfect for all-season use. Outdoor furniture made of plastic is durable and strong, and they are also often fade-resistant. This means that even when they are left outdoors, they can retain their glow. But if you are choosing plastic furniture, you need to find those that are made of the best quality plastic material to ensure that they will last long. [4] 

    Different Types of Outdoor Furniture

    Different Types of Outdoor Furniture

    Now that you have learned about the different materials used in making outdoor furniture and the important things to consider let us move on to the different types of outdoor furniture that you can buy today. There are so many outdoor furniture pieces and sets that you can place in your garden, patio, and deck. To provide you with more ideas, below are the different types of outdoor furniture.

    Outdoor Benches

    a wooden outdoor bench

    One of the most common types of outdoor furniture pieces is benches. They are casual and can bring a sense of intimacy to outdoor spaces like gardens. Placing some benches in your outdoor space can provide a feeling of coziness and warmth in a wide-open space. There are many different kinds of outdoor benches you can find. Some of them can be custom-made, while others are usually store-bought. They can also come in a wide variety of materials.[2]  

    For outdoor benches, the most popular materials are wood, cast iron, and polyethylene weave. Some benches also come with additional features, such as those storage options. Below are some examples of outdoor benches to help you choose:

    • Keter Solana Storage Bench: This outdoor bench is made of all weather-resistant resin but has an appealing wood-look texture. It is durable and provides comfortable seating for two or three. It also has extra hidden storage where you can keep outdoor items.
    • FDW Outdoor Metal Bench: This garden bench is powder-coated with a rust-resistant finish and has a super-smooth texture. It is made of reinforced steel to ensure stability and sturdiness. It is also easy to assemble. It is great for your garden, patio, deck, backyard, front porch, and other outdoor spaces.
    • Sunnydaze Wooden Outdoor Bench: This outdoor bench is made from elegant and durable meranti wood with a teak oil finish. It is a two-seat bench that can comfortably seat two adults. It can be great seating around the fire pit, in the garden, on the patio, and more.

    Lawn Chairs

    two red lawn chairs

    Since gardens and other outdoor spots in your home are where you are supposed to relax, it means that you need seating options that can make the environment relaxing for you. With this, you can also add some lawn chairs to your outdoor area. Lawn chairs are also made using various materials, such as wood, plastic, aluminum, and wicker. 

    If you have a small outdoor space, you can place one to two lawn chairs as a decorative pieces. But if you have a spacious yard, you can opt for four lawn chairs or more. These chairs are also perfect when you are entertaining guests or if you have a huge household. Below are some examples of lawn chairs to help you choose:

    • YEFU Adirondack Chair: This lawn chair is made of composite plastic material with an exclusive formulation. It has a curved and lengthened back that can help relieve fatigue. It also has wide armrests where you can place commonly used cups and plates during gatherings. 
    • Wood-Natrl Outdoor Wooden Chair: This is a wooden lawn chain made of Canadian cedar solid wood with brushed finishing. It is easy to assemble and comfortable to use. It has a large seat, tall backrest, and wide armrest, which are all designed ergonomically. It also has a water-base painting to protect the wood from outdoor elements.

    Lounge Chairs

    three outdoor lounge chairs

    If comfort is what you are really seeking in outdoor furniture pieces, then you should also get some lounge chairs. These are pieces of furniture that will allow you to lie down, take an afternoon nap, or just lounge around. These chairs also pair well with gardens that are landscaped or homes with backyard pools. When choosing lounge chairs, pick those that are weatherproof so that they can last long even when exposed o direct sunlight and rain.[2] Below are some examples of lounge chairs to help you choose:

    • BLUU Chaise Lounge Chairs: These lounge chairs have an adjustable backrest that can be changed into five different positions. It is made of polypropylene resin with a beautiful wood texture design. It is easy to assemble and very relaxing to use. It is also completely waterproof and UV resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.
    • Crestlive Products Patio Lounge Chairs: These lounge chairs are made of high-quality PVC. It also comes with a cover that is tough enough to keep snow, dust, rain and leaves away. It is a comfortable lounge chair perfect for patios, gardens, and decks.
    • WeCooper Patio Chaise Lounge Chair: This is an “S” shaped outdoor lounge chair that offers maximum comfort. It comes with two flexible wheels on each side, making it easy to move around your space. It is made of all-weather wicker and high-strength steel.  

    Outdoor Dining Tables

    a wooden dining table with delicious food

    If you have a spacious garden, patio, or deck, they can be a great venue for meals and parties. Therefore, adding some outdoor dining tables is also a great idea. These tables may come in handy when you want to serve lunches and dinners alfresco. There are also many different materials being used for outdoor dining tables. Below are a few examples to help you choose:

    • Beau Outdoor Wooden Dining Table: This outdoor dining table features a modern industrial look. It has a powder-coated frame with a sleek wooden table top. It is made of acacia wood that is durable, heavy, and can resist wear and tear. 
    • Sophia & William Metal Patio Table: This is an outdoor metal table that is big enough to fit six people for lunch or dinner. It comes with an adjustable umbrella hole, which is great if you want to add an outdoor umbrella to it. It is a sturdy dining table that is perfect for outdoor use.

    Outdoor Sofas

    a stylish outdoor sofa

    If you have a big outdoor space that can accommodate many people, then adding some outdoor sofas is perfect. When it comes to outdoor seating, sofas are probably the best ones to get, as they can provide comfort and intimacy. Even though sofas are commonly found indoors, there are also lots of options to add them outdoors. They are attractive and luxurious, which can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Below are some examples of outdoor sofas to help you pick:

    • Modway Aura Outdoor Patio Sofa: This sofa is best for the porch, garden, backyard, or poolside. It has a modern design and is made of weather-resistant materials, such as a powder-coated aluminum frame and a synthetic rattan weave. It is durable, fade and water resistant, and can withstand even harsh weather conditions.
    • Beachcroft Outdoor Sofa Signature Design By Ashley: This outdoor sofa is driftwood inspired. It is made with an all-weather, handwoven resin wicker over a powder-coated rust-proof aluminum frame. It also comes with two throw pillows for a more aesthetic look. It is perfect to be placed on a patio.
    • Essential Lounger Outdoor Sofa Set: This is a set of outdoor sofas made of steel frames and handwoven rattans. It also comes with fabric and sponge cushions for more comfortable use. This set can surely make any outdoor space look more beautiful.

    Fire Pit Tables 

    a fire pit table in a spacious deck

    Many homeowners also love placing fire pit tables outdoors. It is basically a table that features a fire pit in the middle. It can be gas-powered or traditional functioning through the use of fire and coal. They are perfect outdoor furniture that you can use during cold nights while bonding with your friends or family at home. Below are some examples of fire pit tables to help you pick:

    • Yaheetech Gas Fire Pit Table: This fire pit table comes with a steel cover lid. It is a 2-in-1 gas fire pit that you can convert into a nice dining table outdoors when not in use. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU to provide you with enough warmth during winter or on cool mornings and evenings.
    • Best Choice Products Propane Gas Fire Pit Table: This is a heavy-duty and weather-resistant fire pit table made of an aluminum frame. It also comes with a weather-resistant cover to ensure that it can withstand the elements outdoors when it is not in use.

    Gliders and Swings

    a white wooden swing outdoors

    Many years ago, the main options when it came to patio and garden furniture were only between the swing or the rocker. This means that gliders are quite new, but they can also be considered a platform rocker. Basically, it is a rocking chair that moves similarly to a swing. Swings, on the other hand, feature bench-like seats made out of wood.[2] Below are some examples of gliders and swings that you can choose from:

    • Goldsun Outdoor Glider Chair: This is a sturdy and heavy-duty outdoor glider chair. It has a curved back support that offers extra comfort and relaxation for the body. It can fit the back spine ergonomically at the perfect angle. It is comfortable and very easy to use.
    • Best Choice Products Outdoor Swing Glider: This product combines a weather-resistant polyester canopy and cushion covers with a powder-coated steel frame to make sure that it can last long. It can accommodate up to three adults. It also has a built-in tilt system that allows users to adjust the angle for more comfort. 


    two outdoor daybeds

    Daybeds are pieces of furniture that are used as a sofa and as bed. It usually features a 3D frame, and the two sides serve as the footboard and headboard. Most of the time, daybeds are made of wood or metal, and they come with upholstered mattresses.[2] Below are a few examples of daybeds to help you choose:

    • Modway Sojourn Wicker Rattan Outdoor Daybed: This daybed can make your outdoor space look more inviting. It is made of a powder-coated aluminum frame, which is sturdy and can last for a long time. It is perfect for the garden, poolside, porch, and backyard.
    • E-Big Sales Outdoor Daybed: You can treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon at home in this daybed. It includes a seat cushion and four pillows for more comfort. 
    • Christopher Knight Outdoor Sofa: This daybed/sofa features a canopy, which will allow you to relax outdoors without exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun.


    people sitting on ottomans outdoor

    Ottomans are upholstered furniture pieces that do not have any arms or backs. They have various uses from being a footrest to being a seat to being a table, and more. These are great to have outdoors as they are multifunctional. If you have a sofa nearby, you can also use an ottoman as an end table that can hold food and drinks.[2] Below are some examples of outdoor ottomans to help you choose:

    • Patiorama Outdoor Ottoman: This ottoman has a strong powder-coated steel frame, making it sturdy but lightweight. It is made of durable and weather-resistant resin. It comes with cushions that are great for comfortable outdoor patio seating and relaxation. 
    • Household Essentials Gray Wicker Patio Ottoman: This ottoman is also made of resin and weather-resistant wicker for outdoor use. It features a tight weave around a strong metal frame. It is a simple but attractive accent piece that you can place outdoors.
    • Delsit Woody Outdoor Pouf Ottoman: This ottoman is handmade. It imitates a wooden tree stump well, which is great for outdoor use. It has a solid filling, making it stable and easy to handle. It is versatile outdoor furniture for your garden or patio.

    Outdoor Bistro Sets

    an outdoor bistro set made of rattan

    Bistro sets originated in France and are often seen at trendy Parisian cafes. A bistro set consists of two chairs and a round table. They are often foldable but can also be made of other materials like metal.[2] These sets are great for quick drinks and for serving small food items. Below are some examples of outdoor bistro sets to help you choose:

    • C/G 3-Piece Bistro Set: This bistro set is made of high-density pure aluminum die-cast to make sure that it is strong and stable. This set includes a table and two chairs. It features a tulip design that makes it elegant and can enhance the look of any outdoor space. 
    • Giantex 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set: This bistro set is made of natural acacia wood and has a strong construction. It comes with a table and a couple of chairs that can hold up to 360 pounds. They also come with thick cushions for comfortable outdoor seating. All of them are foldable and easy to store when not needed.
    • Greesum 3-Piece Rocking Wicker Bistro Set: The seats that come with this bistro set feature a rocking design for a more relaxed and comfortable experience. They are made of durable metal and firm rattan. The table is also made of rattan but features a sturdy glass top. All of them are lightweight and can be moved easily wherever you want to place them. 


    Selecting furniture pieces for your outdoor spaces is indeed challenging. But when you know what you need and what will match the space you want to enhance, choosing specific outdoor furniture can be easier. With lots of offers in furniture stores and even online, you can surely find the best furniture that will match your outdoor space and will cater to your needs and preferences. We hope this post helped you learn more about selecting outdoor furniture.


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