Guide to Digital Ballasts

Are you growing your plants indoors? When growing plants indoors using a hydroponic system, one of the essential factors for your plants to grow healthy and abundant is good lighting. Providing sufficient light to your plants enables them to yield and produce more and faster. One way to supply your plants with adequate lighting is by investing in a digital ballast.

What is a digital ballast? A digital ballast is a device that controls how much power goes to a lamp/light in a standard system to cultivate light. Using a digital ballast in your garden is an efficient way to grow plants. It helps you grow plants all year-round while providing them with proper light despite the weather. You won’t have to worry about your plants not having enough light.

Nowadays, there are many types and models of digital ballasts on the market. Digital ballasts are compact, lightweight, and look cooler. They are usually rectangular and have aluminum heatsinks cover. They have wires, electric connectors, and dials. Some digital ballasts have screens on them for easy monitoring. If you’re looking into buying a digital ballast, we have listed significant factors to consider before purchasing.

Durability and Quality

One of the factors to consider when purchasing a digital ballast is its durability. You want a device that will last and work for a long time. Providing your plants with durable and high-quality digital ballast gives them sufficient light to grow and flourish. 

There are a lot of options that you can choose from when buying a digital ballast. Investing in a durable and high-quality digital ballast will benefit you and your plants. You will be able to harvest fresh and healthy produce in no time.

Reasonable Price

The price of a digital ballast is a significant factor when purchasing one. You need to be able to choose the device that is worth your money. If you are on a budget, consider a digital ballast that is affordable and of good quality. But if you have money to spare, you can choose a brand that provides a high-quality and durable device. 

Whatever digital ballast model you buy, you should consider what your money allows you to spend. 

Input Voltage

Organic hydroponic Brassica chinensis vegetable grow with LED Light Indoor farm,Agriculture Technology

When buying a digital ballast, choose the proper input voltage to supply the appropriate energy needed for your garden. It is crucial not to pick out a voltage too high than the required voltage because it can damage the equipment and bulbs in your garden. And it is also critical not to select an input voltage that is too low, for it could result in poor energy distribution. 

Before purchasing your digital ballast, you should know the needed input voltage for proper energy regulation. Digital ballasts run from 100V to 240V.

Wattage Capacity

Another factor when buying a digital ballast is its wattage capacity. Significantly, the device you buy should have a wattage capacity compatible with the bulbs you will use. It enables the bulbs to perform perfectly. And will provide the light needed by the plants.

Dimming Feature

The most common feature of a digital ballast is its dimming ability. A dimming feature allows you to operate your light at a lower power to save energy. It does not only save you money but can also reserve energy. 

The dimming feature of a digital ballast enables you to control the light your plants need. If there is natural light going into your garden, you can use the dimming feature of the

device. This way, you will be able to conserve energy.

Less Noise

These digital ballasts usually make a humming sound. If you are annoyed with loud sounds, you should select a digital ballast that makes a little-to-no sound. 

When purchasing a digital ballast, choose a device that produces less noise. 

Radio Frequency/Radiation Shield

It is critical to select the digital ballast with a radio frequency shield. Radiofrequency shield helps protect other nearby electric devices, such as computers and television, from radio frequency interference that can affect or damage them.

Radiation shield also secures the radio and television signals from RFI. When choosing a digital ballast, it should have a radio frequency shield.


Good digital ballast must be versatile. It should be capable of running different types of bulbs and can also run different bulb wattages. It should also be able to support single-ended or double-ended bulbs. 

Digital ballast should be flexible enough to produce the light needed by the plants.

Low Temperature

Portrait of Happy little Asian girl farmer holding organic lettuce in the basket in greenhouse garden

It is normal when digital ballasts would feel warm when in use. But it is unusual and disturbing if the device gets too hot when working. If this happens, it could potentially blow up and would be dangerous for you and the garden. 

When purchasing a digital ballast, you should consider a device with low temperature when operating for safety purposes.


When buying a digital ballast, you should check if it has a warranty. The company should guarantee the consumer a replacement in case the device malfunctions. It should provide good service for repairs and whatnot for a certain period. It will assure the consumers they are well taken care of by the company they choose.

They should also provide good customer service that will allow the consumers to reach out for particular concerns. They should be able to help users fix the problem. A company with good customer service is also a significant factor in choosing the ideal digital ballast for your indoor garden. 

In conclusion, digital ballasts are significant in growing plants indoors. They offer more advanced features that are helpful for the users. But before purchasing a digital ballast, you must know your needs. You should choose the device that checks all your requirements.

Digital ballasts control lightings which will help you produce more plants faster than expected. You will not rely on sunlight alone in growing plants. More produce means more income. They are ideal for personal and commercial use.

If you want to upgrade to a grow light technology gardening, owning a digital ballast is the way to go. It is also a more efficient way of gardening. Just be mindful of the features you need for you to pick out the ideal device for you.