Best Handheld UV Sanitizing Vacuums

A good vacuum cleaner is essential to keep the house clean and hygienic, and integrating a vacuum cleaner with UV can play a great role in removing infectious microorganisms. According to a study by the researchers of Ohio State University, addition of ultraviolet light on the brushing/suction part of a vacuum cleaner can double its capability of removing potential infectious microorganisms from carpet’s surface when compared to a simple vacuum cleaner. When you will clean your sofa, carpet, or curtain with a handheld UV sanitizing vacuum, the UV light will work side by side with the suction mechanism to remove all allergens and pathogens. This is what gives a UV vacuum edge over a regular vacuum cleaner.

If you want to sanitize your house and are looking for the best product, you are in the right place! In this article, we will recommend to you the best handheld sanitizing vacuums that use UV technology, along with a short buying guide to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

Buying guide

There are two steps in selecting a perfect vacuum cleaner for your home. The first step is selecting the style of the vacuum that best fits your needs and the second one is determining which features you need the most.

In reference to handheld vacuums about which this article is about, these are a good choice for those having small areas to clean with minimal carpeted surfaces, or who want a vacuum occasionally as handheld ones are easy to move from spot to spot. They are usually battery-powered, weigh about just a few pounds, and can be stored in a cupboard or hanged on a wall.

They are also great for cleaning the interior of your car, but you must keep in mind that these are not as powerful as full-sized vacuum cleaners so don’t expect them to pull a full-time duty in a large home or if you have deep pile carpeting.
Here is a list of the best handheld UV sanitizing vacuums that can assist you in removing all the debris, bacteria, and viruses in just a single go.

Where to Buy
Vonhaus UV handheld vacuum cleaner
Mattress Vacuum Cleaner, 12Kpa Handheld UV Vacuum Cleaner
Raycop lite UV sanitizing HEPA allergen vacuum
LivePure Ultramite Handheld Allergen Vacuum & Fabric Sanitizer with Dual Motor Brush, UVC Light, HEPA Filter to Remove Dust Mites, Bacteria, Viruses
Handheld Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Sanitizing
Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum


1. Vonhaus UV handheld vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can get into those hard-to-reach areas, then Vonhaus UV handheld vacuum cleaner is the one that you need to go for as it can efficiently clean curtains, ceilings and crevices etc. Its built-in UV light aids in killing bacteria and provides deep cleaning without any hassle. The Vonhaus UV handheld vacuum cleaner contains a very light frame weighing just 2.1 kilograms. This vacuum cleaner won’t just dispense the dirt but will additionally destroy the occurrences of microscopic organisms on your furniture. It can remove up to 99.9 percent of microorganisms including fatal composes such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and E. coli.


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Comes with HEPA filtration system
  • Works on most of the surfaces


  • Instructions are not clear

2. Mattress Vacuum Cleaner, 12Kpa Handheld UV Vacuum Cleaner

The BAIDREN mattress vacuum cleaner features two pulsation pads and innovative technology. The dust in the mattress’s deep layer is pounded loose by the motor’s high-speed vibration. The dust is pulled closer to the bed surface by the motor’s high-frequency beat, and then the vacuum is suctioned. The pulsing pad vibrates at a high frequency of 12800 times per minute to stir up dust and grime from the loose mattress. This flapping feature is paired with the 12Kpa suction function to bring dirt to the cloth surface, increasing the suction force and allowing for deeper cleaning.

  • High-Efficiency Filtration
  • Lightweight body
  • Has a huge room to collect dust


  • Expensive

3. Raycop lite UV sanitizing HEPA allergen vacuum

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your mattress? Your answer would probably be “not recently”. The Raycop Lite with its sleek design is a pleasure to handle and it is dependent on RayClean technology that efficiently removes the dust, pollen, etc.
The main filter of the Raycop cleaner is a washable purification filter andthe second one is a HEPA filter that eradicates nearly 100% of dirt, pet dander,and dust mite. It weighs 1kg andhas a removable dust box. The replacement for both the filters is also available.

  • One button operation makes it easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Appealing shape and design


  • Expensive

4. LivePure Ultramite Handheld Allergen Vacuum

Due to its technology that cleans deeply into household materials like your mattress, bedding, furniture, carpet, and even clothing, the LivePure Ultramite UV Dust Mite Allergen Vacuum is more effective at eliminating allergens than a standard vacuum. To effectively manage dust mites and avoid allergy and asthma problems, use Ultramite on household materials on a regular basis. To maintain a clean and healthy environment in your house, use the handheld vacuum frequently for the first few weeks after purchase and then once a week after that.

Use this transportable, lightweight, handheld vacuum to eliminate the allergen-causing dust mites and particles hiding deep inside your mattress, bedding, furniture, carpet, clothing, and other soft surfaces in your home.


  • Extremely easy to clean after use
  • Dual Filtration


  • The item is huge

5. Handheld Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Sanitizing

The Shillcat Handheld Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Sanitizing is a very effective UV light (253.7nm) with powerful penetrating strength. It can effectively remove over 99 percent of allergens from fabric surfaces throughout the home, preventing coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms. It won’t cause burns or skin harm to people because it uses a safe three-point UV light trigger mode that stops UV ray leakage.

The 350W high-power motor mattress cleaner machine vibrates 15,000 times every minute to expel dust, pollen, and dirt from the mattress’s deepest layers. The mattress vacuum cleaner can effortlessly remove pet hair and dander thanks to its powerful 12000pa suction. suitable for a variety of surfaces, including furniture, futons, carpets, pillows, and rugs. In addition, the noise-canceling construction won’t wake up dogs or sleeping children.


  • Very easy to dispose of the dust and debris
  • Supports a wide range of actions
  • Noise Cancelling


  • Battery Life

6. Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

You can get a thorough cleaning with the ERGO LIFE cord UV mite vacuum because of its 350-watt high-power motor, which delivers 18 kpa of powerful suction. It effectively removes dust mites, dust, pet hair, germs, viruses, pollen, and allergens. The system includes UV tube sterilization at 253.7nm, a high-frequency vibration head that vibrates at 8000 times per minute, and a HEPA filtration system. It works effectively on fabric surfaces such as mattresses, bedding, upholstery, furniture, curtains, cribs, clothes, and yoga mats.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • The build quality is exceptionally good
  • The filter can be easily removed, cleaned and reassembled
  • Innovative Vertical Air Duct Technology


  • A little bit Expensive


There is a vast variety of UV handheld vacuum cleaners available in the market with different price tagsthat provide various functionalities and features accordingly. The decision of purchasing an appropriate vacuum cleaner merely depends on your requirements. Don’t be confused in choosing the right one and let us help you once again.

If you are willing to pay heavily in order to get the best possible results, then Handheld Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Sanitizing is what you should opt for. If you are willing to buy a handheld UV vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price without compromising on quality and features then LivePure Ultramite Handheld Allergen Vacuum is the best possible option to go for.