Best Vacuums for Pet Hair


    Pet owners know that the average vacuum is not fit for cleaning all the furry mess. It is due to their suction power and attachments that these vacuums fail to accomplish this job. So if you have decided to buy a pet vacuum to target problem areas in the house, we suggest that you go through our guide as it will help you make the right decision. 

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Not all vacuums for pet hair are created equal, so you’ll need to make a few considerations before investing your money in the machine. Below are some key factors you should analyze:

    Cord or Cordless?

    One of the first things to consider before getting a vacuum for pet hair is whether you want a cord or cordless model. While cordless vacuums are a great choice because they don’t lead to tripping or tangling, they also often have shorter battery life that does not cover the entire house in one cleaning spree. 

    Corded vacuums get votes because they of their higher power. Plus, the charge does not end during a cleaning session. However corded models have limited mobility as long as the wire goes, and you do not have the freedom to take these models to every nook and corner. 

    Both corded and cordless models have their own set of pros and cons which you can determine after looking at the specifications of each model. 


    Most vacuum cleaners come with different levels of suction power. The lower numbers in these settings have adequate power for a quick cleanup. Higher numbers in settings is perfect for using on difficult surfaces like carpets and sofas. The suction speed depends on the kind of cleaning you need to do, so it should be enough to cover your required tasks. 


    Pet vacuums need to be equipped with a special filter to capture small allergens like dander or debris. Filtered vacuums also ensure that clean air passes from the vent and does not harm the user or people nearby. People with allergies must opt for a vacuum with a filter so they can work comfortably without triggering their allergies. Most users are not aware of the filter in their vacuums, and that it plays an important role in keeping the air fresh, especially when there is a pet around. 

    Attachments and parts

    Some vacuums for pet hair come with parts (aka. attachments) that make a pet owners life easier. The best attachments are mini brushes, nylon nozzles and parts that you can clean easily. Such attachments can not only clean fur, but also get debris, dander and other items easily from any surface or corner. The choice of such attachments depends solely on the user, and you must take a look at these fixtures before buying a vacuum for pet hair. 


    The size of your vacuum is important for many reasons. For example, if you live in a home with multiple levels, then it is essential to choose a vacuum that is not too heavy when taking to different levels. You also need to ensure that there is enough space to store the vacuum when it is not in use. Bulky models will not fit in most spaces and that can cause trouble for the user. If you do not have space to store the vacuum, a large standing model will not be the best choice compared to an uptight robot vacuum. 

    Vacuum Considerations Based on Your Space

    To lock a vacuum model that fits all your requirements, you need to look around and analyze your space first. These factors will help you decipher the specifications you should opt for without confusing you with models or vacuum types. 

    Size of your Space

    The pet vacuum you get depends on the size of your space. Is it a large house or a small dorm room? If the house is big with lots of floors to clean, then a high-power machine is best for you. If you reside in a small room or a small apartment, then a handheld vacuum will do just fine in that space. 

    Carpets and Rugs

    Carpets and Rugs

    If there are no carpets in your home, you can choose a vacuum with good suction. Some models with scatter-free technology make it easy for the user to deal with non-carpet surfaces. If you have carpets and rugs, a high-suction machine is essential with brush attachments that clean the rugs thoroughly. 

    Types of carpets

    Every vacuum model will not work well with every type of carpet. For high-pile carpets, you should buy a vacuum with level adjustments. For low-pile carpets, you can go with any adjustment. There are several companies that make models that allow you to choose height adjustments according to your type of carpets. 

    Number of Pets

    The number of pets in your house has a lot to do with the type, size and frequency of vacuum. Suction power is not the only thing you will consider. You need to choose a model which is easy to empty and has good results when used on very furry surfaces. 

    Pets on the couch

    Pets on the couch

    If you let your pets cuddle with you on the couch, the only downside of it is the hair on it. Even if you pets don’t hang around on the furniture, you can still find hair and debris on surfaces. In this case, a vacuum with upholstery attachments is the right fix. Because you need a machine that can clean those deeply embedded hair. 

    Outdoor or indoor pets

    Hair or fur are not the only kinds of mess you expect with pets. If your pets spend time outdoors, they can bring mud with them inside. For this purpose, some companies have come up with hybrid models that cover both dry and wet cleaning. The only con of such machines is that they cannot work on upholstery or carpets. 

    Pets in the car

    Pets in the car is also a big cause of concern, and for that you need a small machine like a handheld vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are good for the small space, but not very efficient in terms of suction power. For better results, a stick vacuum can also be your pick for a deep clean in the car. 

    Types of Vacuums to Consider with Pets

    Here are some of the best types of vacuums that go great in spaces where pets linger around the most. 

    Upright Vacuums

    Upright vacuums are a great choice for homes with a lot of rugs and carpets. This is because the vacuums are better designed for carpet and rug cleaning. 

    Canister Vacuums

    For people with stairs in their homes, canister vacuums are a good machine to keep. The canister design makes it easy for the user to work as the weight is distributed between the canister and its powerhead. But the most important use is that the canister is easy to transport from one floor to the other. 

    Stick Vacuums

    Stick vacuums are an excellent choice to sweep up a quick mess, and their suction power has been improved by companies over the years. They are light, and easy to store and move around the house. Some models also address the pet-hair issue really well, and that is all you need with furry friends in the house. 

    Handheld Vacuums

    Handheld vacuums cannot manage heavy-duty cleaning, but are a good option to have to clean up a quick mess. Very few models of handheld vacuums can deal with pet hair, and those are also good options to consider. Moreover, these vacuums are affordable and very lightweight. 

    Robotic Vacuums

    Robotic vacuums are taking the vacuum market by storm, and you must be interested in one too. Plus, it is fun to have a robo-vac around with pets and there is little work to do on your end. 

    Go bagged or bagless?

    Your choice to go with a bagged or bagless vacuum should depend on one thing: your sensitivity to pollens and dust. With bagged varieties, emptying the bag is a hassle-free (and mess-free) experience. You just need to open the bin, empty the bag, and voila!

    However, bagged vacuums for pet hair are more expensive than their bagless counterparts. The final price will depend on the brand you choose, with many brands offering both varieties.

    Brands That Sell Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Brands That Sell Vacuum for Pet Hair

    There is no magical vacuum that addresses all your pet hair-related concerns, but there are plenty of models out there that do a great job of keeping them at bay. What you need is a capable machine that can work on different surfaces and ticks all the boxes according to the factors mentioned above.

    Here are some of the best pet vacuum brands you can consider for your home: 


    This brand has been around for over 100 years. Pet parents can look at their Pet Hair Series, which contains a range of products that work well for fetching pet hair.


    Germany-based Miele has a cat & dog vacuum line that is designed to eliminate pet hair from sight. It’s a good choice for pet owners who groom their fur babies once or twice a week.


    The founder of this brand invented the bagless vacuum we all know and love. Now Dyson is making splashes with its filter-less Cinetic Technology. You can find it in Dyson’s canister and upright vacuum series.


    Although not as popular as other brands on the list, Hoover’s multi-functional upright vacuums from its REACT line can deep clean pet hair from your carpet.

    Vacuum for pet hair FAQ

    How often should I vacuum if I have pets?

    The frequency of cleaning depends on the kind of space you own, but with pets it should not be once a week. If you vacuum more in areas where your pet hangs out the most, it will help avoid buildup and stains. Thick carpets and rugs carry more fur and buildup compared to hard floors and thin carpets. So with a pet vacuum you can spot the areas where there can be more trouble and keep your house clean. 

    Does the vacuum need cleaning?

    It is crucial to keep your vacuum clean so it keeps the entire house and its air clean. The vacuum bag should be clean and some bags are made of cloth so you can wash them. Other areas you should check are the filters and brush attachments. 

    However, the best way to go about it is to read the cleaning instructions in the manual or online. If you cannot find cleaning instructions in the manual, you can always clean the attachments with warm soapy water or with a microfiber wipe. Make sure that all these attachments are completely dry before you put them together again. To avoid buildup inside the vacuum, you can create a routine of cleaning it once, twice or more throughout the week. 

    How do I clean the pet hair from the brush?

    Many pet vacuum companies advertise anti-tangle brushes, but we all know that it is impossible to keep a brush completely clean of pet hair. However, attachments that are removable make it easier to clean, wash and dry. You can clean small clumps out with your hands and the rest with the help of a toothbrush. 

    Will my vacuum lose suction power over time? 

    The loss of suction power in most cases is due to the blockage in airways. Your vacuum will not lose suction power if you look after its attachments. The air inside the pipes will flow smoothly and strongly when there is not buildup or blockage in the pipes. To keep the suction power intact, we suggest that you clean all parts of the vacuum regularly and empty the bag completely. Make sure no debris is hiding and blocking the air in any part. 


    The most important factors you should consider before buying a pet vacuum are the size and design of your home, carpets, number of pets, habits of pets and the amount of cleaning required on a regular basis. We hope that our guide helped you in making an informed decision.

    If you are looking for more recommendations, you may also check out our Guide to Picking the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs.

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