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    Why Should You Purchase a Budget-Friendly Vacuum

    When purchasing a vacuum, you do not have to spend a fortune to get a good quality one. Some of the more budget-friendly vacuums available on the market also offer all the necessary features that constitute a good vacuum. These include HEPA filters, high power, built-in tool heads, and washable filters. 

    You have a higher chance of getting your money’s worth with cheaper vacuums. Expensive vacuums come with many extra features that most people do not need, some they never use. These features also drive up the cost, making them inaccessible to some. 

    Wireless vacuum cleaner

    Cheaper vacuums have fewer fancy features, but they have all the necessary ones, such as high power, good quality filters, etc. When you remove all the fancy high technological features, you are left with a vacuum that does its job at a significantly lower price. 

    Budget-friendly vacuums are also lightweight and portable. At a low price, you get a nifty lightweight device you can carry around with you as you clean. You can use them to clean small messes and easily. Most cheaper vacuums also have a bagless design, which is cost-effective as you don’t have to spend much on replacing vacuum bags.

    All products have a shelf life and a maximum capacity for use before they deteriorate and work poorly. Cheap vacuums are much easier to replace without making a massive dent in your wallet.

    Additionally, cheaper vacuums are built to work well for specific jobs. If you intend to clean a carpet, a cheap upright vacuum may work much better than an expensive multi-purpose vacuum. If you have minimal cleaning tasks, a stick vacuum will work best. 

    If you want to clean upholstery or cars, you should opt for a handheld vacuum. A cheap canister vacuum may be perfect for cleaning bare floors. 

    Types of Less Expensive Vacuums

    Types of Less Expensive Vacuums

    If you are in the market for cost-effective vacuums, some kinds of vacuums are much cheaper than others. Stick, upright, and handheld vacuums are among the most affordable vacuums you can find. More expensive versions are available, but the regular kinds are efficient and serve you well.

    Stick Vacuums

    Stick vacuums are a type of upright vacuum because they have a very similar form factor. The overall design is much more compact, making it quite portable. Due to their compact design and low cost, stick vacuums have less power and a smaller dust capacity. They are also incredibly lightweight, and you can easily carry them around.

    Stick vacuums are available in corded and cordless designs, but the cordless versions are more popular. The cordless variety allows you to move around more freely and clean hard-to-reach places. Stick vacuums also specialize in spot cleaning. 

    Suppose you are aiming to purchase a cheap stick vacuum. In that case, you should opt for the bagless version as they are more accessible and inexpensive to maintain. 

    Upright Vacuums

    Upright vacuums are the most common vacuum you will encounter while shopping. They are designed for smaller spaces and are inexpensive compared to other kinds. More expensive models are available but have extra features that not everyone needs. 

    Their design allows them to balance on the roller and the powerhead, and it stands tall. Therefore, such vacuums are pretty easy to use and store. Upright vacuums are excellent for cleaning various surface types. You can use them on hardwood floors, low-pile, and high-pile carpets, tiles, and vinyl. 

    These vacuums are also cheap because all the components are arranged inside a single unit, which reduces the amount of material needed to construct the device. 

    Handheld Vacuums

    Handheld vacuums are the smallest kind of vacuum and are one of the cheapest as well. Their small form factor and low power output lower the vacuum price. These are the best vacuums for small spaces because they can clean deep crevices, pillows, cars, etc. 

    Handheld vacuums are also lightweight and made to be held in one hand, so you can easily carry them with you as you clean around your home. 

    The only drawback of such vacuums is that they do not have powerful motors. Due to this, you can use them to only clean small messes and areas as they have a smaller dust capacity. They are also difficult to maintain owing to their small dustbins, which must be cleaned regularly if you use your vacuum often. 

    Brands Offering Cheap but Effective Vacuums

    cleaning floor and carpet

    Some brands are more expensive than others. They use high-quality materials and costly machinery to ensure that the vacuum is durable and long-lasting. However, high-quality material does not always translate into exceptional vacuums. There are many brands that offer cheap vacuums that tick all the necessary boxes to be considered good vacuums.  

    These brands include Black and Decker, Eureka, Bissel, and Hoover. All three take great care in the production of their vacuums to give their customers the best experience. 

    Black and Decker

    Black and Decker manufactures handheld and stick vacuums that are of the highest quality but are much more affordable than other options. Their vacuums are lightweight, with the floorhead and detachable dustbin barely weighing anything. This feature, combined with their size, makes Black and Decker vacuums excellent for cleaning tight areas and spot cleaning. 

    Despite being inexpensive, their vacuums have powerful suction that can rival expensive models. Therefore, you are definitely getting bang for your buck. Most of their vacuums are also multi-purpose, meaning you can clean most surfaces and messes. They work exceptionally well on hardwood floors. 

    Black and Decker vacuums are also pretty easy to use. Most only have an on and off button and a button that allows you to release the dustbin. The filters used are also mostly washable, so you get a lot for your money if you opt for Black and Decker.

    Some popular models include the Black + Decker Dustbuster Cordless Handheld Vacuum and the Black + Decker Power series Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. 


    Eureka produces some of the most budget-friendly vacuums on the market. Their vacuums are impressive for the price because they have power and suction, rivaling more expensive vacuums. These vacuums are also incredibly light, which makes them perfect for everyday clean-ups. Due to their weight, most Eureka vacuums are portable and easy to store. 

    Eureka produces stick and upright vacuums, so you are not limited in choice. The stick vacuums can also be dismantled and converted into handheld vacuums. The swivel steering on these vacuums also makes them a delight to use. You can easily maneuver them around corners and furniture to clean hard-to-reach places. 

    They also come with various tools, making cleaning more effortless than ever. For example, a crevice tool and a dusting brush. Some popular models include the Eureka AirSpeed Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum and the Eureka Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner. 


    If you are in the market for a cost-effective and easy-to-use vacuum, then you should opt for one of Bissell’s vacuums. They have a simple design at an affordable price tag, which makes these vacuums one of the more popular ones. 

    Bissell manufactures some of the best budget upright and sticks vacuums. These perform well on multiple surfaces but best on carpets and hardwood floors. They also come with various attachments, including turbo brush attachments, often seen on more expensive models. Thus, it is one of the best vacuums for pet hair. The low price tag is an added bonus.

    Their stick vacuums are incredibly versatile and can be converted into handheld vacuums, which can clean most hard-to-reach places. Bissell’s budget stick vacuums are perfect for cleaning litter, dust, and debris from bare floors. They can also effectively tackle low-pile carpets without damaging them.

    Some of the most popular inexpensive models from Bissell include the Featherweight PowerBrush Stick Vacuum and the Bissell CleanView Compact Upright Vacuum. 


    Hoover vacuums do not compromise on cleaning even though they are cheaper than most on the market. Their vacuums are some of the most powerful ones and can pick up small and fine particles from various surfaces. You can use them on tile, carpet, and hardwood floors for the best results.

    Hoover manufactures budget-friendly stick and upright vacuums that are incredible for their price. They come with several attachments that enable you to clean upholstery and deep crevices. Hoover vacuums have a slightly different configuration, as their dustbin is located near the handle. This placement makes controlling the vacuum and maneuvering it a lot easier and less tiring.

    Their vacuums are also generally quiet, making them perfect for indoor use, especially if you live in an apartment. The compact size also makes them extremely easy to store. Some popular models include the Hoover Complete Performance Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner and the Hoover OnePWR Evolve Pet Cordless Vacuum. 

    How To Find a Budget-Friendly Vacuum

    How To Find a Budget-Friendly Vacuum

    Not all inexpensive vacuums are made equal. Many miss the mark and are simply not powerful enough to carry out their everyday tasks. Therefore, you should be extra careful when purchasing a budget-friendly vacuum. If you keep a few key features in mind, then you should be able to find a vacuum that fits your needs the best.


    Price is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a budget-friendly vacuum. Instead of picking the cheapest one, you should aim to cross-check all of your options and compare the price and the features it offers. 

    If you know you won’t use half of the attachments that come with the vacuum, you should choose one with fewer but more valuable attachments. These vary from person to person, but by doing so, you can purchase a vacuum that will be cheap but incredibly useful for you. 

    By comparing the prices and the features, you can also ensure that you are not paying more when a cheaper alternative is available. 


    The vacuum motor creates the suction power that allows the cleaning device to suck up dirt and debris. Try not to compromise the motor for more features when in the market for a cheap vacuum. Choosing a vacuum with a better motor is better than one with extra features. 

    However, the strength of the motor you should purchase also depends on your use. If you use your vacuum for small tasks, you don’t need a powerful motor. By choosing a less powerful motor, you can also save money. If your tasks are extensive, you should choose a vacuum with a more powerful motor so that its cleaning abilities are top-notch. 


    The vacuum you choose should have the best possible filtration system. This feature is essential because it separates the dirt, dust, and allergens from the air a cleaner sucks in. 

    The best filters are HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air), which remove around 99.97% of all dust and allergens. These filters are so efficient that they can also capture mold, bacteria, pollen, and other airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filter vacuums are perfect for those with allergies as they can capture most allergens from surfaces they are used on. These allergens are then deposited into the dustbin.

    Battery Life

    If you are hoping to purchase a cheap cordless vacuum, you should consider the battery life. More affordable vacuums do not have long battery lives, but that should not be an issue if you intend to use them for small tasks. If you want to clean larger areas, you may need to charge your battery often. 

    Budget-friendly vacuums rarely come with swappable batteries, so you should consider purchasing a replacement battery that you can use for longer cleaning tasks. You should also take note of the charging time. Most vacuums, cheap or expensive, take a long time to charge. 


    A warranty helps significantly if your vacuum is faulty or breaks. If your device is within the warranty time frame, you can get parts or the whole vacuum replaced. That is why you should ensure that your vacuum’s warranty covers all aspects of the vacuum. 

    Most budget-friendly vacuums come with a 1-3 year warranty, which is why the vacuum you choose should at least have one year of warranty. The longer a warranty is, the more the company believes in its product. Though generally, budget-friendly vacuums have shorter warranty periods. 


    One of the areas where cheap vacuums pale in comparison to expensive ones is attachments. Affordable vacuums don’t have the same amount of extensions. However, you should ensure they come with a few basic ones to make the most of the vacuum. These attachments include the motorized power nozzle, a crevice tool, and a mini turbo brush.

    A motorized power nozzle helps clean carpets efficiently as it can suck up allergens and dust particles. A crevice tool helps clean hard-to-reach spots, such as behind a sofa or dresser, quickly. A mini turbo brush helps get your pet’s hair off upholstery. 

    Corded vs. Cordless

    There are benefits to both kinds of models. A corded vacuum allows you to clean non-stop as it is connected to the power source. You no longer have to fear the battery running out halfway. The motors are also slightly more heavy-duty as they are not restricted by the battery size. 

    Cordless vacuums are also more expensive because of the addition of the battery. However, they allow you the freedom to move wherever you wish without being tethered to a power source. They also offer excellent maneuverability that you can’t replicate with corded vacuums.

    Corded Vacuums Cordless Vacuums
    They can clean non-stop. They allow freedom of movement.
    They are more powerful. They are portable and easy to maneuver.
    They are cheaper than cordless vacuums. A second battery is a solution to their short battery lives. 

    Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap but Effective Vacuum

    Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap but Effective Vacuum

    Pros Cons
    They are much cheaper. They are not very durable and you may have to spend money on repairs.
    They are mostly lightweight and portable. They are not fit for deep cleaning.
    They are much cheaper to replace. You may need to replace them earlier than more expensive models.
    They are excellent for specific jobs. You can not use them for multiple tasks.


    1. How often should you replace a vacuum?

    A vacuum lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years, but you can increase its longevity by maintaining it well. The kind of vacuum you have can also change how much your vacuum lasts. Cheaper vacuums rarely last longer than expensive ones, and you may have to get them repaired more often.

    The best way to increase the longevity of your vacuum is to ensure there are no clogs in the machinery. If you own a cordless vacuum, you should take care of the battery to prevent early deterioration. 

    2. Are bagless or bagged vacuums better?

    Generally, affordable vacuums are bagless because they are easier and cheaper to maintain. Even though bagged vacuums are cleaner and more efficient, they are expensive because you need to change the bag often. 

    3. What should I expect from a budget vacuum? 

    Budget vacuums cut down on additional features like battery indicators, many attachments, etc. However, there are a few basic needs that your budget vacuum should have. These include a powerful motor, a spacious dustbin, and HEPA filters. 

    4. How to clean a vacuum?

    You can clean a vacuum by emptying the vacuum dustbin by releasing its content into the trash can if you have a bagless vacuum. If your vacuum is bagged, you can simply throw away the bag. 

    It is also recommended to use a microfiber cloth to wipe the vacuum. This helps clean fine debris that may have settled into your vacuum. Depending on your model, you may also want to clean or wash the filter. 


    If you are on a budget, many vacuums are available on the market. However, they are not all worth the money. You should be extra vigilant because you don’t want to end up with one that breaks easily and is not powerful enough to pick up dirt and debris. 

    Therefore, you should focus on a few key features when picking up a budget vacuum. These include the price, power, battery life, and attachments. That way, you can buy a vacuum that fits your needs best. 

    If you still can’t decide on what vacuum cleaner to get, our Guide to Picking the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs might help you.


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