Ultimate Guide to Weber Grills

Weber grills are among the most popular ones in America today. They’ve been in the business for over 60 years, starting with the invention of their classic kettle-style grill with a lid. We can now see the Weber name on all manner of grills, including smokers, portable grills, electric grills, and propane gas grills.

The Weber grill offerings can be broken down into several categories, with the complete product range being quite overwhelming. If you’re on the hunt for a Weber grill this time, you’d be assured of getting a quality, durable, and reliable product. Of course, the selection process might be a bit challenging, so we have the following guide to help you out. Here, we’ll be looking at the types of products that Weber offers today as well as some of the top recommended options:

Where to Buy
Weber 441001 Grilling, 36"H x 18"W x 23"D Black
Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black
Weber 14501001 Master-Touch Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black
Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker
Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black
Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill
Weber 18301001 Summit Charcoal Grill, Black
Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill,Black
Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch Black
Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill,Black,14.5" H x 21" W x 12.25" L


The Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

The original grilling product from Weber is still available today, though it’s seen a lot of development and improvements in the past six decades. We have a choice between the 26-inch, 22-inch, and 18-inch models.

The shape of this kettle series is around the same as it was in 1956. There have been a few competent updates as well. Performance-wise, however, this is officially the same grill that George Stephen, a salesman employed by the Weber Brothers Metal Works company, had in mind. It’s weather-proof, sturdy, and allows you to manage the airflow as needed.

All of this is available at a fairly reasonable price, especially when we consider the standard One-Touch cleaning system. There are solid wheels to make a grill more portable and an ash catcher made of aluminum to make the cleanup process much easier.

The Original Kettle Premium

If you’re looking for more features than the basic kettle, Weber provides a premium option as well. You can get the premium kettle model in a 26-inch or 22-inch size. There are three main additional features here; hinged rates, a removable ash catcher, and an inbuilt thermometer in the lid.

As you can imagine, these features make grilling much more convenient than before. The thermometer will let you monitor the inside heat while cooking, while the ginger grate allows you to easily add more fuel when needed.

An additional attraction here is the color choice you get with this particular model. It’s currently one of the only offerings you can get in a variety of shades.

The Master-Touch Kettle


This kettle model is the most advanced of them all. It adds a Gourmet BBQ System, with hinged grates, char-baskets, and a warming rack. While it’s only available in black, it retains all the features of the premium and original kettle models.

Smokey Mountain Smoker


When you want to take your grilling game a step further, it might be a good idea to start with one of the Smokey Mountain Smokers from Weber. These are available in 22-inch, 18-inch, and 14-inch versions, so choose one according to your cooking needs.

This grill is pill-shaped and has a low-lying coal bed with a door for throwing on new coals. It also boasts a water rack with porcelain enameling, all in a bid to keep the inside nicely humid. In case you’d like to move the food close to the heat, you can use the grate underneath the top one.



The Performer comes in a 22-inch size, with three versions available–the standard, the premium, and the deluxe. The components remain the same, with a cooking timer, prep table, and a charcoal starter among the advertised features. If you get the more advanced version, however, you’ll also have a charcoal storage chamber and an electric charcoal starter instead of a gas-powered one.

Ranch Kettle


The Ranch Kettle is one of the largest kettle-shaped grills you can get on the market. It might be impressive, but may not be the choice of every griller out there. In fact, some would say it’s overkill for anyone but a very loyal griller or someone who has to make dozens of burgers in one go. If you have a restaurant setup or something similar, this might be the model to go for.

Summit (Charcoal)


The models available in the category are the Summit Charcoal Grill and the Summit Charcoal Grilling Center. You get several premium features with these models, including one-touch cleaning, a gas-fired charcoal ignition, hinged grates, timers, temperature gauges, and a double-walled construction.

Gas Grills: Spirit


When it comes to gas-powered grills, Weber is right up there with the market leaders. We have the E210 Two-Burner and the E310 Three-Burner versions here as the most affordable of Weber’s gas grills.

All of the gas grills by Weber use a variation of the GS4 grilling system. This includes fuel tubes for proper heat distribution, flavorizer bars, and an ignition system with a 10-year warranty. You can also look forward to side hooks, all-terrain wheels, and prep tables when you get these models. There are also a few size and color choices available, so look around a bit before making your final choice. You can also check out the 5 best gas Weber grills for more detailed information.



There are several models available under this category, with different color, fuel source, storage space, and size options. You get all the basics available in the Spirit series along with additional features like a heating rack, porcelain enameling, and a side table burner.

If you’re planning to grill full meals rather than small, individual dishes, the Genesis is a better option than any Spirit model. Check out the Genesis E-330 grill review for more details.  For full reviews and comparisons of Weber Spirit vs Genesis, you can check it out at MyKitchenCapers.

Summit (Gas)


Weber also offers a gas model that’s as rich in features as their charcoal-powered models. You get around six burgers, automatic lights, BTUs, and whatever you can find in the Genesis models. If you’re a fan of nighttime grilling, the Summit grill might be the best option yet.

Smokey Joe


Moving on to the portable grills, the first in line is Weber’s Smokey Joe. It’s available in a 14-inch size, with both standard and premium versions. You have the ash catch on its base and the airflow dampers on its life. The premium model only has a difference of a few dollars, while giving us a place to hold the lid in return. Overall, you can grill around five burgers at a time with this option.

Jumbo Joe


The 18-inch Jumbo Joe is technically a larger version of the Smokey Joe. You get a few more inches for grilling, so consider this if you love the Smokey Joe but have a lot of grilling to do on a regular basis.

The Go-Anywhere Grill


With this grill, Weber is taking a shot at a portable option outside of the usual spherical zone. This grill’s legs fold on its lid and make it a little more portable. However, this is still Weber we’re talking about, so the weight is considerable.

In this case, the 14 pounds of this grill will be hard to carry in most situations. You may want to reserve this one for car camping or something similar. Here’s a comparison of the go-anywhere grill and the Smokey Joe to clear things up further.



There are several models available in the Q-series from Weber grills. You have two electric options and one natural gas-powered model as well (though the latter is not portable). The rest are powered by propane, so make your decision carefully.

Overall, we can expect a Q-series Weber grill to have a rust-proof body, enameled cast iron grates, and a cast aluminum material.

This is also one of the few Weber grill options that come in several color options. Some models will have folding side tables and higher power levels, which will result in higher prices too.

The Best Weber Grills

The best Weber grill for you will depend on your own experience, needs, and requirements for grilling food. Still, online reviews and feedback show that the top-rated models include the Weber Genesis E-310, the Weber Genesis Special Edition SE-330, and the Weber Summit S-670.

The Weber Genesis E-310 is a veritable workhorse. It’ll give you an excellent all-rounder performance. If you have a medium-sized family with a love for grilled food, this is one of the most economical options to date.

The Weber Genesis Special Edition SE-330 comes with a few color options, three burners, a sear station, and many more of the top Weber features. A handle light gives you ease when grilling at night.

The Weber Summit S-670 has a lovely stainless-steel body and loads of space for your cooking. The patented ignition system, infrared rotisseries, and 11,000 BTU heat are just a few features that highly recommend this model.