Ultimate Guide to Char-Broil Grills

A classic example of outdoor food is grilled meat. Whether it be grilled salad, grilled cheese, grilled pizza, grilled seafood all are the best when it comes to having it on a candlelight dinner. Char-Broil was a brand, in 1948. They brought their first charcoal grill to the grill market. Char-Broil grills made grilling easier, faster, and affordable and are a source to gather families and friends together for dinner. Grills are the best to use when it comes to backyard summer dinner. Char-Broil is the best and well-known for its best grills, covers, and other accessories.

Char-Broil’s History

Charcoal grills are a gift for America given by Char-Broil at a time when cooking outdoors was not common. Grilling in the backyard was quickly turned into a new leisure time opportunity. Char-Broil CB940 was recognized as the world’s best BBQ grill and it was recognized by the Book of Bests in 1984. Char-Broil is a brand that is a well-known manufacturer of electric outdoor grills and smokers.

Char-Broil was founded in 1948 that is 72 years ago. Char-Broil 19 also called CB19 was the first cast iron charcoal grill on the market. Char-Broil increased the mass production of gas grills in 1960 due to increased demand for home grills. In 1980, Char-Broils started selling grill parts to its consumers which included easy-to-clean materials, newly painted grillers, and some new electronic ignition systems. In 2001-2002, Char-Broils were given the Editors Choice award for their outstanding achievement in new design products and innovation. The Silver Award winner in barbecue was given to Char-Broil by Home Channel news. Char-Broil is more about grilling, smoking, and roasting.

Popular Char-Broil Products

1. Char-broil Analog Electric Smoker

Char-broil Electric smokers have the best insulating chamber with a wood chip box built inside them, which is the center of attention. It gives the best smoky flavored taste to the food by maintaining an even temperature. Char-broil analog electric smoker is powered by 1200-watt of the heating element. The analog electric smoker has a 544 sq. cooking surface. The wood chip box only needs to be filled twice a week for regular cooking.

2. Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

The char-broil oil-less turkey fryer can be used to fry whole turkey, chicken and can also roast up to about 16 pounds. There is also a front-access grease tray, which makes it easy to clean it up. Oil-less turkey fryers are powered by liquid propane and have 16,000 BTUs cooking power. It also has a 1-year limited warranty. Oil-less turkey fryers have TRU infrared cooking technology, which makes cooking easy and keeps the cooking process clean. In short, the oil-less turkey fryer gives crispy skin, juicy meat without extra calories.

3. Large Charcoal Barrel Grill

The large charcoal barrel grill has 568 square inches of primary cooking space. Large charcoal barrel grill has cast-iron grates with high durability and high heat searing. It also has a built-in cool-touch spring handle, which keeps the hand safe from the heat. The extra workspace is provided by the large side shelf, which makes cooking much easier and faster.

4. Non-stick Grill Basket

Char-broil grillers are also very famous for their cooking accessories, and a non-stick grill basket is one of those accessories. The non-stick grill basket is used to grill shrimps, veggies; it also prevents them from falling through the grill grates. There is a basket lock also present which secures the food from falling. There is a wooden handle also present which remains cool and makes it easy for handling. The non-stick grill basket has a great cooking performance.

5. Safer Grill Brush

Char-Broil brushes are safer metal wire-bristle brushes for cleaning the grill. These are red-colored nylon brushes that look attractive to the eyes. It is used to clean grill grates and makes it possible for a grill to last longer than usual. There is also a scraper blade attached which makes it easy to use and makes it easy to remove the carbon deposits. It has increased cleaning ability and it is recommended to use when the grill is cooled down. It also has a hook to hang when it is not in use. The nylon bristle brushes are 5X thicker which increases its visibility. It is also laboratory tested and it ensures no breakage of the handle or fallout for durability. It’s present in red and black. It has high performance and it is highly-recommended and demanded as well.

Char-Broil Grills: Buying Considerations

Picking the right grill for yourself means that the buyer should be very careful in deciding the price, fuel type, style, and extra looking features.

1. Fuel Type

Fuel type mostly depends upon the cooking style and convenience level. Liquid Propane is the most popular and portable fuel choice for grills. However, Liquid propane and natural gas both can be used for grills, so the buyer doesn’t have to choose right away.

2. Grill Size

The size of the grill may vary from small to medium-sized grills. Grills in 400-500 square inches are enough for most people. Before buying the char-broil products, the buyer should make sure of all the necessary things related to the products like they should make sure that the griller maintains moderate heat without burning food. Make sure to check the temperature range that it can go high enough to cook a steak and slow enough to cook ribs.

3. Burner Quantity

This is an important consideration to make as grills with a higher number of burners make it easy to regulate temperatures for various cooking methods. Moreover, the bigger the grill’s surface, the more burners the better (to ensure the heat is evenly dispersed). It’s worth mentioning that grills with more burners generally cost more regardless of their brand.

4. Aesthetic

Remember to buy a griller that is convenient for yourself and is easy to use. The griller should also be good looking and stylish. Traditional black grillers are mostly the center of attention.

5. Surface Area

Who do you plan to cook for? Is it just your family or a gathering of friends at your home? Choose a grill with a large cooking surface for the latter. For a few people, you should be able to make do with something around 180 square inches.

Where to Buy
Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill


Top-Selling Char-Broil Grills

1. Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

300 2-burner Cabinet liquid propane gas is a stainless griller. This is smaller than a 4-burner but provides heat at 24,000 BTU. A 300 square inches primary cooking space is present which improves cooking as well. The grill also has strong casters that can be locked to prevent movement at the time of use of the grill. There is a lid also present which helps in heat control of the grill and gives a delicious taste to the food. The lid also maintains the optimum temperature range and prevents the food from burning.

2. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Tru-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Grill2Go is a perfect grill for travelers which is easy to accompany anywhere. This grill can be taken anywhere to the parks, beaches, and more. There is no flare-up TRU-infrared cooking system. The grill also contains a frame with legs and also carries handles. The food cooked in this griller is cooked evenly and the food is not dry and tasteless.

3. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This grill contains three stainless steel burners that give the best cooking performance. Porcelain-coated steel is present which gives very good coverage over the grilling area. Due to its size, it is very easy to clean. It is loved for its portable size which is a highlight of an outdoor event. Its lid also provides optimum cooking temperatures for best grilling results. It is a very portable grill due to 2 tires which makes it easy to move on grass or any type of floor.

4. Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This Cabinet Grill comes with 24,000-BTU power and it has 2 burners of 24,000-BTU. It has 300 square inches of cooking space and also has porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. There are large metal side shelves that offer preparation space and extra workspace. Sauces and side dishes can also be prepared on the side burner. It comes with an electronic ignition system and a large handle. The Swing-away rack is found for extra working space and more convenience. This may be the Char-Broil grill that the user may be looking for.


Char-Broil is famous for its grills with the highly efficient performance of all grills, smokers, fryer, and other accessories as well. Above is a complete guide to buying a Char-broil grill and all their best selling products which can be the best for a backyard night dinner of grilled food with family and friends. This guide will be helpful to all buyers in all the possible ways.