Top Life Hacks to Stay Cool During Summer


    Sure, summers mean the fun-filled beach trips and pool parties, but they also accompany excessive sweating from head to toe. This year, beat the heat with these cool life hacks that will make summer a lot more bearable and cooler.

    Get yourselves ready for beating the heat and not letting it take a toll on your mood. Let the temperatures rise, and mercury go berserk while you cool yourself off with these awesome life hacks:

    Air Circulation

    blooming white and yellow daisy flowers near a brown teapot beside a desk fan on the table

    Now, this is one of the most ingenious ideas to have your whole house filled with air and keep it circulating. This hack works best if you have windows on opposite sides of your house. Open all the windows and keep a fan facing inward on the window that has a strong air coming through. Now, on the opposite window place another fan that is facing outward.

    This placement of the fans in front of the open windows will create a heavy flow of air inside the house. The fan placed inward will suck the air coming through the window and throw it in the room, while the fan on the opposite window will suck the air towards it; thus creating a wind tunnel.

    Fan Circulation 

    a ceiling fan rotating

    If you have ceiling fans in your home, then make sure they rotate counter-clockwise during hot days. Counter-clockwise motion helps push the air downward – cooling the surroundings. On the other hand, the clockwise spinning motion pushes the air upward.

    Hot Water Bottle Hack 

    a red hot water bottle

    When the hot weather becomes unbearable, get your hot water bottle out and fill it with ice-cold water. You can use this cold compress for bringing down your body temperature. Keep the ice-cold water bag on your ankles or knees as they have more exposed veins, and can help in bringing down body temperature rapidly.

    Chill Your Lotion  

    a woman putting some lotion on her hand

    While for many, the lotion is meant to be kept away in summer. However, if you have super dry skin that does not leave you alone even in summers, then you would know what ordeal it is to apply lotion in already-sweating weather. The best way to apply lotion is by simply refrigerating it. This practice will cool your skin off when you apply the cold lotion.

    Workout Beside Water

    a woman doing yoga exercise under the sun on a beach

    Oceans, seas, and lakes tend to have lower heat in the areas surrounding them. So, if you are all determined to do a workout even in the sultriest weather, then choose to do it beside a lake or sea. Our body temperature is bound to jump up high when we are rigorously working out. Doing so on a beach, or near a river or lake can help tune down the heat a little bit.

    Damp Sheet To The Rescue

    a casement window of an apartment

    Opening windows in summer is like letting your house become a sauna – burning with the hot winds coming through the windows. With this life hack, use the winds to your benefit and hang a damp sheet in front of the open window. The dampness of the sheet will cool the air passing through it, and you will feel the temperature of your house going down in a little while.

    Peppermint Spray 

    a bottle of peppermint oil spray

    Just like drinking water while chewing a mint gum makes the water feel ice cold, peppermint spray helps cool off our bodies instantly. The menthol in peppermint helps give a cool feeling which is not less than a blessing on days when your body is burning like a furnace.

    Just add a few drops of peppermint oil in water and store the mixture in the fridge in a spray bottle. Or you can get a bottle of peppermint oil spray from Amazon. Whenever you are feeling off due to the hot weather, just spray on the cold peppermint and feel fresh as a daisy.

    Surround Yourself With Plants 

    a corner in a house dedicated to indoor plants

    One of the best long-term life hacks to beat the heat in summer season is to plant trees strategically. Trees, bushes, and various plants around your house will help keep the temperatures down. You can opt for beautiful indoor plants and dedicate a corner in your house for them (just like in the picture above) where the sunlight comes directly.

    These indoor plants won’t just help in regulating the temperature inside your house but also provide fresh air to breathe.

    Aloe Vera Cubes 

    Aloe Vera gel in a glass container

    One thing summer brings along, besides the constant sweating and damp weather, is the extreme sunburns that leave your skin in an abysmal condition. Prepare ahead to beat the sunburns with aloe Vera frozen cubes. Get a bottle of Aloe Vera gel and an ice cube tray. Fill up the ice cube tray with Aloe Vera gel and keep it in the freezer.

    Apply these ultra-cool aloe cubes to tend to your sunburnt skin. The Aloe Vera gel helps in healing your skin organically.

    DIY Cold Compress 

    a woman relaxing her skin using a sponge

    When the sun beats you down, cool yourself in an instant with a frozen sponge. For this life hack, take a fresh sponge and soak it in water. Put it in a sealed bag and place it in the freezer. When the sun is mercilessly scorching, lie down and place this cold compress on your forehead. This trick cools you down without taking a bath or soaking yourself in the pool.

    Use a Mini Fan

    a portable battery-powered fan on a table

    When the sun is harsh, and you are sweating like crazy, never give a thought or two to what people will think about you keeping yourself cool. Keep a mini fan with you for when the times get hot. Why use a mini fan? Because you can’t just take your home’s pedestal fan everywhere you go. A portable battery-powered fan is a great option to go for.

    Easiest Slush 

    two glasses of red and yellow slush on a wooden table

    Prepare for the summer beforehand and stock up your freezers with yummy slush. Freeze up juices of your choice and voila! You are all prepared to end a hot, tiring day with a refreshing slush.

    DIY Sprinkler For Some Summer Fun 

    DIY Sprinkler For Some Summer Fun 

    Who does not love to play water games in the backyard to overcome the heat? You can easily make a super cheap sprinkler for your garden. Take a 2-liter water bottle and poke a few holes in it. Attach the bottle to the garden pipe and secure it with tape. There you go! You have the easiest and quickest sprinkler to have some fun times with your friends or family.

    DIY Air Conditioner 

    a fan placed on the floor

    Do not fret if you have to endure summer this year without an air conditioner. You can make a simple DIY air conditioner for your room for those unbearably sweaty nights. The things you will need are a frozen water bottle and a small fan. Place the frozen bottle in front of the fan and let the cool air lower the temperature of the room. A small fan, like in the picture, would work great!

    Although this DIY air conditioner won’t make your room as cool as an actual AC would, it is worth a shot in hot summer days.

    Final Words

    While the whole summer season is harsh, some days are sweltering, sweaty, and insufferable. The list of top life hacks is the ultimate solution for making this season easier for you to endure. Be it a DIY air conditioner or a refreshing slush you should try these life hacks to keep yourself cool and maintain your sanity, because who does not go bonkers when Mr. Sun decides to be hotter and harsher?


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