Top 30 Adventure Books for Children


    Children and adventure go hand in hand. If you are looking for books that your child will absolutely love reading, then you have arrived at the best place possible. Through this article, we will give you all the information that you need before picking the best adventure book for your child. So without wasting much breath let us dive right into it.

    1. Operation Golden Llama

    Operation Golden Llama (Cousins In Action) (Volume 1)

    Written by Sam Bond, Operation Golden LIama is a real page-turner. The story revolves around five cousins who, after a surprising turn of events, find themselves in Peru accompanied by their grandmother and a very unlikely pet sitter. It’s in Peru they find that this summer is unlike any other and the adventure has just begun.

    Born and raised in a small village in England, Sam Bond moved to the states twenty years ago. She is an award-winning, bestselling author of The Cousins in Action series for young children and The Puccini Connection. She currently resides in Texas and lives with her two daughters.

    2. The Pirate’s ooty.

    The Pirate's Booty

    Set in a parallel universe, the Pirate’s Booty takes its readers on a unique journey where the protagonist finds himself on a pirate ship in an altogether new world and gets mistaken for a rude cannon boy. Stuck with an eccentric ship captain, a talking macaw, and a ruthless ship crew, Angus must use all his intelligence to set the two worlds right.

    The Inventor in Training is a wonderful series written by D.M.Darroch. The author has significant work in the field of adventure, science, and nature and is recognized widely for her astounding stories for young minds.

    3. Remarkable


    The apparently unremarkable and not-special-at-all Jane Doe finds herself ignored in a world of completely remarkable and gifted people. But when these extraordinarily talented people are set against a lake monster, a pirate, and the mischievous Grimlet twins, Jane finally gets to showcase her capabilities. With the fear of being exposed for who they really are, the extraordinary act outlandish and the average marks the day in a series of adventures.

    Lizzie K. Foley, an educationist, was trained at Harvard and has worked as a story developer in the film industry. She marks the beginning of her writing career with a humorous and delightful piece, Remarkable, that clicks instantly and influences remarkably.

    4. Return to Canterbury

    Return to Canterbury

    This sequel to the Christmas Village reunites the thirteen-year-old Jamie with his companions Kelly and Christopher in the past. He time travels back to Canterbury in 1932 once again, to find out the truth behind his father’s disappearance. But Lady Fortune holds some more thrill, suspense, and action for him in mind, as he unravels the mystery of the burning fields and Jim Gordon’s evil plans.

    With an award-winning first part, this sequel is everything Mellissa Goodwin ever wanted to write about since her childhood: time travel, mystery, camaraderie, danger, an idyllic landscape, and amazing endearing people around.

    5. Tortoise Soup

    Tortoise Soup

    A book for all ages, the Tortoise Soup shows us how friendship and love have no boundaries. It takes us on a journey where we see a girl trying to get back to her best friend who is a tortoise and the tortoise trying to get back to its best friend. They both face a villain in the form of a witch who wants to capture the tortoise and cook her in a soup to cast her evil magic spell.

    Dubbed as the new Roald Dahl, Nick Holland is a master storyteller in the kid’s genre. Born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Nick developed a love for the books of Raymond Chandler and soon came up with his own masterpiece The Girl on the Bus, which is the fifth most downloaded book on kindle in the whole of the United Kingdom. His love for tortoises made him follow the footsteps of Roald Dahl and write a similar book.

    6. Jack Hunter – Secret of the King

    Jack Hunter - Secret of the King

    Things take a drastic turn in Jack’s miserable life when he finds a century-old key to an ancient secret. Full of villains, secret passages, dungeons, and mystery, Jack Hunter- Secret of the King has everything that will keep your child glued to the book.

    British Emmy award-winning writer, Martin King is also a celebrated historian and a historical consultant.

    7. Jason, Lizzy and the Snowman Village 

    Jason, Lizzy and the Snowman Village: Jason and Lizzy s Legendary Adventures (Volume 1)

    After Jason and Lizzy’s family move out and they are left stranded with very few options to have fun, they make a wish upon a star for snow and soon realize they are in for a big adventure. On this journey they make new friends, travel places never heard of before, and find themselves in a new environment altogether.

    Charity Kountz is the award-winning author of the legendary Jason and Lizzy adventure series. She is also the host of Writer’s Roundtable podcast where they help young writers tackle their problems. Her work includes fiction and non-fiction both and she writes for basically all audiences and all platforms.

    8. Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble (Book 1): A YA Time Travel Adventure 

    Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble (Book 1): A YA Time Travel Adventure

    Noah Zarc is up against an Old Enemy who is responsible for the sudden disappearance of his parents. Noah is no ordinary child and belongs to the Zarc Family that is trying to repopulate the Earth after an apocalypse. Nothing goes as planned and the future of humanity and all hopes of the world rely on Noah.

    Dr. Robert Pease has won various awards for his writings in the genre of science and fiction. A graphic designer by trade, a philosopher at heart, and a story weaver by love, Pease never fails to mesmerize his readers with mind-boggling themes and adventures.

    9. Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye (Geronimo Stilton #1)

    Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

    In the world of Geronimo Stilton, Adventure never dies. In the latest release, he is on a treasure hunt that is associated with, of course, a mysterious map and a faraway island. For treasure hunt lovers, this book will be a roller coaster ride. It will give your child enough adrenaline rush and keep them on the edge of their seats.

    Elisabetta Dami is an Italian novelist. When she discovered she cannot have children of her own, Elisabetta started giving time to a children’s hospital. She wanted to make children laugh and for that purpose created a character out of thin air named Geronimo, a clumsy mouse who does stupid things and makes the audience laugh. Since then her books have been translated into a lot of languages and she is a popular name among children.

    10. Clementine (Clementine, 1) 

    Clementine (Clementine, 1)

    A book for children of age 7-10 years, Clementine is about a girl who always finds herself in a lot of trouble. Sometimes it is because she cut a student’s hair. Other times, it is because her friend Margret is not speaking to her. To accompany Clementine on her troublesome life you should definitely read this book.

    Residing in Massachusetts, Sara Pennypacker is the creator of Clementine and other books with the same character. She has two grown children and was a painter before she started writing. Other books by her include the series on Stuart.

    11. Welcome Home

    Welcome Home

    If your child loves their Pet Dog, this is the perfect book for them. Welcome Home is about Jake, a labrador retriever mix that dreams of being adopted by a very caring owner. However, his dream turns into a living nightmare when he gets adopted by a man who treats him terribly. If you want your child to be a part of the adventures Jake sets on, this is the perfect book.

    It was probably her experience as a veterinarian that enabled Dr. Bili Tiner to write such a heartwarming tale about a dog. She also has three pet dogs, three cats, and a family to care for. Apart from these, her love for college football and gardening is never-ending.

    12. Sonrise Stable: Rosie and Scamper

    Sonrise Stable: Rosie and Scamper

    Written by Vicki Watson and Illustrated by Janet Griffin-Scott, this book is the first in the Sonrise Stable series. It talks about family love, trust in God, and a girl’s love for riding and her pony. Rosie and Scamper lead us on a journey where they show how life presents a challenge every day and how we should never give up and have trust in God.

    A web designer and computer engineer by trade, Vicki Watson developed her love for horses at the young age of 8. It was her teenage neighbor who introduced her to her first-ever horse and since then she could never give up on her love for the animal. Sonrise stable series is inspired by her love for horses and her faith In God.

    13. The Adventures of Tomato and Pea Book 1: A Bad Idea 

    The Adventures of Tomato and Pea Book 1: A Bad Idea

    Erik Weibel finds a new way to talk about the Planet Earth we live on. Adventures of Tomato and Pea revolve around Wintergreen, an evil villain who is trying his best to stop the most efficient crime-stopper ever, Tomato, as well as Pea. However, they, unfortunately, get stuck on the plant EAR-TH. This tells a story of how they survive against all the challenges on this strange planet where almost everyone wants to eat them.

    Born in 2001, Erik is a young author who loves to read and write. From a very young age, he published his book reviews in a local newspaper and always wanted to have his own book published. By the age of eleven, he had his first book published and soon was working on his next book Kissed by an Angel.

    14. Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen

    Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen

    Unlike the life of an average ten-year-old girl, Liberty Frye’s life soon gets enveloped into an unforeseen adventure. After a cryptic note arrives at her place from a distant relative, she finds herself in a strange land with old retired witches, talking bats, and two old-world war pilots. With time, things keep on turning stranger and soon, Liberty discovers the biggest secret of her life.

    J.L. McCreedy is a traveler at heart and the one thing other than traveling that she loves is writing. She wants to write all the time whether it’s a blog about her recent traveling adventures or a book series like the Liberty Frye. She currently resides in an old mountain house in New Hampshire with her husband and is mostly seen traveling around.

    15. Skycastle, the Demon, and Me: Book 1 in the Skycastle series

    Skycastle, the Demon, and Me: Book 1 in the Skycastle series

    If your child loves stories about demons, castles, mysteries, and adventures, then this is the perfect book you should get them. Andy Mulberry’s protagonist Jack gets a lot more than he asked for when he orders a demon straight from the underworld. The story takes its readers on an adventure where the demon Brink and Jack both find their lives intertwined.

    This book is written by Andy Mulberry who lives in southern California with her teenage son and a pet cat.

    16. The Ultimate Treasure Quest I: The Jewel of Peru

    The Ultimate Treasure Quest I: The Jewel of Peru

    A journey that involves pirates, time travel and lost treasures is the fantasy of every child. This masterpiece by Sharon Skretting is exactly all of this and much more. It’s the journey of a young captain Cristopher who is looking for a lost treasure, his parents, and fighting against an evil pirate gang simultaneously. To find out if he succeeds in his mission, you should definitely read the book.

    Sharon Skretting is a teacher by profession and a writer at heart. She loves writing adventure-filled thrillers that keep her readers glued to the book.

    17. The Magic Warble

    The Magic Warble

    Kristina sets on a magical journey when she receives a surprising gift as a Christmas present, a magic warble that transports her into a strange land of elves, dwarfs, and fairies ruled by an evil queen. Soon Kristina finds out she is the one supposed to save this place and sets afoot on this perilous mission. Accompanied by her fairy friends and other various characters, Kristina is on a war against evil and also against her own self.

    Inspired by R.C Sproul and C.S Lewis, Victoria Simcox likes to write adventures and tales for young children. She is an elementary school teacher as well and loves to paint and write in her free time.

    18. Shadow of the Unicorn, The Deception

    Shadow of the Unicorn, The Deception

    A book about unicorns is what all of us want to get our hands on, especially the children. In the Shadow of the Unicorn, Suzanne tells a story about a young unicorn who is on a mission to save its herd from extinction and stands up against its evil leader who threatens them with an evil invisible being. Soon, our young unicorn discovers how humans are a threat to their existence and the book goes on to talk about the unicorn’s adventures while surviving those threats.

    Suzzane de Montigny won a Gold Global E-Book Award for this book and is a celebrated author in the literature world. She wrote her first book when she was a teenager and the novel went on to win the Dante Rossetti award for the best coming of age novel.

    19. Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask

    Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask

    The first book of the Amanda Series Is a must-read for all children of eight and above. The story revolves around a girl who unexpectedly gets her birthday wish fulfilled when she finds herself in the United Arab Emirates. On a journey in a dangerous desert with a princess and other wonderful friends, Amanda learns how life can change in the blink of an eye.

    Born and brought up on a ranch, Darlene Foster saw her dreams to become a popular writer turn into reality when she won various awards for her Amanda Travels series. Darlene loves traveling and usually writes about her experiences when she visits new places and meets new people.

    20. Igraine the Brave

    Igraine the Brave

    Igraine wakes up to a surprise on her twelfth birthday. Osmund the greedy has taken over and her parents have turned themselves into pigs by magic. Igraine must find a way to bring her parents back and make sure everything is back to normal.

    Cornelia Funke is one of the most famous and beloved children’s writers. She is the author of various books which include The Thief Lord, Inkheart, the Ghosthunters series, Inkspell, When Santa Fell to Earth, Dragon Rider, and Igraine the Brave.

    21. Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer (The Adventures of Prince Iggy Book 1)

    Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer (The Adventures of Prince Iggy Book 1)

    Iggy is a lonely boy who is often bullied in his school. He longs to be liked by others and wants to be friends with a particular girl. When a magic spell casts Iggy out of the school and he tries to escape from his miserable life, Iggy finds out that the cruel King Naysayer wants Iggy to be captured soon. Iggy and his adventures speak about how life presents you with problems and how one should tackle them.

    Aldo Fynn writes adventurous colorful books for his audience and sheds light on real-life lessons for his readers who are mostly young children.

    22. Lionel’s Grand Adventure, Book 1: Lionel and the Golden Rule

    Lionel's Grand Adventure, Book 1

    A book filled with magic that makes every child want the same for them. The protagonist Lionel is not on good terms with his brother and mother but things change for good when he finds a magic charm in his closet. Together with the magic charm and his own wit, Lionel sets out to fulfill his dreams and save the world.

    Paul R. Hewlett is a US airforce vet and the author of the grand adventure series. Lionel’sGrand Adventure is his first book of this series. He wants to instill values in children through his books but also provide them enough entertainment so that they don’t get bored.

    23. Queendom (The Portal Series Book 3)

    Queendom (The Portal Series Book 3)

    Queendom is a land of strange creatures where joops, Raffies, ochocuernos, sluggers, the legendary “Gulper”, and other living creatures such as the battle bunnies and swans live. Max and Laura are transported into this strange land where their stuffed crab toy also comes to life. Things start to get difficult and adventurous with every passing minute for the brother and sister duo.

    D.J Kirkby is the author of various books including The Portal Series. She lives in a house that is mostly inhabited by males and she writes to help her keep sane. Her other works include Without Alice, My Dream of You,Special Deliveries: Life-Changing Moments, and My Mini Midwife.

    24. The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis

    The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis 

    Amanda and her classmate are chosen as the timekeepers for the lost continent Atlantis while they are serving their punishment time in the school backyard. Things turn out to be dangerous when they find out that the history of the world relies on them now. Will they be able to find Robbin hood and his gang of robbers or will they history change forever?

    Sharon Ledwith lives in Ontario and is the author of the timekeeper series for young adults. She is also the author of the teen psychic mystery series, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls.

    25. The Shadow of Atlantis (Shadows from the Past Book 1)

    The Shadow of Atlantis (Shadows from the Past Book 1)

    Jemimah and Joe are surprised when they find out that their parents have suddenly disappeared. They must find them where they are and bring them back. Soon they learn that the secret to finding them is in an old book that enables them to time travel to Atlantis. These children have a lot of work on their hands now as they must save Atlantis from destruction, find their parents, and return back safely.

    Wendy Leighton-Porter is an award winner of various medals such as a gold and silver medal in the Children’s Literary Classics Book Awards 2018, and a bronze in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2019. She is a graduate of Exeter University and spent twenty years teaching Latin, French, and Classical studies before she turned to write her time travel adventure series which is one of the most-read children series around the world.

    26. Bekka of Thorns

    Bekka of Thorns

    In the world of Boad, no one is encouraged to leave the hedge dwellers’ place but Bekka and Karro have other plans. Both misfits among their clan, set out on a journey on their own in the Woeful Wanderers’ Wasteland to find the Lost City of Rumin and the identity of their parents.  Will they be able to do this is yet to be found out. Filled with magic, new ideas, and a lot of adventure this is the perfect book for young adults.

    Steve Shilstone is the creator of this wonderful book and to be real, he is just a common man with extraordinary writing abilities. A degree in anthropology speaks of his intelligence and he reflects it in his work.

    27. Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk

    Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk

    Jack and Anabella embark on an adventure when they find a way to travel to the giant kingdom in the clouds through the beanstalk. They discover how everything has an element of fun attached to it in this new place, but they must stick to their mission. They must get back from the Giant King their most valuable asset that he has stolen. Will Jack and Anabelle be able to do this? Find out.

    Liesl Shurtliff is an award-winning author for children’s books and has various books which include RUMP, JACK, RED, and GRUMP, all part of the Fairly True Tales series from Knopf Random House.

    28. The Amazing Adventures of Chilly Billy

    The Amazing Adventures of Chilly Billy

    Peter Mayle always comes up with amazing mind-blowing ideas and the same is true for this book. Chilly Billy lives in the Refrigerator and has a pretty adventurous life in the cold box. For every child out there with a vivid imagination, this is an ideal book

    Peter Mayle is was awarded the Légion d’Honneur for his cultural contributions and has over sixteen books to his name including this one. He is well known for his writing abilities and can do wonders with the pen for children.

    29. Dog Trots Globe – To Paris & Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France) 

    Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France)

    For a child that loves Dogs, this is an ideal book. Join Chula, on a journey across Paris, wanders around the most iconic city in the world, and has the time of her life. For a child that loves Travelling but can never visit Paris, this book will not make you fell away from the city and show you around like a tour guide but from a dog’s perspective.

    Sheron Long along with her 9-year-old Dog is the creator of this amazing Dog travels book. She herself visited Paris at an early age as a student and since then has fallen in love with the city.

    30. The Boy Who Flew with the Eagles

    The Boy Who Flew With Eagles (Mythic Adventure Collection Book 1)

    Suitable for kids aged 5 to 11 years, The Boy Who Flew with the Eagles is a story about a young boy who must face a challenge to help save his people and other living beings from starvation. In this time of hunger, the fate of the world rests on his shoulders. The story is filled with action and adventure and has illustrations.

    The writer, Ben Woodard, is a retired adventurer, who after living a life of great adventure, now writes adventure and mystery tales for young children.


    We hope this list helps you in selecting the best book for your child according to what he or she loves to read, how they imagine things, and what their interests are. We hope we made your work a little easy to help make your child enjoy and learn from the best writers available in the genre for your child.


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