Top 30 Fantasy Books Kids Will Love


    Kids love stories of all kinds. But what they love most are magical tales that take them into lands where everything is possible. One of the best ways to give flight to the imagination of young children is to let them get lost in a world of fairies, witches, mystical creatures, and magic spells and curses. We have brought together a list of 30 fantasy books that your kids will surely love.

    Let us dive into the list!

    1. Creepers Mysteries: Toadies

    Creepers Mysteries: Toadies

    The second book in the Creepers Mysteries series, Toadies is a story about Harry, his sister Gillian, and his friend Arvin. The kids are visiting the woods one day, where they end up breaking a spell that had locked an evil witch in a tree. The book is good for reading aloud to children at bedtime and will keep them hooked on to the story as it is full of suspense and thrill. It is also a bit scary, so we won’t recommend it for children younger than 6 years of age.

    Its author is Connie Kingrey Anderson, who also wrote the book Haunted Cattle Drive.

    2. The Mystery of the Headless Horse

    The Mystery of the Headless Horse (The Three Investigators No. 26)

    Three investigators, Jupiter, Pete, and Bob use an old trailer in the salvage yard as their secret headquarters. The three boys are always solving mysteries and have already earned a name for themselves in the little town in which they live. This time, the mystery that faces them involves a lost sword and a headless horse. The 26th book in the series of The Three Investigators, The Mystery of the Headless Horse is a timeless classic for young children.

    It was originally penned down by William Arden and was later revised by Robert Arthur.

    3. Forbidden Wings: A Mermaid’s Story

    Forbidden Wings: A Mermaid’s Story

    Nadeea, the Mermaid Princess, has lost her parents and other mermaids to the evil Sea Lions. One day, she meets two fairy children and dreams of being blessed with wings. She comes across a Snerg who promises to make her dream come true. Along with her friends, the princess travels to the dangerous Land of the Damselflies and is faced with a difficult choice – wait for her wings or save her parents. Forbidden Wings: A Mermaid’s Story tells a wonderful story filled with many fantastical creatures and interesting characters.

    The book is written by M.C. (Margaret) Arvanitiswho is also the author of the upper-grade series, ‘Hank Of Twin Rivers.’

    4. Magic Kitten, A Summer Spell

    Magic Kitten, A Summer Spell

    Magic Kitten, A Summer Spell relates the story of a white lion cub, Prince Flame, who is escaping from his evil Uncle Ebony who killed his parents and wrongly claimed the Lion Throne. Forced to save his life from his uncle, Flame settles into the human world disguised as an adorable kitten.

    The book is the first in the Magic Kitten series. Each book tells a heart-warming story where Flame meets a different young girl who is in trouble and the pair help each other out. Author Sue Bentley’s easy writing style keeps kids happy and intrigued throughout the adventure.

    5. Dragon Defender

    Dragon Defender (Dragon Defense League) (Volume 1)

    It’s late at night and outside there’s the biggest storm of the year. Peter, a young inventor, is disturbed by an unexpected knock at the door. He opens the door to meet an uncle he never knew had. As the storm rages outside, Uncle Dominick reveals other family secrets to Peter and tells him that he is the last in an ancient line of the “Dragon Defenders.”

    Dragon Defender is a fast-paced, thriller filled read with action, mythical creatures, and a ton of diverse characters. The book is the debut novel of J. A. Blackburn.

    6. How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid

    How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid: Slug Pie Story #2 (Slug Pie Stories Scary Adventure Series for ages 8-12)

    Mick Bogerman is going to mow the lawn of the school’s rich kid in exchange for teaching his little brother how to swim in the kid’s swimming pool. However, he doesn’t know that he will soon have to contain a deadly mermaid who lives in the pool and can turn into anything from a sea monkey to a ravenous, two-legged monster.

    Mick Bogerman, which also happens to be the name of the 12-year old author of How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid, has put together a creative tale filled with danger and occasional tween humor.

    7. Sticks n’ Stones and the Garden of Phea

    Sticks n’ Stones and the Garden of Phea

    10-year-old Emily lives a difficult life with a mother who ignores her, an absent father, and peers who relentlessly bully her. Eventually, she decides to hide away in an old chest in the library. She finds herself transported to a magical garden where she befriends the mysterious Phea and Mr. Tinkle Toes the Rabbit. The friends begin a journey of healing and rediscovering their identity as the history of the magic chest is unveiled.

    Sticks n’ Stones and the Garden of Pheafits under the genre of magical realism. The author, Angela Burkhead, presents a sympathetic tale with underlying lessons about the effects of bullying and the importance of learning to love yourself. It is recommended for girls above 9 years.

    8. The Bifrost Bridge

    The Bifrost Bridge

    The Bifrost Bridge takes the reader away on a legendary adventure set in the Kingdom of Midgard, which remains under the protection of the Norse Gods who reside in the land of Asgard. When two young princesses of Norway and Denmark meet up for summer vacations, they, along with all of Midgard, are unexpectedly put in the center of a battle between the Norse Gods and the trickster God Loki (a shapeshifter who was exiled from Asgard).

    Author James Barley Clarke has written a short story that is filled with princesses, Valkyries, gods, elves, and many other fantasy creatures whose dialogue makes for a captivating read-aloud.

    9. Countryside: The Book of the Wise

    Countryside: The Book of the Wise

    11-year-old Luke’s life is about to change in unimaginable ways when he starts hearing voices in his head and encountering strange men veiled by shadows seeking the “Book of the Wise.” Afraid, his family goes to live with his Grandma and Grandpa in a town called Countryside where Luke and his siblings will discover a world they never knew existed. Countryside: The Book of the Wise is a heart-thumping page-turner steeped in adventure and magical realism.

    The book is written by J. T. Cope IV in a style reminiscent of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.

    10. My Monster Burrufu

    My Monster Burrufu

    Olivia, a seven-year-old girl, moves into a new house that hides a monster in its attic; Burrufu.Oliva is bold and persistent in befriending Burrufu, who is also a very skilled author, and makes close friends with Olivia. However, not everyone is able to look past Burrufu’s monstrous appearance. As her friend is exposed to the public, it is only through Olivia’s loyalty and compassion that Burrufu can be saved.

    Arthur Alberto Corral uses many illustrations in My Monster Burrufuto tell a fantastic tale about kindness and strength of character. We recommend the book for children above 7 years of age.

    11. Storyteller

    Storyteller: The Complete Trilogy

    Lily Lightfoot is a seventh-grader who possesses some magical abilities. As much as she wishes, she cannot make money, or pancakes, appear out of thin air, but when she reads a story, strange things can happen. She lives with her grandmother Gwendolyn and is close to Peter, a friend. She has an ardent desire to be reunited with her mother, and through reading a fantasy book, this desire comes true. However, she thinks her mother is in grave danger and it is she who must save her.

    Written by Lisa Cresswell, Storyteller is a trilogy recommended for kids aged 8 to 18 years who have a fondness for fantastical and adventurous novels.

    12. The Gargoyle in My Yard

    The Gargoyle in My Yard (Lost Gargoyle Book 1)

    Written by PhilippaDowding, The Gargoyle in My Yard is a story about a 12-year-old girl Katherine, who one day discovers that a 400-year-old gargoyle, named Gargoth, has decided to live in their backyard. Gargoth is naughty and can create a mess and get others into trouble for it. But he slowly grows on Katherine’s family and they end up celebrating Christmas together. The question is what the family should do with the gargoyle who is secretly living in their backyard.

    The book is a short and easy read, it is humorous, full of fun and magical realism, but also raises important environmental issues. It is recommended for kids aged 9 to 12 years. It has been nominated for some prestigious children’s literature awards.

    13. A Pair of Docks

    A Pair of Docks (Derivatives of Displacement Book 1)

    This is the first book in a series of four books called The Derivatives of Displacement. The series will be perfect for kids who are a fan of science fiction. It also contains action, adventure, and magic. Abbey is a fourteen-year-old kid who likes performing experiments in the physics lab and learning about deep concepts of physics. Her analytical skills are put to a real test when her brother discovers some magic stones that can transport them to the future and back. The kids have to solve the mystery of the stones while protecting themselves from a man called Mantis.

    A Pair of Docks has been authored by Jennifer Ellis, who is a science fiction and dystopian fiction author for kids and adults.

    14. The Mirror Maze

    Magic Molly Book 1 The Mirror Maze

    The Mirror Maze is the story of a nine-year-old girl Molly, who is the daughter of a witch and a magician. When Molly’s parents disappear during a magic show, Molly finds out it is now up to her to find them and bring them back home. She needs to become a junior witch to be able to rescue them but finds it is not an easy task because the old wand which she has been given has a twist that makes the spells go wrong. Further, her path is made difficult by the tricks and traps of the wizard.

    The Mirror Maze is the first book in a series of eight, called Magic Molly. The creator of the series is Trevor Forest, who has written fifteen books for children.

    15. Spirits of the Sun

    Diego s Dragon, Book One: Spirits of the Sun

    When Diego wins a district-wide writing competition for sixth graders, Nathan Sullivan, an author, gives him the statue of a black, unique dragon as a prize. That is when his life begins to change. The dragon, named Magnifico by Diego, soon transforms into a huge and living dragon who is initially difficult to control. As Diego comes into his true powers, he gains control over the dragon and sets on the journey of a lifetime.

    Filled with adventure, action, and fantasy, the book is perfect for 9 to 12-year-old kids. It will keep them hooked to the plot from beginning to end. Its author is Kevin Gerard.

    16. Scotland’s Guardians

    Scotland’s Guardians

    Bryanna believes she is just an ordinary girl and spends her days doing ordinary things. However, one day, her father is kidnapped, and she finds herself in the magical kingdom of Alba, which is filled with interesting mythical creatures. She wants to rescue her father, and also finds that she has to become a Guardian of the magical world. Accompanying and helping Bryanna is a girl named Kaylee, but can she really be trusted?

    Written by Katharina Gerlach, Scotland’s Guardians is a perfectly magical, adventurous tale of self-discovery that all kids above the age of 10 will absolutely love.

    17. The Aesir Kids

    The Aesir Kids

    Written by a father and daughter duo, The Aesir Kids is perfect for lovers of fantasy series such as Percy Jackson. Drawing on Norse mythology, it features the teenage children of Norse gods and goddesses involved in incredible adventures and the battle between good and evil. The complex plot takes place in both the human world and a magical world and teaches important lessons about loyalty, kindness, and courage.

    The author James Grant Goldin has been writing for television programs running on National Geographic, History Channel, etc. He has also authored the novel The Legendary Adventures of the Pirate Queens.

    18. Things Are Not What They Seem

    Things Are Not What They Seem

    Jenny is almost 13 years old and still too small for her age. One day, while babysitting her 11-year-old brother and his friend in Central Park, she is shocked to find a pigeon talking to her. At first, she thinks she is hallucinating. But she soon finds out that the pigeon is actually a man named Arthur from the 19th century who has been trapped eternally in the body of a pigeon because of misreading a spell.

    The book follows Jenny as she tries to help Arthur go back in time to prevent the misfortune from happening. It is fast-paced, full of humor, adventure, magic, and time-travel. Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks are the authors of this incredible tale.

    19. Miri Attwater and the Ocean’s Secret

    Miri Attwater and the Ocean s Secret (Miri Attwater, Mermaid Princess Adventures) (Volume 1)

    How can you be a bad swimmer who does not enjoy swimming in the deep end of the pool, and still turn out to be a mermaid? Miri cannot believe it when she finds out she is a mermaid. After all, she does not have one of those slimy mermaid tails. Soon, though, she finds herself having to live in the deep sea and learning to navigate life as a mermaid. And, oh, she is also a princess!

    Written by E. S. Ivy, MiriAttwater and the Ocean’s Secret is a charming fantasy tale featuring mermaids, princesses, and the world deep inside an ocean that will be loved by young girls.

    20. The Three Lost Kids & Cupid’s Capture

    The Three Lost Kids & Cupid’s Capture

    Recommended for kids aged 6-9, The Three Lost Kids & Cupid’s Capture is a book about saving Valentine’s Day. When Lexie feels horrible on Valentine’s Day and discovers that so does everyone at school, she and her sisters go on a magical journey to the Home of Cupid, who has been kidnapped. Before they can rescue Cupid and save Valentine’s Day, they have to go through some thrilling adventures. Also, Lexie must learn to love herself just as she is, or she cannot succeed.

    The story has been written by Kimberly Kinrade, who is an award-winning author with many books published in her name.

    21. A Snicker of Magic

    A Snicker of Magic (Scholastic Gold)

    Felicity’s mother never stays at one place for too long. Having lived in 6 different states, when they move to her mother’s hometown Midnight Gulch, Felicity does not want to leave. She soon discovers that the town has some magic in it, but it must be made free of the curse that holds the magic at bay. Felicity herself has special powers, and now she must find a way to restore the town’s magic, fix her mom’s broken heart, and stay in the town she sees as home.

    Recommended for 8-12-year-old kids, A Snicker of Magic has been authored by Natalie Lloyd and has been well-received by critics and audiences alike and has received various distinctions.

    22. Willow Wood

    Willow Wood

    One summer, during a visit to her aunt’s greenhouse, Caitlin discovers that she is part Fairy and also royalty. Not only that, fairies think her responsible for correcting the evil ways of humans that have brought about pollution, animal extinction, and the death of fairies. As Caitlin struggles to hide this secret from her aunt, she finds magic seeping into her daily life. With her special powers, will she be able to save the fairies and revert the damage humans have already caused?

    Laurie Melrose is the author of this fantastical tale, which features adventure and a thoroughly enjoyable and unique magical setting.

    23. Caution: Witch in Progress

    Caution: Witch in Progress

    Gertie is not your typical witch, though she comes from a long line of witches. She does not look like a witch (witches have hooked noses, yellow skin, and warts) and her spells are not really effective. So, her mother enrolls her in a private witch academy, so her skills can be polished. The book revolves around Gertie’s struggles in growing up and learning to do proper magic. In her journey, she makes interesting friends.

    The book is full of humor and magic and will be loved by young children. The author of the book is Lynne North, who has written several books for kids.

    24. The Magician’s Doll

    The Magician’s Doll

    Natalie has special powers, as do others in her town. But things start to change in her life with the arrival of a great magician in the town with the circus. The magician brings a doll to life, and with that Natalie’s troubles start. Her visions tell her that her family and the family of her friend are in danger and that the key to averting that danger lies with the doll. The book is full of thrill and suspense and keeps the reader glued to the pages till the very end.

    The Magician’s Doll is notable for winning several awards. It has been authored by M. L. Roble.

    25. The Wild Ways: Mystery of the Hanging Tower

    The Wild Ways: Mystery of the Hanging Tower

    When the animals who inhabit the Enchanted Island realize that their island is in great danger of being destroyed, they decide to enlist the help of a 10-year-old human boy, Oscar. Later, an FBI agent comes into the fold when he discovers that a 30-year-old suicide was actually a murder. Together, they try to solve a mystery that criminally implicates someone in the highest structures of power in the US. Will the animals be able to solve the mystery and save their home?

    The author Dale A. Swanson has also written the book The Thirty-Ninth Man: A Novel of the 1862 Uprising.

    26. Journey to Pandora’s Jar

    Charis: Journey to Pandora s Jar

    Charis Parks was going about normal life, or well, as normal as life can be when you are a teenager when she was suddenly thrust into a battle between the ancient Greek gods. The spirit of Hope is trapped in Pandora’s Jar, and Charis has to find a way to release it so the unrest, misery, and violence in the world may die down a little. In this battle between good and evil, she is aided by Hermes, Athena, and Nike.

    Nicole Y. Walters is the author of this incredible fantasy book.

    27. Earwig and the Witch

    Earwig and the Witch

    Earwig is an orphan who loves living in the orphanage. Despite being parentless, she has a happy life, but things take a turn for the worse when a witch and the Mandrake come to the orphanage in the disguise of foster parents and take away Earwig. Their house has disappearing rooms, potions, and lots of spells. Earwig, however, is a brave, young girl who decides to take matters into her own hands and learn a bit of magic.

    Written by Diana Wynne Jones and Paul O. Zelinsky, this is a novel about courage, adaptiveness, and creativity.

    28. The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel

    The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 1)

    Who does not love the Percy Jackson books or movies? Robert Venditti now brings the classical book to younger audiences with a graphic novel. The images and the text make the story accessible for younger children who might find the original book intimidating. The protagonist is Percy, a 12-year-old-boy who has become the main suspect for Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt. To ensure peace in the sky, Percy and his friends have just 10 days to find the missing bolt.

    The book has been given life-like illustrations by illustrators Attila Futaki and Jose Villarrubia.

    29. Sam Green and the Whip Eye Great Ones

    WhipEye: (Book 1) (Sam Green and the WhipEye Great Ones) (Volume 1)

    When her mother dies, Samantha’s world comes crashing down. But her love for wildlife keeps her going. One day, though, a 100-year-old parrot asks her to save the world, and she agrees. But the journey is full of monsters and threats. Her only hope is to learn to master the magical staff which Great Beasts are pledged to. Sam has to rise above and have the strength to save the world. Can she do it?

    Written by Geoffrey Saign, this is a wonderful story filled with adventure, action, thrill, and of course, magic!

    30. Bekka of Thorns

    Bekka of Thorns

    Bekka and Karro are misfits among hedge-dwellers. One is called a silly clown whereas the other is known for being always silent. However, both of them are good friends and decide to leave their tunnels and bowers to explore the Woeful Wanderers’ Wasteland. They set out to find the lost city of Rumin – but end up discovering a secret close to home.

    The book is written by Steve Shilstone, who holds a degree in anthropology. He is also the author of Vineyard’s Children.


    Reading fantasy literature is one of the most effective ways of getting children interested in reading. If you have reached the end of the list, chances are you have already chosen a few good books for your child’s next read.


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