Top 10 Children’s Books About Cats


    Cats are adorable, and they can have your attention in seconds. Cats got the love of humans since they were impudent, stubborn, cuddly, and frisky. However, sometimes they may get plain terrible, but many of us still love them. Your cat fever gets a boot by reading pet books. Cats and books are a winning combination.

    Types of Books


    1. Board Books

    It is for babies and toddlers. The topics covered a span from fundamental concepts to simple stories.

    Board books are composed of secure cardboard and are a good option for babies who enjoy tearing pages from books.

    2. Picture Books

    Picture Books, also known as illustration Books, are for children aged two to six. Such books are typically 30-32 pages long. Picture books include drawings that are crucial to the tale. These Books have illustrations drawn by the side of the text. The text is read aloud by the reader while they examine the figures. There are alphabet and counting books in this collection.

    3. Readers Books

    Reader books are for students in kindergarten through second grade. These are books with limited language and sparse graphics. The books are for children beginning to read independently.

    4. Chapter books

    A chapter book, sometimes known as a chapter book, is a storybook written for intermediate readers, usually between the age of 7- 10. A chapter book, unlike picture books, tells the story primarily through words rather than illustrations. The majority of chapter books are moderately long and sophisticated works of fiction

    Board Books

    Picture Books

    Readers Book

    Chapter Books


    Round corners to protect the baby

    The illustrations help children in identifying, shapes and numbers, etc

    Introduction Of readers-helps with brain stimulation

    Introduces kids to new vocabulary and writing styles


    Are expensive

    The illustrations sometimes may set beauty standards

    They may get outdated

    Children find reading books boring these days

    Tips When Choosing a Book 


    1. Choose an Appropriate Level

    When looking for a book, keep the age of your child in mind. Toddlers enjoy repetitions and words that rhyme. They appreciate predictable language and eagerly accept the invitation to participate in the reading process that those books extend to them. However, stories with more complicated plots appeal to preschoolers. Preschoolers enjoy reading one to two paragraphs of reading each page.

    2. Choose a Book That Sparks the Interest Of Your Child!

    If your child enjoys cats, look for stories with similar characters or nonfiction texts about the subject. Ask your youngster what kinds of books he wants to check out before you go to the library. Then go online and look for books in that genre. If your local library offers an online catalog, you can construct a list and print it out before you go. 

    If you are having trouble, ask your child for help. Show your child a book and have them flip through the first few pages or read the first few pages aloud. It will work best!

    Many libraries now include a comfortable seating space adjacent to the section of kids. Parents are welcome to read to their children.

    3. Choose Books that Might Match The Real-life Experiences of Your child.

    Children enjoy discussing what is going on in their life and read novels to which they find themselves connected!

    Gear up with situations, for example, look for a book or two about welcoming a newborn home if it is on the way. Find storybooks about going to a formal preschool or entering kindergarten if your child is anxious about it. If your youngster wants to be a cop, look at a book describing a day of a cop. Relevant books to your child’s life will capture their interest.

    Consider the following material and then go home and read!

    Our Top Picks Of Children’s Books About Cats

    1. Picture books

    1. The Cat from Hunger Mountain

    The Cat from Hunger Mountain

    Writer: Ed Young

    Publisher: Philomel Books

    Reading age: 4-8 Years 

    Grade Level: Pre-school 3

    Language: English

    Amazon Ratings: 4.7/5

    The Cat from Hunger Mountain is a gripping tale of greed and humility. 

    The main character is the cat lord who always seeks more wealth. High on a mountain, he lives in a hedonistic lifestyle that mirrors his fortune. However, soon the region is hit by a drought, and his lifestyle sets to a test. He descends the mountain, and what he learns will permanently affect his life. A chance encounter with a monk clarifies matters.

    The book is another beautiful and meaningful picture book for children of all ages. You will find the book textually perfect!

    2. Chato’s Kitchen

    Chato’s Kitchen

    Writer: Gary Soto and Susan Guevera

    Publisher: Puffin Books

    Reading age: 4-8 Years

    Grade-Level: Preschool 3

    Language: Spanish and English

    Amazon Ratings: 4.8/5

    In this cat picture book, be ready to work up an appetite. The main character of this picture book is a cat named Chato. Who, in reality, is a fraudster!

     When a family of plump mice moves into his East Los Angeles neighborhood, he is overjoyed. Chato and a friend devise a plan to invite the mice over for a delicious meal and then feast on them for dessert. However, unexpectedly the mice come over with an uninvited companion. The companion turns out to be a rough dog. All of this makes things not exactly work out that way. 

     The book shows luck can be a game-changer. Since the content is bilingual, it includes a glossary. The picture book might be a method to introduce children to Latin food and a new language. 

    3. Don’t Paint The Cat.

    Don’t Paint The Cat.

    Writer: Julie Inserro 

    Publisher: N/A

    Illustrator: Tanja Vercelija

    Reading age: 5-7

    Grade-level: N/A

    Language: English

    Amazon Rating: 4.6/5

    Julie Inserro writes about how everyone makes errors, and we always forgive others. However, when it comes to ourselves, we treat ourselves harshly. 

    The main character is Nyla, who enjoys painting and gets carried away when painting her white kitty. However, soon her mother finds out about it. 

    In response, the mother decides to ban Nayla from painting in the future. After some time, the mother finds out that harshness and saying no to it is never the right strategy.

    Is your child in the phase of learning forgiveness and emotional management? Then this fascinating picture book about cats is a must-have!

    4. Lost and Found the Cat

    Lost and Found the Cat

    Writer: Doug Kutz and Amy Shorudes

    Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

    Illustrator: Sue Cornielson 

    Reading age: 4-8 Years

    Grade Level: Preschool 3

    Language: English

    Amazon ratings: 4.9/5

    This current narrative tells the true story of Kunkush, an Iraqi refugee family’s devoted pet cat.

    Kunkush is the main character in this story and is hidden by its owners on their journey out of Iraq as they can not bear abandoning him. However, on their route to Greece, he became separated from them. In this beautiful cat book for kids, many towns band together to help reunite the family and their furry buddy.

    The story demonstrates how regular individuals can make a difference through compassion and hope!

    5. They All Saw the Cat

    They All Saw the Cat

    Writer: Brendal Wenzel

    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Reading age: 3-5 years

    Grade Level: Preschool -kindergarten

    Language: English

    Amazon Ratings: 4.8/5

    Brendal Wenzel highlights perspectives in this storybook. 

    The main character is a cat that moves through its environment in this innovative, surrealistic graphic book. The book shows viewpoints of various species watching it: a mouse, a bird, and others.

    The reader will get a small precise moral that is tolerance. We should all acknowledge that our points of view are subjective, and those are not necessarily more or less correct than those of others.

    6. Whose Moon is that?

    Whose Moon is that?

    Writer: Kim Krans

    Illustrator: Kim Krans

    Publisher: Random House for Young Readers

    Reading Level: 3-7 Years

    Grade Level: Preschool 2

    Language: English

    Amazon Ratings: 4.8/5

    This picture book by Kim Krans, a well-known oracle deck, and author-illustrator is a sublime story.

    A cat observes a gorgeous full moon in Whose Moon Is That? The story further shows different animals, against a watercolor background viewing the moon with their perspectives.

    The Picturebook Whose moon is that? demonstrates how we can all have different points of view. It will help your child encourage individuality!

    2. Chapter Books

    1. Bad Kitty Gets A Bath

    Bad Kitty Gets A Bath

    Writer: Nick Bruel

    Publisher: Square Fish

    Reading level: 7-10 Years

    Grade Level: 2-5 grade

    Language: English 

    Amazon Ratings: 4.5/5

    The main character of Naul’s Bruel book is an adventurer, Bad Kitty. The adventures of the kitty got chronicled in a long-running chapter book series. It is a snarky, cranky feline who gets up to all kinds of mischief!

    Each book is chock-full of unique fonts, comical figures, eccentric humor, and a gripping plot. The collection compiles stories that will entice new readers to keep flipping the pages!

    Begin with Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, one of the first books in the series, which teaches children how to care for a pet with compassion and grace.

    2. Purrmaids #1: The Scared Cat!

    Purrmaids #1: The Scared Cat!

    Writer: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallan

    Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

    Reading level: 6-9 Years

    Grade Level: 1-4

    Language: English

    Amazon Ratings: 4.8/5

    Could there be a better pairing than mermaids and kittens? This cute chapter book series about cats with mermaid skills is one to read without breaks.

    We meet three purrmaid companions in The Scaredy Cat: Coral, Shelley, and Angel. While Shelley and Angel are excited to go treasure hunting, Coral is apprehensive about leaving her home. 

    The cat chapter book by Bardhan-Quallan teaches us about finding the guts to leave our comfort zones!

    3. The Tale Of Tom Kitten

    The Tale Of Tom Kitten

    Writer: Beatrix Potter

    Publisher: Warne

    Reading level: 3-7 Years

    Grade Level: N/A

    Language: English

    Amazon Rating: 4.8/5

    The Tale of Tom Kitten is a great early reader for kids who are learning to read, and it’s still entertaining after all these years.

    The main character of this short story is Tom Kitten. Tom finds himself in a lot of trouble with his siblings. This lighthearted cat book for kids will appeal to everyone who likes stories about cats getting into mischief. The Tom kitten is the eighth book in the series of 23 by Beatrix Potter. The other books include some well-known characters like Mr.Tod!

    4. What is that Cat?

    What is that Cat?

    Writer: Trish Rabe and Aristedes Ruiz

    Illustrator: Jon Mathieu

    Publisher: Random House for Young Reader

    Reading Level: 5-8 Years

    Grade Level: Kindergarten -3

    Language: English

    Amazon Ratings: 4.9/5

    The Classic Kitty tales Dr. Seuss are continued by this chapter book. What is that cat is a great, Kitty tale loaded with adventures. The cats learn about domestic and wild in it!

    The storybook weaves cat facts and figures into the story, making it an excellent educational choice for children interested in learning about felines.

    Bottom Line

    Books are significant for the growth of children. It is a must to research them before buying one!

    Knowing what to buy and when for your child can be a game-changer. The article makes sure to provide you all the details when choosing one.

    We recommend checking out the best multivitamins for your cat!


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