The Benefits of Multivitamins, Supplements, and Probiotics for Your Cat


    To provide your cat with the best health and better immune system, you must give your cat multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics.

    This does not only make your cat healthy but also makes her get active and stay like the healthy cat you want her to be. However, the proper and best multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics must be used for your cats as health is a really sensitive issue. Taking the right medicine and the correct dosage matters a lot. 

    Multivitamins are an essential requirement for the smooth functioning of one’s body. These various multivitamins are on the market these days. Each one of them has its distinctive features and offers you something which could be healthy for your cats. However, you must try those supplements which are better than others and highly recommended by other customers as well.

    Since cats are mainly carnivorous, it means they need meat to survive. Felines can take their share of vitamins from some grains and veggies, but they certainly can’t go without consuming any protein. Your furry friend requires plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and multivitamins to become a healthy cat.  The right healthy food to fend off infections demands the best multivitamin for cats regularly. 

    Most of us have taken some sort of vitamin or supplement either continuously or to take care of a short-term illness. Just like people, can felines benefit from vitamins too? Just like the human wellness industry, some pet dietary supplements brag about their effectiveness which may not be as they say they are. It’s highly recommended to check with a veterinarian before including anything different to your cat’s diet.

    As a cat owner, it’s smart for you to be dubious of any multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics ensuring a miracle, but that doesn’t suggest that there aren’t any effective products at all. 

    On the other hand, when we have a problem with our hips and joints, we use various medicines to restore ourselves back to normal. It may sound easy for humans to cure it after proper medication, but what would you do if your cat had such a problem?

    selective focus cup of cat food with a feline on background. animal croquettes concept

    Cats are simply adorable, and we all can agree to that. None of us would want our cats to be sick and ill and not be able to walk properly. For this reason, the producer market offers you a variety of supplements that can be used for hip and joint care of cats

    However, you must thoroughly review and in-depth analysis before selecting hip and joint supplements for cats. Just like picking the right multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics for your cat, you also need to find the most suitable supplement for the hip and joint supplements for your cat.

    What actually goes into a cat multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics?

    It is but natural for multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics to be varied. This all depends on the brand. No matter how they vary, they all have key ingredients that are beneficial to your feline friend. 

    Jamie Richardson, DVM, medical chief of staff for Small Door Veterinary in New York, said most multivitamins “contain varying blends of taurine, which is an amino acid that’s essential for heart function in cats.”

    “Taurine must be obtained from a cat’s diet, as they cannot produce it themselves. Cat multivitamins also often contain B vitamins, probiotics, electrolytes, omega fatty acids and iron,” Richardson said in a Be Chewy article.

    For supplements, like omega fatty acid supplementation, this can aid in lowering inflammation related to eczema, arthritis, and chronic kidney, among others. 

    Supplements can also help the cat’s body to enhance its brain and heart functions as your feline friend ages, according to Wendy Rose Gould in her health article on the same article. 

    On the other hand, probiotics—a good bacteria—can boost cat’s gastrointestinal health, keeping your feline friend in top shape all the time.

    “The benefits of probiotics on gastrointestinal health and the gut biome are well established, and we are establishing possible links between gut health and overall systemic body health,” Richardson added.

    “B vitamins play an important role in the production of red blood cells, as well as the digestive, nervous system and skin health…Electrolytes regulate nerve and muscle function and help balance hydration and the blood’s pH. Iron is also vital for the development of red blood cells, deficiencies of which can lead to anemia,” she emphasized.

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    Some reminders before introducing multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics to your cat

    While feeding your cat may seem like a breeze to you, there is still a need for you to consult or seek professional help in doing so.

    The giving of multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics will surely change the diet and lifestyle of your cat.  This is why you need to seek or consult with a veterinarian before plunging yourself into a life-altering decision in terms of your cat’s welfare, health, mental condition, and physical condition.

    A veterinarian is a right person to give you the best multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics and guide you with the dosage. You have to ensure not to alter your cat’s diet without a valid reason or purpose.

    “Certain disease conditions require supplementation of vitamins and/or electrolytes,” Richardson said.

    “For example, cats with kidney disease may benefit from supplemental potassium. Equally, there might be underlying health concerns where a multivitamin may do more harm. Such as in the case of heart or kidney disease, where electrolytes need to be carefully monitored and balanced,” she maintained.

    Doctor veterinarian gives medicine to cat pet at vet clinic

    Some of the characteristics of best cat multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics

    The giving of cat multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics must be approved or recommended by your veterinarian. As a matter of advice, pet health experts like Richardson shared some characteristics that should be found in cat multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics:

    1. It should smell and taste delicious.
    2. For picky cats, find a tuna-flavored gel that is rich in taurine.
    3. It is made with a yummy meat flavor and packed with iron, B-6, and B-12.
    4. It should be chewable and delectable tablets with chicken flavor.


    Your cat will stay in the best of their health if you also find and introduce the best multivitamins, supplements, and probiotics. Just be careful in introducing them. You need to consult with a veterinarian first. There is no substitute for having a superb immune system for your cats.  

    This is crucial for the cats to have healthy intestinal balance, mental alertness, and an active indoor or outdoor lifestyle.

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