Setting up a Cool Office Space at Home

Besides the biggest benefit of reducing your work commute to merely 30 seconds, there are tons of advantages of working from home. Some people excel at their jobs while working at home. They are quite comfortable having minimum to zero work commute and bouncing ideas off their work desks at home. However, if you think that when people say they work from home, they mean they work lazily off their living room couch while munching on snacks, then you could not be more wrong.

Working at home does not imply a lazy work routine that starts in the afternoon and continues with several casual breaks in between if that is not the nature of your work. Most people who manage work from home have a proper office set up at home – with work desks, a couch for relax-working, a supportive office chair, a footstool, a whiteboard or a soft board, etc.

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Advantages of Creating Your Work Space at Home

One of the best advantages of creating an office set up at home is that you can design it just the way you want. Well, being the designer of your own office space at home, you can do whatever you want. Bring your imaginations to life while prioritizing your comfort and productivity.

You can even go for supporting your beliefs and create a paperless home office. Have your gadgets hooked up together and synced so that you can retrieve every information digitally instead of using paper to print.

This article will take you through some critical points you would need to consider when setting up your home office geek and tips to maximize your comfort. Let’s get started then.

1. Finding the Best Location


For many people, this task is a lot easier as they might have an empty room that could easily be set up as a home office. They might convert their basement into their workstation, and this way, everything else at home is untouched. However, not all people have this much vacant space or rooms at their place. They have to think and plan before dedicating a corner for their home office.

The second scenario requires creativity and smart thinking. You can start by analyzing which corner of the house is more peaceful throughout the day than the rest of the house. You cannot have children arguing or your partner vacuuming right in the middle of one of your online meetings.

Check for empty spaces near the windows or under the stairs. If you have any unused corners in your home, you can convert them into your home office. Start by adding an ergonomically designed work desk for your laptop or PC. For a small home office setup, it is best if the desk comes with shelves for placing your printer, books, coffee, stationery, or other work essentials. You can check this amazing work desk by JOISCOPE.

2. Privacy


Now, this is another very important tip for setting up a home office. If you have a whole room for your home office, this might not concern you as you can easily “close the office door” and shut the rest of the world out. However, if you are struggling to work with some privacy in the corner of your bedroom or living room, then curtains alongside your desk will give off very cool vibes. Also, hanging curtains with tension rods are the cheapest option for adding privacy to your home office.

You can even get privacy dividers that sit on the floor and decorate them with contemporary wallpapers to brighten up your space. This is very suitable for working mothers as they can still see what is going on around them while working. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to use the same space for a home office and home gym, click the given link.

3. Who else could be using the space?


If you and your partner both work from home, you need to factor in this while setting up your home office. Before finalizing the office furniture, consider if the children are going to use the space for their homework? Or will your partner be working from time to time in the same space too? Will you or your partner having clients over too? If you answered any of these questions with a yes in your head, you need to get the home office furniture accordingly.

You can go for privacy shields that make a partition on the desk between you and your partner. A better but more expensive idea is to get an L-shaped work desk that comes in handy for two people working together.

4. Prioritize your Comfort


Having a home office setup does not mean you become the strict boss and forbid any relaxation or rest time. Consider how you would want to get away from work a little bit once in a while without getting out of the work zone. You can consider adding your favorite non-work-related books to the shelf. Treat yourself by buying a comfy couch or a bean bag for this little retreat.

Without a comfortable working environment, you will easily get bored in your home office. So, we recommend that you also make a comfortable resting spot where you can lay down for some time to relax your mind.

5. Think about Storage Intelligently


Most of the people cannot get their jobs done only with a laptop on the desk. Depending on the nature of the job, you will probably require storage space to stash your work-related documents, stationery, printing papers, notebooks, gadgets, etc. A simple bookshelf will do an excellent job of securing your office supplies. However, for keeping sensitive office documents safe, get a floating drawer cabinet with a lock and key.

6. Personalize the Space


The biggest, most attractive reasons people love working from home if their work allows them to, is the ambiance and comfort of home. With your home office setup, you can personalize the space with the things you love and prefer. You can hang picture frames with your family or friends’ portraits or add indoor plants as greenery refreshes the mind and increases productivity.

You can personalize your home office with your preferred rugs or reclining chairs. Additionally, you can even get hanging plants or neon signs or anything that defines the real you.

Setting Up Your Work Space at Home

While home office can be set up anywhere, including a living room or bedroom or even a corner in the kitchen, you have to be mindful about proper lighting, wiring, and environment. You cannot conduct meetings in poor lighting while also putting your eye health at risk. Proper lighting and wiring for hooking up your gadgets are important factors that you need to consider in the initial stages of the setup.

Once you are done with the design and your home office setup is ready, do not forget to take a picture for social media. Someone else can use it for inspiration and recreate your design.