Setting Up a Cool Office Space at Home


    Having an office space that inspires you is essential. When you step into your office, you should feel motivated and inspired to start your work. To ensure this, it is vital that you have a cool office space. The best thing about working from home is that you are able to set up your office however you want and work whichever way feels most comfortable.

    There are many essentials that you need to purchase for your home office to be functional. Still, it is also crucial that your office space reflects your personality. It would help if you aimed to make your office room an area where you look forward to coming to and working. This means choosing equipment that makes you feel comfortable and productive. 

    Benefits of Having an Office Space

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    With the increase of companies allowing their employees to work from home, setting up a home office is becoming increasingly common. Due to this, people realize just how beneficial they are. When you have a home office, you are free from the restrictions placed on you by your office. 

    Here are some benefits you reap by having your own office space.

    Peace and Quiet

    One of the most significant advantages of having a home office is peace and quiet. Many people who work from home know that many things can distract them as they work, which is why they must have a quiet space. Offices are also quite loud as everyone talks, has meetings, etc. Working in a noisy space can be extremely difficult and significantly reduce productivity. 

    Due to this, you must dedicate a space in your home for your home office. A home office allows you to shut your door and have a peaceful and quiet area. This is also essential if you plan on taking zoom calls. No one wants children bickering or dogs barking to be heard from the background. A home office allows you to block out all the sounds so that you can have a serene working experience. 

    Shorter Commute

    If you work in an office, you likely spend at least 30 minutes commuting to and from work. Most people live far from their offices, which means they need to get up early to be able to get to work on time, and they get home late too. 

    When you work from home, there is no need for a commute, which means you can get that extra hour of sleep and spend more time with your family. Those who do not commute to work also have lower stress levels, as dealing with traffic and buses daily can be exhausting and frustrating. 

    A home office also saves you money because you don’t need to spend money on gas, bus tickets, and maintenance of your car. You can simply get up from bed, get ready and walk into your home office. Additionally, you are also less likely to spend money going to a restaurant or ordering lunch, so you also save money. 


    Working from home also improves your work-life balance as you can choose your own working hours. Even if your job requires you to clock in, you can venture out from your home office and spend time with your family during your lunch breaks. You can also make a snack for yourself or sit with your children when you take calls. Additionally, since your commute is cut short, you can spend more time with your family. 

    If you work from home, you have a lot of flexibility to be able to pick up your child from work or get a short workout or household task done when work is slow. Working from home also motivates you to complete your work as quickly as possible so you can return to your household tasks or have fun.

    Increased Productivity

    When you work from a home office, you can fully concentrate on your tasks instead of being distracted by the odd tasks that come with working in an office. Since there is no one to distract you, you can work peacefully and maximize your productivity. 

    A home office also allows you to set up your workspace in whichever way you like, meaning you can make it to suit your needs. When you are comfortable in your space and feel inspired, it is only natural that you will have increased productivity. There is also no one else to disturb you, like a colleague coming to chat, which means you can prevent yourself from getting distracted. This allows you to get done sooner so you can enjoy time alone or with your family. 

    Setup and Improvement Options Are Greatly Increased

    When you work from home and have a home office, you are not limited to the kinds of changes you can make to your working space. You can change every small thing about your office to ensure it fits your needs the best. This means picking the comfiest chair, using a standing desk, and purchasing the biggest monitor possible if that is what you prefer. 

    Additionally, if you get tired of your setup, you can easily switch it up. Such options are not available in a regular office. You can also make your space as colorful or monochrome as you like. The possibilities for decorating your space are unlimited. 

    Tips for Designing a Cool Home Office

    A well-decorated home office. 

    When designing a home office, it is vital that you make it a space that you are excited to come to. It should be a room that makes you want to be productive. If it is uncomfortable or looks bland, chances are that you will dread going in there and want to come out as soon as possible. To avoid this, you must design a comfortable home office that fits your personality. 

    Here are a few tips to help you design a cool home office. 

    Finding the Best Location.

    For many people, this task is a lot easier as they might have an empty room that could easily be set up as a home office. They might convert their basement into their workstation, and this way, everything else at home is untouched. However, not all people have this much vacant space or rooms at their place. They have to think and plan before dedicating a corner for their home office.

    The second scenario requires creativity and smart thinking. You can start by analyzing which corner of the house is more peaceful throughout the day than the rest of the house. You cannot have children arguing or your partner vacuuming right in the middle of one of your online meetings.

    Check for empty spaces near the windows or under the stairs. If you have any unused corners in your home, you can convert them into your home office. Start by adding an ergonomically designed work desk for your laptop or PC. For a small home office setup, it is best if the desk comes with shelves for placing your printer, books, coffee, stationery, or other work essentials. 

    Think About Storage Intelligently.

    Most people cannot get their jobs done only with a laptop on the desk. Depending on the nature of the job, you will probably require storage space to stash your work-related documents, stationery, printing papers, notebooks, gadgets, etc. A simple bookshelf will do an excellent job of securing your office supplies. However, to keep sensitive office documents safe, get a floating drawer cabinet with a lock and key.

    Get Some Natural Lighting.

    When setting up your home office, ensure that it gets plenty of natural daylight during the day. Natural daylight is a great way to help you feel active and energized, and it is also great for your overall well-being. Sunlight helps your body maintain vitamin D levels at an optimum. This vitamin is incredibly useful as it helps improve your sleep and ensures that you remain in a good mood.

    Natural lighting is the best of all kinds of lighting due to its health benefits. You may think ample lighting from light fixtures and desk lamps is enough, but it can run up your electricity bill. Natural lighting can help reduce your electricity consumption as you won’t need to turn on your lights during the day. It also helps improve the aesthetics of your home office and makes it look cool. 

    Choose Ergonomic Furniture.

    When setting up your home office, it is essential that you choose furniture that is comfortable and ergonomic. This includes your desk, chair, and couch. You will most likely be spending a lot of time in them, which is why they must help you maintain a good posture. 

    When choosing a desk for your home office, ensure it is of the right height so you are not straining to work on it. Your office desk chair should have a curved back to support your back at multiple points. It should also be of the right height so that your feet touch the ground and your knees are 90 degrees to the ground. When choosing a couch for your office, ensure that it is comfortable to sit on and durable. Additionally, it should match your room and not look too out of place. There are multiple types of couches available on the market, so you have many options to choose from. 

    Add a Personal Touch.

    Adding personal touches is one way to make your home office seem cool. That way, your home office will feel like your own space. Having an area that includes items you like can also help boost productivity. You can even have personal items that inspire and motivate you, like pictures of your family members or any motivational artwork you like.

    Such pieces will help you get in the right headspace so you can focus on your work and overcome any challenge you may face. Other than adding personal items, you can also personalize your space by painting the office wall with colors you like or having a cool rug that matches your personality.

    Eliminate All Distractions.

    One of the biggest downsides of working at home is that there are many distractions that can deter you from the work you are doing. These distractions can be helpful when you need a break, but you can get sucked into activities and not realize when hours have passed. 

    To avoid such distractions, you must use accessories such as noise-canceling headphones that completely block out all kinds of noises. These help ensure that you can fully focus on your work. 

    Pros and Cons of Having a Home Office

    There are many pros and cons of having a home office. You must consider these if you are considering switching to working from home. 

    Pros Cons
    It increases productivity. You need to have a lot of self-discipline.
    Saves you time and money. It makes separating work and private life more difficult. 
    You have the flexibility of working when you want to.  You feel the pressure to work overtime because you are at home. 


    1. How can I make my home office more attractive?

    To make your home office seem more attractive, you can get artsy and color your walls a fun color. You can also hang art pieces or find a cool rug to help brighten the place. Another way to make your home office seem aesthetically pleasing is to hang art pieces and have potted plants as a way to add life and color. 

    2. How do you layout your home office?

    The layout and location of your home office are essential. You should ensure it has enough space for all your furniture, allows plenty of light to come in, and has a view. It is also crucial that you place your desk in a setting that is not too distracting. Enough storage can also help you be productive, so ensure you incorporate storage when planning your home office. 

    3. Which direction should your work desk face?

    When working, it is crucial that you are not distracted. While some people may enjoy having their desk face the window, motion or activity outside your window can greatly distract you. Therefore, having your desk face a wall is the best way to ensure productivity.


    When setting up an office space, you must look past the productivity aspect. The best office space is one that will make you want to come back and spend more time there. Having a cool office space means you will be much more inspired and motivated to complete your work. To ensure you have a cool office, you must incorporate your own personality as well as all the essentials. You can do so by adding decorative pieces, painting the wall a funky color, purchasing a desk and chair according to your size, etc.

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