Home Office Stylish and Motivational Artwork Ideas


    Stylish Artwork Ideas to Redefine Your Workplace

    Your workspace should function as a productivity zone that helps you take on the most difficult tasks that your work throws at you. To achieve that productivity, the home office space must look tidy and welcoming. 

    Artwork on walls is a source of spreading positive and happy vibes, but only the right selection of it can help you send across that message. However, people usually end up choosing a collection of mismatched and unnecessary items that end up creating even more clutter. 

    To help you create a truly stimulating space, we have curated a list of possible ideas that you can implement to make your home office an inspiring place, where you would want to go every day and spend hours.  

    Putting Up Motivational Pictures/Quotes  

    Someone rightly said; a picture is worth a thousand words, but in reality, there is more to this phrase. 

    The right picture or quote can alter your thinking process. A motivational picture, in this regard, can change the way you look at things and you never know when it can become a catalyst for your achievement. 

    Hanging motivational quotes on the front door or somewhere you can see it the moment you enter your home office, acts as a constant reminder to keep pushing and achieve everything through hard work and determination. 

    Also, passing by the same motivational quotes daily will trigger a mechanism in your brain that sends a strong message to your subconscious mind – which is a powerhouse of the human body. 

    Custom Wall Decals

    Hanging artwork on walls requires drilling holes and making amends to your wall which doesn’t sit right with many house owners. A cheaper alternative is to buy reusable wall decals that are also fun to design and can be changed to an offline tracking board where you can track your daily tasks. 

    You can also make a wall calendar that will help you keep a record of all the activities and the to-do list, which can also help you manage your finances and keep you ahead of the game. 

    Customized Posters 

    Each room of your house is special, so why should the home office be any different? You can create a personalized environment for yourself using hand-designed posters or artistic posters that match your vibes. You can create a personalized statement for yourself. Posters are a fun way to express your personality and it resonates well with the whole old-school style. 

    Adding Monochrome Art to a Contemporary Space 

    Monochrome art in a home office setting

    If you own a minimalist yet modern workspace, then monochrome art can be a great choice. The monochrome art or black and white prints, in general, adds a lot of substance and elegance to the overall look. 

    Art could be only black and white stripes or an old aesthetic photo of your grandparents. It could also be a souvenir or a gift from someone special.  Such a form of art always remains close to the heart. 

    We recommend having a well-lit space or a beautiful lamp hanging on top of the monochrome art. This will add a picture-perfect finishing touch to your home office. 

    Bring the Outdoor Feel Inside

    Scenic landscape of a canoe with paddle

    Most of us love the outdoor setting and want to bring some element of it to our daily lives. In such cases, adding a landscape or green-scenic art can help create a calming and relaxing environment in your workspace, allowing you to stay focused on your work. This type of scenic art also gives us much-needed breaks that we don’t get from our busy lives. 

    Metal Wall Art

    Consider hanging metal wall art if you want to do something different and over the board. It is a new form of art that looks very creative and stylish. It creates a contemporary, sophisticated look that is perfect for any home office space. 

    Visible Company’s Mission Statement 

    Your company’s mission statement is something your business swears by. You can create an enlarged picture of your firm’s mission statement and hang it at a place where you can read it.  

    It is not only a great reminder to never forget the core values and vision of your company, but it also showcases the outstanding values and teachings of your company and that you also value them. 

    Make an Alluring Statement with Overall Wallpaper 

    Wallpapers are not artwork but it portrays the essence of art which transforms the aura of a particular place. Using an overall wallpaper for the home office space will make it look bigger and more spacious. 

    Here, using a patterned wallpaper will give your office space a much-needed lift as it blurs the dimensions of the room and brings back the life of a cheeky child to your workspace. So much so that you might want to go back to it, every time. 

    Our tip for choosing wallpaper is to keep the color palettes in mind and choose those tunes which match your busy profile. 

    Inspirational Board Art

    Pinboard adds a creative element to your home office and it also broadens your vision. You can create a personalized pin board by playing around with colors and different shapes to match your vibes. 

    Using square or triangle-shaped frames embedded with your favorite lines or book covers, a family photo, your kids’ first artwork, or anything that brings you joy or inspires you can be framed and put up on the board. 

    Style Your Wall with Photos

    If you are a photographer or own a photo studio then photo art will glorify your business space much better than any other form of art hanging. You can also exhibit your favorite work or photo montages on acrylic signs that you have captured over the years. 

    It is a great way to showcase your talent and keep yourself motivated for new endeavors. 

    Graphic Wall Stickers

    Graphic wall sticker surrounded with gallery art work

    If you don’t want to do any extra thing to your space, then you can opt for graphic wall stickers, which can either be funky or creative depending on your choice. 

    On the plus side, these wall stickers are removable and you can change them frequently according to your mood and style. It is a good choice of art for fashion stores or home-based bars. 

    A large wall clock or a world map is a better choice of art for contemporary office space or if your work involves dealing with international clients. You can mark different time zones according to the feasibility of your work or you can mark the branches of your companies on the world map. It can help you portray a good image of your business. 

    DIY Macrame Wall Art

    Make a macrame wall art by yourself to add a crafty side of yours to the work space․ You can do multiple experiments with the wall and challenge your creative side. Hanging small and subtle art piece with your wall art will make the space pop and give a distinctive feeling to the overall atmosphere. 

    Above all, woven wall hangings that are available in soft colors like nude and off-white will go well with the overall theme of the office adding the much-needed style statement.

    Wall Sculpture

    A geometric pot hanging on a golden wall sculpture

    Most home offices use basic colored furniture such as; brown, white, or gold. Such type of furniture becomes very boring with time and we want to change it after every few years. Instead, we could add sparkle to the dull furniture by adding a shiny sculpture to the wall in golden, copper, or silver color. Moreover, it adds a personified statement to your home office. 

    Hanging Alphabets 

    Now, this is quite an old-school trend but it is also a convent way of adding your personality to the workspace. For many old businesses and also new ones, the workspace feels more comfortable if it entails your personal belongings. 

    In such cases, hanging alphabets to spell your name or the initials of your loved ones brings comfort and warmth to your office. You can choose the alphabet hangings in multiple colors that go well with the theme of your area. 

    Shadow box

    Collecting your valuables in a shadow box and mounting them on the office wall makes a beautiful art piece. It makes you feel at home and it can also influence the productivity of your business. 

    Spice Up Your Work Life by Transforming the Interior 

    Getting creative with your working space is proven to boost positivity and productivity. Whether you opt for any one of the ideas mentioned above or implement some of them, your home office will make your tough work days fly by. It is important to surround yourself with the best of the best things that inspire you; that could be anything natural, soothing, or colorful.


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