Only Things You Need To Declutter Your Home


    Decluttering can be a messy task, especially if you don’t have the right items to organize things that you need to keep or get rid of properly. So, before you can take away things in your home to make it tidier, you would first need to actually grab or buy some new things first that would help you have a more organized decluttering time in the house. Here are the only things that you need to declutter your home.

    Cardboard Boxes

    The most important items that you need before you start decluttering are the cardboard boxes, which you will be using to put unwanted things in a neat and organized location. You can use these boxes as a “trash bin” to place things you can get rid of in the house, but you can also utilize the boxes to store items that you want to keep if you want them to be relocated to another area in the house or if you just want to hide them. The items you can get rid of can be placed inside the cardboard box, and then you can donate that cardboard box to charity for those people who may find use in your unwanted items. Of course, if you want to donate the items, make sure that they are still functioning or useful so the box won’t be filled with junk. Use durable and sturdy cardboard boxes so that they can accommodate heavier items.

    Moving Labels or Post-it Notes

    If all the cardboard boxes look the same, it would be difficult to know the contents of those boxes if you have already closed them and stacked them up. So, the best way for you to know the content for each box is to put a label on each of them. You can label them using moving labels, a type of sticker that can be written on, or post-it notes, which are pieces of paper that you can stick to the box temporarily. You can use the moving labels if you want to label boxes permanently, but you can use post-it notes if you want to change the contents of the box during another decluttering session. You should have a permanent marker to write on these labels so that the text won’t be erased.

    Cleaning Cloth


    If you are decluttering, there is a chance that you will encounter dirty items, so it is important to have a cleaning cloth with you to clean these items with ease and relative quickness. You have the option to use a specialized cleaning cloth that is specifically made to clean stubborn dirt and grime on shelves and any other items and pieces of furniture, but you can just use a regular hand towel or tissue paper if there is not a lot of dirt. Be sure to buy a pack of cleaning cloth that is handy in size so you can easily bring it with you anywhere at home.


    You will sometimes need the decluttering session to be as short as possible if you are going to do other chores for the day. So, to keep track of how much time you take to declutter, you should have a timer with you and set a time limit for every room or area that you are going to clean up. Decluttering a large room can usually take 30 minutes, so set up your timer to that time so you can move on to the next room once the timer runs out. Of course, you would need to make sure that you have actually decluttered the room fully, so you can have a few minutes to check if the room is tidy enough before moving to another. A timer doesn’t really limit you in how much time you take to declutter an area, as it should only be used to just keep track of the time and for you to get used to decluttering faster.

    Music Player

    Decluttering can usually be a boring activity to do, so you can spice it up by playing some tunes on your smartphone or a dedicated music player at home. You can listen to some of your favorite songs by plugging in your earphones on your phone, but if you don’t want anything dangling on your ears while you are decluttering, you can just play some music on a portable Bluetooth speaker if you have one. You can play upbeat songs to give you some energy to do the activity, or you can play some relaxing tunes to have a stress-free time decluttering your home.

    Those are five of the basic things that you need to declutter every area in the house. By having these items with you, it is guaranteed that you will have an easier, faster, and more convenient time decluttering. So, go and grab these items before you declutter and use them wisely.


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