How to Stay Organized Living in a Small Apartment

Living on your own can be a scary thought. No matter the reasons, you are enjoying yourself in your family house one day, and the next, you are struggling to cram everything in your small new apartment. Small apartments are nothing new, but they are necessary these days. There is not enough land available now compared to the past. Whether you like it or not, small apartments are a thing.

Many developed countries like Japan, China, and the UK have adapted to the new way of living. It is not new in the US either, but it is also frowned upon. No one said that a small apartment couldn’t look nice. All you have to do is put some thoughts and efforts, and you might even enjoy renovating your home.

How Small Is a Small Apartment?


It doesn’t matter if you live in high-profile cities like New York or Seattle. There is a reasonably high chance that you live in a small apartment. Anything less than 1,000 square feet is considered a small space to live in. It might be a bit hard to live in such places, but you must be saving cash for something bigger in the future. 

So why not actually live and not just survive. A new perspective and a little effort will make your small apartment worth calling home. Read on to know 3 reasons how your apartment is serving you well:

1. You Save a Significant Amount of Cash

Smaller apartments are much cheaper to rent. They also mean that a fair amount of money goes into your savings because your bills will be low too—lesser space, lesser light, heat, and cooling that is needed. Additionally, you will need small and compact furniture that is quite reasonable in price. Save all that up for that vacation you’ve been pending for so long.

2. Less Cleaning and Maintenance Time

Since the apartment is small, you don’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning. That saved up time can be consumed by giving yourself a grooming session or maybe some exercise. Keep in mind that these activities improve your quality of living. With your head free of burden or tidying a spacious area, you will feel more relaxed and at home. It may be small, but it is your home, after all.

3. Easy to Relocate

Apartments are temporary places – you can’t imagine years in the same one. It is best to keep your furniture and décor to the minimum with this thing in mind. Less stuff means less fuss. Even if you shift to a bigger place, you won’t have to worry if some things will fit or not because most probably, everything will fit perfectly. Moving is already a dreaded process, but it doesn’t have to be painful every time. You just have to be smart.

The Art of Living in a Small Space

The Art of Living in a Small Space

What is this mystic way everyone talks about, and how can you utilize it? How to feel good in a tiny apartment without breaking down every hour? Look no further; we’ve got you! Following are some secrets to an organized, less-than 1,000 square-feet apartment:

1. Start De-cluttering

Look around your house. Point out things that are making your apartment look cramped and congested. Take notes about those things and figure out whether they are worth keeping or not. Let’s be real here – we all have stored so many things just because we have certain emotions attached to them. But if they are hindering free movement in your apartment, are they even worth it?

A cluttered home does not only look bad to others; it also affects your moods. No one likes to come home from a long day at work only to see an untidy sight. Start making boxes for things that can be donated or sold. You will be surprised to know how much fill up these boxes.

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2. Be Clever – Buy Baskets and Containers

You need to avoid the unnecessary frustration that comes with searching for something in untidy piles of things. That’s no fun, indeed. Buy baskets made out of cane or plastic to store different items. Not only will you utilize your storage spaces cleverly, but it will also become much easier to find stuff in the future.

Whether it is your wardrobe or your kitchen cabinets, storage hacks can never go obsolete. Buy jars and containers to store spices and pasta. Make a separate box for cutlery and glass. Similarly, you can even utilize shoe boxes to store your undergarments and socks. A little thought can go a long way in keeping your apartment organized.

3. Accept Small Furniture – Reject Big & Bulky

No, you do not need that Victorian-style bed set and sofas. Your apartment is small; embrace small furniture too. There are so many stores that offer you trendy furniture in just the size you need. Compact sofas, smart-looking beds, and delicate racks are all you need. Nesting tables are also a great idea these days.

You might want to check out IKEA or West Elm for unique furniture ideas. They offer affordable yet trendy options to pick from. West Elm even has a “Small Space Solutions” page curated just for people like you.

4. Go Vertical

Proper usage of walls can do wonders to your apartment. Try organizing your racks and décor by arranging them in a vertical order and not horizontal. Hang plants and artwork as high as you can to give your apartment a spacious look.

5. Install Hideaway Desk

Tables and desks take up a lot of space. It is hard to get a table for each purpose when you have limited space. Install furniture that can be easily hidden or folded away. Hideaway desks are small and chic. Hence, they efficiently serve their purpose of a workstation and can be closed away when done. Decorate around it so that it looks nice even when closed. 

6. Utilize the Corners

Instead of putting your tables and shelves in the center of the room, set them at the corners. They will give a spacious look to the rest of the room and a great storage idea. Corner shelving is also used to tuck away books and magazines. 

7. Choose Light Color for Paints

It is a known fact that dark and bold colors make the whole atmosphere claustrophobic. Choosing the paint color is hard, but there can be no two opinions about a small apartment’s wall painting. It just has to be soft and neutral colors. That is because light colors reflect more sunlight and give the illusion of an airy apartment. Avoid getting overly bold wallpapers and dark colors at all costs.

8. Make Sitting Area by Windows

This may sound strange at first, but it is actually a great idea. Windows are a source of natural light and air. Therefore, instead of setting your sofas or chairs in the center of the living room, arrange them by the windows. It will give you and your guests a feeling of warmth and freshness. Your living room will have so much free space now because you have moved your sofas.

9. Hang Mirrors Around

Mirrors are an easy illusion to make your apartment look bigger and better. They come in all shapes and sizes and honestly look great on the walls. Hang a mirror in your entryway, your bedroom, and your living room to complete the effect of this design trick. Similarly, get a compact vanity in your room instead of a big dressing table. Just a floating shelf and a delicate round mirror are enough for your beauty routine.

10. Bunk Beds

If you live with your kids, bunk beds might be the only option for you. Kids love going up and down these beds, and they save a lot of space too. This is a versatile idea for a shared kid’s bedroom with limited space.

Small Apartments Can Be Your Heaven

The size of a place doesn’t matter. What matters are your efforts that might make your small house a little more comfortable to live in. The idea should always be thriving and not just surviving – you just need to put a little mind, and your small apartment will be organized in no time.