How to Stay Organized Living in a Small Apartment


    The idea of being completely on your own is daunting for some. Regardless of the cause, one day you are enjoying your family home and the next you are battling to fit everything into your new small apartment. Small apartments are not novel, yet they are essential in modern society.

    Now, living in a small apartment is the new normal. As the cost of renting or buying a home continues to rise, particularly in major cities, many individuals are forced to downsize to a more manageable and economical dwelling.

    What Is the Size of a Small Apartment?

    The standard definition of a “small” living space is one that is less than 1,000 square feet. Yes, it may be challenging to live in such settings, but you must be saving money for something far more significant in the future.

    interior of an apartment

    What Are Some Additional Surprising Advantages of Living in A Small Apartment?

    You will ultimately save a significant amount of money.

    I don’t have to tell you that renting a smaller room will save you money. In addition, the smaller your area is, the less money you will spend on utilities. 

    Do you feel like you’re stuck between wanting to save more money or wanting to go on more adventures, but being unable to do either because of your regular expenses? The good news is that tiny living may liberate you from these kinds of financial problems by enabling you to drastically cut down on your living expenditures. Additionally, you won’t need to purchase as much décor, a tiny collection of works of art will make a big impact, and smaller furniture will be less expensive than large-scale furniture.

    You’ll be able to use your creativity.

    It takes creativity to live in a small space, especially if there are more than one person living there. You’ll be able to use your creativity to the fullest by coming up with solutions to problems like where to put things and how to keep your privacy. You will be motivated to make your little room appear stylish, and you will come up with inventive ways to decorate it so that it gives the impression of being larger, brighter, and less cramped.

    Since you won’t have to clean and organize as often, you’ll have more spare time.

    More time is required to maintain a bigger house clean and well-organized. And, let’s be honest, the bigger your place, the more often you lose stuff. It is just more difficult to keep track of your belongings in a larger space. By downsizing to a small apartment, you may maintain cleanliness without devoting as much of your leisure time doing housework. This will free up more time for you to spend with friends and family, explore your passions, and get in your daily workout.

    Relocating will be less difficult.

    You may need or want to relocate or move up to a bigger space at some point in the future. Apartments are meant to be transient living spaces; it is unimaginable to spend many years in the same one. Keeping this factor in mind, the best option is to limit the amount of furniture and decoration in your space. Less stuff equals less hassle. Even if you move to a larger space, you won’t have to worry about whether or not certain items will fit since everything will most likely to fit properly. Although relocating is never fun, it’s not as bad when you’re leaving a small place with less stuff.

    How to Make a Small Apartment Organized

    People often live in small apartments, whether they do so because they prefer a simpler way of life or a small space is all that is within their price range. 

    You are not the only one who wants to know how to make the most of the space in a small apartment. You may be wondering how all your belongings could possibly fit in such a small space. We’ll show you that bigger isn’t always better by telling you how to make the most of the space in your small apartment.


    First things first—getting rid of some stuff is essential to making more room in your apartment. The best way to organize is to get rid of as much as you can and then put what’s left in order. You’ll have to look through your cabinets, drawers, and storage units, as well as your furniture, and ask yourself whether you truly need to retain each thing. Keeping a few cherished objects could be necessary, but the majority of your possessions can be safely discarded or donated. Your apartment will be cleaner and more organized with fewer items.

    wall and corners

    Use The Corners

    Because you have limited space, furniture, and decorations, you might make use of the corners of your apartment. Because these areas are often left unoccupied, you may build small, open shelves to store photographs, books, plants, and other decorative items. A vertical mirror may also be added. It will reflect more light in the space, making it seem more spacious and stylish.

    Select An Appropriate Color Scheme

    On a psychological level, the color scheme contributes to the overall perception of the size of the living space, either making it seem larger or smaller. Lighter hues not only make a space seem larger, but also brighter. In contrast to dark and bright hues, they do not absorb natural light. So, to make the most of the space you have, choose light colors.

    Hang More Things on The Walls

    There is more to be done with a wall than merely display pictures. You can use them to hang coat racks, utensil racks, and even storage for hair accessories, shampoo, and lotions in your bathroom. There are a lot of hanging racks that can be used for more than one thing and can be put anywhere in a small apartment to keep things organized. 

    Vertical Storage

    In the same way that you want to maximize the area on your walls, don’t forget about height! Utilize every available space, from floor to ceiling, to maximize a small area. Whether it is adding a few more shelves to a bookshelf to make it reach the ceiling in order to store books in compact areas or filling a whole wall with custom cabinets, the additional storage space will be invaluable.

    kitchen design interior apartment

    Make Your Kitchen More Organized

    While it is simple to reduce the amount of clothing, accessories, and home décor, the kitchen presents a challenge. As a crucial unit, it will demand considerable attention. So, start by taking out the things you rarely use. Only keep the things you use often in the kitchen.

    You may install hooks on the inside of your cabinets to hang knives, spatulas, and pots. They will improve both accessibility and the style factor. In addition, you may put utensils on top of the cabinets.

    Avoid Going Overboard with Furniture

    Since you don’t have much room, it’s not a good idea to pack it full of furniture. Use a minimal approach and only add the most important things. And for that, small to medium is the best size. 

    The idea is to create extra room by not crowding the already limited available area. Excessive and bulky furniture is a no-no! Also, remember to keep it towards the walls to provide plenty of room in the center.

    You might also explore multipurpose furniture. When living in a small place, tables, couches, and mattresses with added storage are really useful.

    colorful clothes hanging on rail

    Maximize The Amount of Space in The Closet

    The secret to stress-free living in a small apartment is making effective use of storage space, especially in the bedroom, where you go to unwind. The first step is to sort through your closet. Consider the items that you want to keep in the closet, and then modify it so that it makes the most use of the space available.

    Maximize storage space by using labeled boxes and baskets, and file fold clothing vertically whenever possible – this saves room and makes them simpler to find, especially if you organize them by category.

    Divide Your Space into Zones

    Sometimes a single room serves many functions. You may simply use a sofa to separate your main living area into a living room and a dining room. If you have children, the living room may also be used as a play area; just get some boxes to keep all the toys put away in a designated section of the room.

    Enjoy The Benefits of a Well-Organized Apartment

    It may be hard to maximize space in a small apartment, particularly if you feel like you’re attempting to create room out of thin air but you can transform any area in your apartment into a functional and organized place with a little planning and effort.

    It doesn’t matter how big a place is. What important is that you make an attempt to make your little home a bit more pleasant to live in. If you put a little thought into it, you can get your small apartment in order in no time. 

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