How to Make Vegetables Appetizing for Kids?


    Getting your kids to eat healthily is always a tough task. Unfortunately, kids today are too much focused on eating unhealthy junk food that is going to cause complications when they grow older. If you are someone who is worried about their kid’s health, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss some important tips and tricks to trick your kid into eating vegetables by making them appetizing enough. 

    Butter the Vegetables

    You will hardly find any kid that loves to eat kale and broccoli. The reason is that such vegetables feature a bitter taste that is not liked by the young ones. They are sensitive to bitter taste and will throw away the vegetable as soon as it touches their taste buds. Therefore, you should be covering them up with something that hides the taste. 

    For instance, you can apply butter or dip them inside butter to change the taste. Since kids are not concerned with the texture, they will hardly notice that it is vegetables. Furthermore, you can also come up with dishes such as mashed potatoes to offer something uniquely special.

    Give Them the Veggies First

    Part of getting kids to eat veggies is that you offer them first before anything else. As soon as they step inside the house after school, give them a plate of veggies and let them know they can have desserts or any other candy after that. The key here is to make them consume something healthy atleast once during the day. If they choose not to eat the veggies, tell them that they cannot have any other dish or food item as well. They might refuse to eat and remain hungry for a while but once the ultimate hunger hits, they are going to automatically come back for them.

    Try a Veggie Dip

    It can be understood that kids will most likely refuse to eat raw vegetables because the taste is simply not their liking. Therefore, you should offer something on the side as well to make things interesting. For instance, you can give them a veggie dip. If they have something to dip in and alter the taste according to their own liking, they are going to demand them everyday. 

    In addition to that, try to offer them a homemade dip. Dips bought from the stores are usually not that healthy as advertised. You can work with simple ingredients and come with a dressing that offers a sweet taste, which is the most preferred taste for kids.  

    Apply Peer Pressure

    Sometimes your efforts to making vegetables exciting might not work if you are using the regular dip techniques. To tackle that, you will need to apply peer pressure. Send your kids to a friend’s or cousin’s home and ask your cousin to feed everyone vegetables. Once your kids watch their friends or cousins munching on vegetables, they will also be forced to eat them. This has worked out in many cases and you can set an example for your kids as well.

    Let Them Entertain Themselves

    Most kids tend to watch cartoons or TV shows while eating. While they are concentrating on the subject, they hardly notice what they are being given to eat. Therefore, to divert their attention, put on your kid’s favorite TV show or cartoons before offering him/her vegetables to eat. Since kids, today tend to entertain themselves on mobile phones and tablets, give them what they like and work your way towards feeding them vegetables. 

    Let Them Decide

    Kids love attention and one of the ways they tend to gain it is by showing their anger, power, and control. If that is the case with your kid as well, let them have their way. Visit the local departmental store and let them pick the vegetables of their choice. The reason is that once your kid picks up their vegetables on their own, they are less likely to object to them. Plus, this is also a sneaky way to tell them how to pick fresh produce. 

    Serve Veggies as Appetizers

    Serve your kids the vegetables as appetizers. This way it will not seem as if it is part of the traditional meal. When your kids are hungry and are waiting on the table, put a plate of veggies in front, while you are cooking the final meal. If the veggies are in front of them, they will most likely eat them but will not open the fridge particularly to have a carrot. 

    By now you must have understood what we are trying to say. Therefore, before the dinner takes place, serve your kids some delicious and colorful veggies when everyone is feeling hungry. You can serve them with a sauce or dips on the side. Plus, you can also try roasting your veggies. Sometimes the taste arising, as a result, might appeal to them. 

    Final Word

    Concluding, the above-mentioned tips and tricks to make interesting vegetables are tried and tested. If it can work for others, it will surely work for your kids as well. However, make sure that you do not force the kids into eating vegetables. Try different tricks and eventually have them develop a taste for vegetables.


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