Best Vegan Food Ideas for a Quick Snack


    Though the sound of cheese crackers, a yogurt fruit bowl, or an egg sandwich might sound appealing to many as a quick snack, these are not the options vegans can opt for. For those of us who are against this whole animal products fiasco, fixing a quick snack becomes challenging as cutting out the dairy products and the meat really narrows down the options. 

    However, it is not as if being vegan starves you or keeps you from enjoying a quick snack before your next energy dose. One can come up with countless different combinations comprising of plant foods that can provide with all the energy one might need. 

    Let us wait no longer and look into some of the easiest vegan snack ideas.

    Quick Trail Mix

    Quick Trail Mix

    One of the best and easiest vegan snacks is a homemade quick trail mix. Whether you are late for work or bone-tired after working out, fixing a bowl full of sweetness, vitamins, and fats is not a hassle. Just grab your favorite nuts and fruits to come up with a bowl full of energy. Following is the list of ingredients for mixing up the best trail mix ever:

    • Goji Berries 
    • Unsweetened shredded or flaked coconuts 
    • Dairy-free chocolate chips 
    • Cashews, almonds, pecans, pistachios, etc. 
    • Dried fruits such as dried apricots, dates, cranberries, or dried mangoes 
    • You can even add some homemade apple chips. To make homemade apple chips, you need to dehydrate thin apple slices in a dehydrator or oven.

    Pecan Energy bites  

    Pecan Energy bites

    Energy bites are the best options for the healthiest snacks that can be made quickly. You can even make batches of these energy bites to last you for a few days. Pecan energy bites are an important source of providing your body with omega-3 fat as they are made of pecans. 

    For making these delicious treats, you will need the following ingredients:

    • A cup of soft dates (pitted)
    • A cup of pecans 
    • Half teaspoon sea salt 
    • And half teaspoon vanilla extract 

    The method is very easy and quick. All you need to do is combine all the ingredients and mix them in the food processor. This will form dough from which you have to make small balls and refrigerate. Your healthy and quick vegan energy bites are ready to eat! Take them with you to work for day-time munching or eat a few of them with your evening tea. 

    Fruits and Dip 

    Fruits and Dip
    This is by far the most delectable and quick vegan snack. Grab a fruit of your choice. Cut it into slices and start making the dip. Cashew cream is the yummiest of all, and it makes a perfect dip for any fruit. For preparing the cashew cream, take a handful of cashews and put them in the blender with water and sweetener. Wait till the whole mixture is blended well and turns out creamy. Perfect sweet dip for your fruit slices in ready. 

    Bonus tip: cashew cream or cashew butter is the ultimate cream recipe for vegans. You can also make sour cream, ranch dressing, or cream cheese from cashews. 

    Tortillas Anyone? 


    This is for when you are in a mood for a quick snack while also wanting to do something for your sweet cravings. This snack can be ready in under a minute and is a perfect combination of sweet and healthy. Take a tortilla and spread some almond butter on it. Top this layer with a generous spread of peanut butter, your choice of favorite fruit slices, sprinkle some berries and roll up to enjoy a hearty snack that tends to your sweet tooth as well. 

    Avocado to the rescue

    avocado and lemon cut in slices

    Are you down with energy and extremely hungry while there is absolutely no sign of food for a couple of hours? Fix yourself a snack that gives you energy without ruining your appetite. Avocado is the healthiest and tastiest option when it comes to a quick snack. When topped with fresh lime and spicy sriracha sauce, avocados become creamier and more delectable than ever. 

    Cut avocado in half and sprinkle the sauce and fresh lime along with a pinch of black pepper and sea salt – your ultimate tasty and quick snack is ready! 

    Protein Cookie Dough

    Protein Cookie Dough

    To calm your hunger pangs with the deliciousness of sweet potato, take some baked sweet potatoes and get your hands on vanilla protein powder. Blend these two ingredients together and put them in the fridge for a little while. You will love this creamy, yummy dough for a snack. You can also combine it with some almond butter and enjoy your snack while watching your favorite show on Netflix!

    Nachos but with Apples 

    Nachos with Apples

    What could be better than a bowl of nachos with some dairy-free chocolate chips? Absolutely nothing! This is the easiest snack you would ever come across and would die for. Take some apple slices and lay them separately on a tray. Now grab some almond butter and drizzle it on the slices. If you think these are so tempting, then get ready to have your mind blown. Put some granola and dairy-free chocolate chips on the slices and get a free pass to heaven. 

    This snack is worth all the hunger and those mere 2 minutes, which is the prep time for this quick recipe. 

    Sweet Toast Pizza 

    Sweet Toast Pizza

    With a range of substitute ingredients of your choice, this recipe offers endless options for you. Whether it is peanut butter that you like or tahini, vegan butter, hummus, or guacamole, just spread on it generously on the toast and sprinkle fruit slices on top for the best taste. Opting for avocado toast is also an amazing option to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your appetite. 

    Protein fruit Pudding 

    Protein fruit Pudding

    Better than any store-bought snack, you can whip up some protein fruit pudding to satisfy your hunger. For the thick creamy pudding, you need to have vegan protein powder and some almond milk. Mix the powder in some water and add it to the almond milk for whipping up a creamy pudding. Decorate the delicious velvety pudding with chunks of your favorite fruit.

    For additional taste and crunch, you can also add some nuts or seeds.

    Bonus tip: if you are a peanuts lover, you can convert this pudding into a creamy peanut-flavored pudding as well by adding peanut powder to the protein mixture. It tastes equally delicious!

    Frozen Fruit Ice Cream

    Frozen Fruit Ice Cream

    For a quick fix as a snack as well as a sweet treat for your taste buds, grab some frozen strawberries, a small frozen banana and half a scoop of vegan protein powder. Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend the mixture. Be careful not to overdo it though as it will render the mixture watery. 

    Scoop out the thick and chunky blended mixture from the blender and fill your bowls as much as you like for treating yourself with the ultimate quick vegan snack.   

    Baked Fruit 

    Baked Fruit

    Now, this may not sound as appealing to all as it is in reality, but this quick vegan snack is yummy and fills up your tummy until you can grab your proper meal. Take a pear and cut it in half. Line it up on the baking tray and drizzle it with some maple syrup and cinnamon powder. Bake the pieces of fruit for 25 minutes at 350°. 

    These turn out to be amazing and delicious when you top them with almond butter and a handful of your favorite nuts. 

    Popcorn Twist 

    Popcorn Twist

    Let the fat-laden butter popcorns be and treat yourself with a healthy vegan popcorn twist. For sweetness, you can always use maple syrup and replace butter with the healthy coconut oil. Just mix these two ingredients and add the mixture to your kernels and pop them up in the microwave – your ultimate sweet popcorns are ready in a jiffy! 

    Final Words

    Firmly standing by your principles and opting for a healthy vegan diet does not, in any way, imply that you are left with limited options. There are hundreds of food combinations possible when you start experimenting and reading up on articles like these. The snacks mentioned here are totally animal-free and are the easiest to put together. Make your dinners, lunches, and breakfasts healthy with these vegan food snacks. Happy Snacking!

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