Hello 3rd trimester! Getting ready for baby

OK, time is seriously starting to fly by. I can’t believe I’m already in my 3rd trimester and we have less than 90 days before baby number three makes her arrival. At first I thought this pregnancy was dragging by, but lately the weeks have just been flying by and I’ve had to push myself to start getting stuff done.
First off, let’s show the 27 week pregnant belly.
You may have noticed that I haven’t been seen in anything besides a maxi skirt since I started showing. Maxi skirts & dresses are my BFF right now, for real. My thighs and behind have grown quite a bit and I want to cry when I put pants on. Skirts and dresses disguise my new curves way better than pants or shorts, and it saves you guys from seeing how much my thighs rub together when I walk (or waddle) now. I should point out though that my husband is just loving my massive butt…I’ve never had a butt before and it’s a little out of control at this point. He’s requested that when I start nursing and as the baby weight starts to fall off  that I try to keep the butt. I’ll try, honey. But for now, it’s maxi skirts in every color of the rainbow and these awesome stretchy tanks from Old Navy until the baby is born. Hey, at least it’s comfy, right?


It’s getting harder and harder to keep my toes looking beautiful.
I can barely reach them with this belly in the way.
Anyway, I figured it was probably about time to get the crib put together. Now, silly me, I decided to finally get rid of the crib I had used with my first two babies in the last move because I finally came to terms with the fact that we weren’t having anymore kids. A part of me had still been holding onto it out of nostalgia, and I always thought “what if,” but I just tossed it out while purging some of our crap when we moved. Luckily, a good friend of mine had this cute crib from Ikea in her storage unit and she’s not planning on having anymore kids (though I’m trying to convince her that you just never know!) She gladly unloaded some baby stuff for me, and I happily accepted the crib. It only took me an entire afternoon trying to put it together with no instructions, but after taking it completely apart and flipping the pieces around a few times I finally got it. I love how it looks with the quilt I made!
Another friend gave me this adorable infant car seat and stroller combo that just needed a little cleaning up. Baby stuff tends to get pretty grubby, but it’s nothing a little Oxyclean & Clorox wipes can’t fix. I took them both completely apart, threw the fabric parts in the wash, scrubbed the entire thing, and they look pretty much brand new. I got a little sentimental when I realized that this is almost the exact same car seat and stroller I used for Lily! I love the pink and brown with cherry blossom print.
I am mostly good to go on baby gear and only need to buy a few more items for the nursery, like a changing table, a lamp, some curtains, and some decorations. My friend who gave me the crib also has a glider so I can rock and nurse the baby, so that will go in the room too as soon as I can get to her storage unit and get it all cleaned up. I’m so lucky to not have to buy all of these items brand new this time around! I started with virtually nothing and have had a lot of people offer some great hand-me-downs.
The only thing I really need to stock up on are clothes and diapers. I have almost nothing as far as baby clothes go. In the next couple of weeks I’m planning on going out and just dropping a good chunk of change on outfitting baby girl’s wardrobe. So far, this is pretty much all I have for clothes, and these were given to me and bought pretty big, so they won’t fit her right away. I need to get some newborn and 0-3 month size stuff that she can actually wear right away. It’s going to be early August and hot when the baby is born, so I figure a ton of onesies are probably the way to go.
I can’t wait to start putting the rest of the room together. I have a lot of ideas as far as decorating goes, so we’ll see what I actually come up with and follow through on. I’m starting to really get into that “nesting” mode and I just want everything done and ready!