What are the Different Types of Nail Polish Finishes?


    Picking out your nail polish can take much of your time, especially that there are lots of things to consider to get your desired signature look. Beyond the color, you also need to decide on the shine, texture and finish. Not to mention that nail polishes have also evolved massively over the years, leading to more advanced styles, formulations, and innovations that made nail polish a genuine art tool.

    As such, many options are now available, making it hard to distinguish which one to get on your next trip to the salon. To help out, we’ve listed the different types of nail polish finishes you can choose from. So, read on and discover which is the suitable nail polish for you – the one that will truly make your day gleeful, fun, and artistic.

    1. Creme

    Creme nail polishes are the most basic and widely-used nail polish. It’s a true classic, characterized by a slight gloss, and appears in a beautiful array of solid colors. As they’re pretty basic, everyone can apply and use them for any purpose, be it for work, school, or any event. What’s great is that they’re also easy to maintain and tend to be long-lasting. Plus, you can also use them for experiments. Get various solid colors, and blend them to show your creative side.

    2. Gel

    Gel nail polishes are often mistaken for creme nail polishes, but they are even more long-lasting and are chip- and chemical resistant. It’s now one of the hippest trends, available in many stylish salon applications. Be mindful you need to place the gel paints under a UV light lamp for curing. Fortunately, you can now use this technology at home as there are now many at-home varieties and UV nail polish systems you can get in the market.

    3. Matte

    Matte is another classic but takes out the excess gloss or shine out of the picture. Thus, it’s best suited for formal occasions, where you don’t need too much luster. It doesn’t mean that they’re boring, as matte nail polish polishes exude a unique, dull glow that boasts their own appeal. In addition, they don’t lose their texture quickly, allowing you to enjoy them for a more extended period.

    The drawback is that matte nail polishes may be harder to apply and requires more accuracy and steadiness in your hands. Otherwise, expect to have unwanted streakiness in the results. Luckily, all you need is practice. Devote some patience, and you’ll soon master how to apply them and relish the stunning matte effects on your nails.

    4. Metallic

    If you want to get that flash instead, then metallic nail polishes are your best bet. They resemble the shine provided by metals for a high-impact look. It’s perfect for club and night parties when you want to achieve a bold and bright look. Common metallic shades include bronze, silver, and gold. Like matter nail polishes, applying them can be challenging, which is why it’s recommended to have them done at a salon. Nevertheless, there’s no stopping you from learning how to apply them. Continue practicing so you can get ample experience with these trendy metallic nail polishes.

    5. Pearl

    Pearl nail polishes were a huge hit in the ‘90s. They provide a soft and classy look, possessing a pleasing delicate sheen like that of a pearl. Available in pale colors, they are best worn during weddings or to complement pastel wardrobes. Like creme nail polishes, they are relatively easy to apply. Just devote extra caution and care as they tend to be brittler and are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

    6. Glitter

    Are you looking for some in-your-face shine? Glitter nail polishes will help you achieve just that. They are fun and playful, featuring bigger square, round, or star-shaped glitter particles or smaller minute sparkles. Oftentimes, flecks are suspended in clear nail polish but can also be used on colored ones. Expect that the application will take longer, so will be the removal process. Still, all efforts are worth the joy and creativity it will bring to your nails. So, go ahead and wear them if you need that shine and glow!

    7. Sheer

    While cool nail art designs and vibrant colors may be in, adoring and going to the minimalist side isn’t a crime. Sheer nail polishes are your best choice if you want to get a simple, relaxed look. They often come in shades of pink, nude, or almost-clear colors and are ideal when you’re still growing your nails out. Without the extra luster and with its natural appeal, you can use it for every occasion. Thus, making it a must-have in your nail care set.

    8. Holographic

    As holographic makeup became a rage, there’s no reason why the concept shouldn’t reach fingertip. Holographic nail polishes use holo pigments, refracting the lights and providing that magical, gorgeous rainbowy shine! It’s also iridescent, making the effect visible in different angles. It may be extra challenging to make it work, especially when determining the right amount of holo pigment. Yet, once you get it right, you can say hello to a holo world and wear them for any festive event or season!


    That’s the rundown of the different types of nail polishes. Each has its own characteristics, appeal, and beauty. Take time to assess which one you need for a specific purpose or event. Afterward, go ahead in beautifying your nails, flaunt them, and feel more beautiful and confident.

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