Guide to Upright Vacuums


    What Are Upright Vacuums?

    Upright vacuums are an all-in-one cleaning device that allows you to deep clean your home efficiently. Unlike other kinds of vacuums, upright vacuums are single-unit cleaners that are pushed out in front of you. They are incredibly stable, as the body balances on the roller and the powerhead.

    Their configuration makes them extremely easy to maneuver around your home. They are also excellent for those with back aches and joint pain since they don’t have to bend down to plug them or use them. Upright vacuums are also easy to store, as you can stand them in the corner of your closet or lay them flat underneath your bed. 

    These vacuums are perfect for cleaning up large spaces because they have broad floor heads that allow you to cover a larger surface quickly. The floor heads often come with a built-in turbo brush, which you can use to clean carpets.

    You can use upright vacuums to clean various flooring types, such as vinyl, low and high-pile carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, etc. They can also be used to clean stairs and the space under furniture, and this is because the vacuums have tools that allow you to do so. 

    The biggest appeal of upright vacuums is their compact nature. The vacuum’s shape and storage space allow the users to store their attachments within the device. 

    The Difference Between a Stick Vacuum and an Upright Vacuum

    The Difference Between a Stick Vacuum and an Upright Vacuum

    Stick and upright vacuums are very similar as both have a single unit you push in front of you to clean. Both vacuums are extremely easy to use and store. However, there are three critical differences between the two. 

    Upright vacuums usually have larger dustbin capacities, meaning you can clean larger areas with them. You also do not need to clean them out very often, as it takes a while for them to fill up. The larger capacity also means that they take up more space, which may make storing them an issue if you live in small apartments. In this case, stick vacuums are a much better option. 

    Stick vacuums have shorter run times because they usually run using batteries that do not last long. Upright vacuums, on the other hand, need to be plugged in. As they are connected to a power source, you can use them for extended periods without worrying about batteries. However, stick vacuums are incredibly convenient to use because you are not tethered to a power source and can move around freely.

    Another difference is that upright vacuums are heavier than stick vacuums. The former have larger motors and dust capacities, increasing their weight and making them less portable than stick vacuums. Therefore, a stick vacuum is a practical decision if you need a lightweight vacuum. 

    What Factors Should You Consider?

    Cordless stick vacuum

    If you are in the market for an upright vacuum, you may be overwhelmed by your number of choices. To make the correct decision, you should focus on a few key features that will allow you to get a vacuum that will be useful in the long term. 

    Cleaning Performance 

    A solid cleaning performance should be of utmost importance when purchasing a vacuum. The cleaning performance of a vacuum depends on three factors; the airflow, a powerful motor, and an efficient intake path. 

    The airflow of the vacuum comes from a powerful motor. The better the vacuum motor is the more airflow and hence suction. When there is high suction power, the vacuum can pick up heavier particles, such as dirt, sand, etc. 

    If you plan on cleaning large messes, the larger the motor, the better. Suppose you intend on cleaning smaller messes or using your upright vacuum for smaller areas. In that case, a less powerful motor will work fine too. 

    Usually, the power of a vacuum is stated in amps, and the higher the amps, the more powerful a motor is. The average power level is 12 amps. Therefore, choose a higher power-level vacuum if you want a powerful motor. 

    Ease of Use

    Upright vacuums are generally easy to use, but a few added features make using the vacuum much more pleasant. These features include headlights, dedicated apps, a battery life indicator, etc. 

    Headlights attached to the floorhead of a vacuum are incredibly useful for cleaning dark spaces. Suppose you are cleaning under the sofa. In that case, headlights will illuminate the area allowing you to check whether or not all the dust has been collected. If you still see dust, it means that you need to go over the area again. 

    Some vacuums use innovative technology and have dedicated apps that you can install on your phones. These apps connect to your vacuum and let you know all the stats on a single screen. They also indicate the amount of battery life, whether or not you need to empty your dustbin, etc.

    A battery life indicator is yet another helpful feature on upright vacuums. If the vacuum is cordless, such indicators tell you how much battery you have left. It also indicates how long you can use the vacuum before you need to swap batteries or charge them.

    You should also aim to choose a vacuum that has an ergonomic design. The handles must be comfortable so that you do not suffer from any strain injuries if you use them for extended periods. 


    Upright vacuums are generally heavier than stick vacuums, which have a similar form factor. Still, the weight of your vacuum is crucial because if the vacuum is too heavy, you may strain your back and your wrist. 

    You should aim to purchase a lightweight vacuum that does not weigh more than 3 to 4 kg. Vacuums within this range are portable, meaning you can pick them up and transport them around the house to clean. Heavier vacuums often become a nuisance because they are difficult to carry if used for prolonged periods. 

    Compatible Floor Types

    When choosing an upright vacuum, you must consider what floor types you can use it on. Ideally, the vacuum should work on many surfaces, such as tile, hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, etc. Most homes have multiple flooring types, which is why you should ensure that the vacuum is optimized to clean all the flooring types you have. Upright vacuums usually claim they can work on multiple flooring types. Still, they are often more suitable for some than others. Thus, reading the product description is extremely important. Reading online reviews can also help you make an informed decision. 


    Vacuums are loud cleaning devices because they use powerful motors. The noise a vacuum will make depends on its decibel rating. The higher the rating, the noisier it will be. 

    You should purchase a vacuum with a rating of around 75 to 80dB. If you try to buy a vacuum with a lower decibel rating than 65dB, you run the risk of getting one with a less powerful motor.

    You can also try to purchase an upright vacuum that offers multiple power settings. That way, you can turn the power setting to low when you want it to operate quietly. Upright vacuums with lower noise are the best vacuums for small spaces. Thus, they are what you should be looking for if you live in an apartment.


    Upright vacuums often come with various valuable attachments that you can attach to the vacuum’s powerhead. Such vacuums increase the number of tasks your vacuum can perform, making them even more helpful. 

    Some standard attachments your upright vacuum should come with include upholstery brushes, pet hair, crevice, and stair tools. A motorized power nozzle, a rotating brush, and an extension wand are also necessary attachments.

    Upholstery brushes are excellent at cleaning various pieces of furniture and sucking out all the dirt, dust, and debris from within the fibers. A pet hair brush is designed to pick up pet hair from various surfaces, and a stair tool helps deep clean stairs. 

    A motorized power nozzle is also an excellent attachment that allows you to clean carpets and rugs. When attached to upright vacuums, they can reach into carpet fibers and suck up all the dirt and debris from them. 

    A rotating brush aids the vacuum in picking up dirt and debris from rugs and sofas. An extension wand is also essential as it increases your reach, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach places. 

    Therefore, you should choose an upright vacuum that comes with extra attachments. Try to find one that has space to store the attachments within the vacuum. This reduces the need to store them separately and potentially lose them. 

    Type of Dustbin

    Upright vacuum dustbins come in two varieties, bagged and bagless. Bagged dustbins are easy to use as you can detach the bag and throw it away when it gets filled. Bagless dustbins, on the other hand, have an eject button. When pressed, it releases all the dirt and debris collected. 

    Bagged dustbins are convenient because the process of cleaning the vacuum is eliminated. It is also perfect for those with allergies as they are not exposed to dust when cleaning out the dust and debris. However, bagless vacuums are much more budget-friendly and easy to maintain because you don’t need to purchase bags and replace them. They are also eco-friendly, but emptying the dustbin can get messy. 

    The type of dustbin you choose should depend on the size of the messes and your budget. A bagless vacuum will serve you better if you plan on cleaning large messes. Still, if you have the budget, bagged vacuums are more convenient.

    Dust Capacity

    Upright vacuums have a larger dust capacity than most, making them suitable for deep cleaning large spaces. There is a large variety available on the market, so if you want one with a smaller capacity, you should be able to find one.

    The dustbin capacity you choose should depend on your usage. If you plan on using your upright vacuum to clean large messes, your vacuum dustbin will fill up faster. To avoid emptying it frequently, buy a vacuum with a large dustbin capacity.

    On the flip side, a vacuum with a smaller dustbin capacity will suit you better if you use your vacuum for small tasks. Upright vacuums with smaller dustbins are cheaper and much lighter than standard ones. 


    When choosing an upright vacuum, you should pay close attention to the filtration system. Ensure that it is robust and uses HEPA filters. These filters are incredibly efficient as they can collect pollen, pet hair, dust, and dust mites. Therefore, they are perfect for those with allergies and asthma. 

    HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of all particles that a vacuum sucks in. It can even remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is why they are used in some of the best vacuums. Thus, you should ensure that your vacuum has HEPA filters installed. 

    Corded or Cordless

    Upright vacuums come in both corded and cordless varieties, each with advantages and disadvantages. To choose which would fit your needs better, consider your usage. A corded vacuum will serve you better if you use your vacuum for longer. It won’t run out of charge, and you can use it non-stop. 

    If your usage is limited and you use your vacuum to clean up small messes, a cordless vacuum will be perfect for you. 

    Corded Upright Vacuum Cordless Upright Vacuum
    You can use them non-stop and not worry about running out of charge. They are lightweight and portable. 
    They are much more durable than cordless vacuums since they don’t use batteries, which degrade over time. Some come with swappable batteries. If one runs out of charge, you can use the other while it changes. 
    They are much more powerful. You are not restricted and can move and clean freely. 

    Pros and Cons of Upright Vacuums

    Upright Vacumn Cleaner

    Pros Cons
    They have large powerheads, making cleaning large surfaces easy. They can be heavy and hard to transport around your home.
    Easy to store them because they can stand independently. They claim to work on multiple flooring types but work best on carpets.
    They come with long cords and large dust capacities.  Cordless upright vacuums have limited run times.
    They come with a variety of different attachments to help clean various surfaces.     –

    How To Take Care of Upright Vacuums

    To ensure that your vacuum is always running at peak performance, you must maintain it properly. Experts suggest you check on your vacuum every few months to ensure there are no clogs or parts that need to be replaced.

    If you don’t maintain your vacuum, it may deteriorate faster, and you will have to spend money to fix or replace it. 

    Change Your Vacuum’s Belt

    The most common reason a vacuum’s performance deteriorates is its belt stretching and wearing out. This may cause the roller brush to slow down or completely stop spinning. It is recommended you change the belt every year.

    Replace the Vacuum Bag

    When your vacuum bag fills up 70 to 80%, you should either empty it or clean it.

    Clean Vacuum Filters

    Cleaning the filters of a vacuum allows it to better filter out the air being sucked in. If your vacuum has washable filters, you should wash them every three months if used regularly. However, if you use your vacuum for heavy tasks, you should replace them every six months. 


    Dust mite vacuum cleaner

    When purchasing an upright vacuum, you may get overwhelmed by the number of vacuums available. Still, if you can afford to, you should buy one from a reputable brand. Well-known brands such as Dyson, Kenmore, and Shark are known to make durable cleaning devices that use the latest cleaning technology. 


    Dyson makes excellent plug-in vacuum cleaners that can clean multiple surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpets, tile, rugs, etc. They use high-quality HEPA filters, which capture all allergens, making them perfect for people with allergies. 

    Dyson upright vacuums are also easy to maneuver because of their compact design. They also feature a long cord that significantly extends your range of motion. Their upright vacuums are also some of the best vacuums for pet hair, as they can pick up pet hair without any trouble. Some popular Dyson upright vacuums include the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner and the Dyson Ball Animal 2.


    Shark upright vacuum cleaners are some of the most powerful ones on the market. Various tests suggest that it picks up over 90% of the dust from multiple surfaces. They also come with different attachments that make cleaning easier. 

    Shark vacuums are heavier than other upright vacuums. Still, they also have powerful motors that can easily deep clean carpets. 

    Some popular shark upright vacuums include the Shark Anti-Hair Wrap with Powered Lift-Away PZ1000UK and the Shark Navigator DLX Upright Professional Vacuum.


    Kenmore vacuums are reliable cleaning devices that work best on bare floors and carpets. They can suck up all kinds of messes and also have clean emissions. They can be noisy, but their motors are powerful enough to deep clean carpets and rugs without straining themselves. 

    These vacuums are easy to use and have long cords that extend their range of motion. Kenmore vacuums also come with various attachments, which make cleaning your home more accessible than ever before. They also use HEPA filters, which capture more dust than any other kind. Some popular models include the Kenmore Pet Friendly 31140 and the Kenmore Intuition Bagged.


    1. Are upright vacuum cleaners better than other kinds?

    The kind of vacuum that will be the best fit for you relies heavily upon usage, budget, and personal preference. If you want a vacuum that is efficient in cleaning carpets, budget-friendly, easy to move and store, an upright vacuum will be perfect.

    2. Do upright vacuums come with attachments?

    Yes. Upright vacuums come with various attachments, brushes, hoses, and other tools that make cleaning much more manageable. 

    3. What should you do before cleaning a carpet using an upright vacuum? 

    Before cleaning a carpet, you must check your vacuum filter and dustbin. Your filters should be clean, and the dustbin should not be full. If the dustbin is full, your vacuum may lose its vacuuming performance by 50%.

    4. Which brand is best for upright vacuum cleaners?

    Suppose you want to purchase an upright vacuum cleaner. In that case, it is best to opt for a Dyson, Kenmore, or Shark upright vacuum cleaner. 


    Upright vacuums are excellent vacuums for cleaning up large areas. They are compact in nature owing to their one-unit design. They also stand independently because they balance on the large powerhead at the bottom. This configuration makes them easy to store and use. 

    Upright vacuums are perfect for deep cleaning your home because they have powerful motors and large dust capacity. 

    However, not all vacuums are made the same. When purchasing an upright vacuum, you must focus on a few key features, such as motor performance, filters, dust capacity, etc. By doing so, you will end up with an upright vacuum tailored to you and your needs.

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