Gift Ideas for LEGO Fans


    LEGO is a popular form of entertainment for both kids and adults. LEGO fans already have lots of LEGO sets to kill their time with, so you can’t simply give them a LEGO set as a gift. Some people might find it difficult to decide on what to give to a LEGO fan friend or family member. We have compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas for a LEGO fan, which work great for both kids and adults.

    Best Gift Ideas for LEGO Fans

    Following is the list of our top picks for gifts you can give to a LEGO fan. Before we begin, you should keep in mind the likings and dislikings of the person who is going to receive the gift. This will help you pick the most ideal gift. 

    LEGO Mugs

    A LEGO mug can be a great gift for a LEGO fan. The mug made of LEGO with a coating on the inside helps prevent the drink from spilling out. Fans can even customize it by adding more bricks of LEGO to it. You can get such a cup in a variety of colors and size variations. Usually, a LEGO mug is 3 inches high with an average capacity of 255ml. You can easily browse for and find a LEGO mug from Amazon. 

    LEGO Pictures

    How cool would it be that you have a picture of a friend of yours made out of LEGO? Your friend will love this unique gift. You can get a LEGO portrait from the official website of LEGO by simply uploading your design. Keep in mind that this will be a bit more expensive than other options because it is a custom order made precisely to your requirements. The entire package will include LEGO bricks and other tools essential for building up the portrait from scratch. It can be a great birthday gift for a LEGO fan. 

    A LEGO Event

    You can also arrange an event on the theme of “LEGO”. This idea is more suitable for kids. You can arrange a LEGO competition where the child’s friends can join and show their LEGO-building skills. Everyone can be given the task of building something great with LEGO such as a car, building, a robot, etc. and there can be adults who would judge them. Announce a winning award such as a big LEGO to motivate children to participate and show the best of their abilities in the event. Even those who did not win can be given a goody bag with small LEGO sets in it. Such an event can be arranged for adults as well. 

    You can also set up a movie based on LEGO, including:

    • The LEGO Movie
    • The LEGO Batman Movie
    • The LEGO Ninjago Movie
    • LEGO Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash

    Keeping an entire day for the fans of LEGO can be a great way to make their day!

    Customized Items

    LEGO fans would love wearing a shirt that has some form of text or pictorial illustration regarding LEGO. There are plenty of websites which can help you get a custom print on the shirt such as Etsy. Think creatively, and you can come up with an appropriate idea regarding LEGO on a shirt. 

    Here are a few ideas you can consider:

    • A shirt with a picture of LEGO bricks and the following phrase – “Master Builder”.
    • A shirt with the word “LEGO” written on it.
    • A shirt with a LEGO pun. For example – “I’m trying so hard to create a LEGO joke but the pieces just won’t go together.”
    • A shirt with a funny quote such as “I hope you step on a LEGO.” 
    • A shirt with an abstract of LEGO bricks.

    There are other customized items too that you can get for a LEGO fan, such as a cap. Have your own design printed on the front of a cap such as the logo of LEGO or differently colored bricks of LEGO. Other than that, there are certain caps where the Brim is made of LEGO. If winters are near, you can choose a beanie cap instead of a regular cap. 

    Keychains are also one of the most amazing gifts you can give to a LEGO fan. A LEGO keychain is a gift that the person is going to use almost every day. It will also bring a special affiliation if you have it a bit customized. You can have a keychain customized from different online shops such as Etsy. There are many other customized gifts for kids which you can consider for a young LEGO fan such as a LEGO backpack.

    LEGO caps.

    LEGO Online Games

    Many people are into online gaming these days. You can buy a LEGO game and give it to the LEGO fan. Seeing the massive interest of fans, LEGO® introduced several online games with multiplayer support. The games are for people of all ages including kids and adults and can cost you somewhere around $20-$50 depending upon what game you choose. These games can be played on different platforms including PC and consoles. LEGO Worlds is one of the most popular games by the company. 

    LEGO Home Decor Items

    A LEGO fan would love to decorate their home with a creative gift. This is why you can get him different types of home decor items made out of LEGO and add up an alluring spark to their home. Some of the best home decor items made of LEGO include a postcard, a frame, a superhero helmet, a small Christmas tree, wall decoration, small LEGO drawers, refrigerator magnets, and flowers. You can check these items on LEGO’s Home Decor Section. They are pretty fun to build and display on different spots at a LEGO fan’s house. 

    LEGO Gift Cards

    If you are still confused about what to give a LEGO fan, simply give them a LEGO Gift Card. This card is available on LEGO’s website and will allow the person to redeem it for anything in their store including LEGO sets, merchandise, games, and many other products. The best part about a LEGO Gift Card is that it does not have any expiry date, hidden taxes/fees, or any kind of shipping charges. 

    You can have it delivered directly to the person as well. LEGO offers the LEGO gift card and the LEGO e-gift card. The only difference is that the physical card takes a few days to arrive while the e-gift card gets delivered to your email right away. The best part about a LEGO gift card is that it is reloadable so you can get the same card used again by simply adding some credit to it. 

    A LEGO toy store


    If you have a good budget, we recommend purchasing the LEGO portrait set because it’s truly a special gift for them. If you think that they would like an event more, start planning it. The other gifts we highly recommend are home decor items and customized products. We hope that our detailed guide on gift ideas for LEGO fans has helped you out in choosing the most appropriate gift for your friend. 


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