Gift Ideas for LEGO Fans

Any LEGO lover in your life may already be used to little plastic bricks. While getting more bricks is a quick and easy method for finding them a gift, you can as well let your creativity show by gifting them something unique. And if you’re stumped about what to get a LEGO lover that will make him or her feel special, check out the LEGO gift ideas below.

Where to Buy
A LEGO Christmas Project Idea Book
Self-Adhesive Building Brick Plate
Stack-On DS-39 39 Drawer Storage Cabinet
OliaDesign Blue Build-On Brick Mug
Building Brick Coaster Set
Lego City Advent Calendar Building Kit
Lego City Coin Bank
LEGO Ice Cube Trays/ Candy Mold
LEGO Backpack

These LEGO gifts are selected to help builders bring their creativity to life, simplify the building process, or at least to let them know how much you appreciate and support their passion.

1. A LEGO Christmas Project Idea Book

Without ideas and a plan, a pile of blocks is almost useless. A plan helps put all the blocks together to create something unique. The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is light and thematically appropriate and even the most brilliant LEGO designer can benefit from the original design in it. It is ideal for LEGO builders of all skill levels.

2. Self-Adhesive Building Brick Plate

Builders can easily cover up every horizontal surface with their projects, but this Self-Adhesive Building Brick Plate provides an option to go vertical or upside-down. This peel-and-stick baseplate provides a convenient solution for building. They cling to the surface firmly and allow builders to run with their imaginations.

3. Stack-On DS-39 39 Drawer Storage Cabinet

There is probably no LEGO fan who doesn’t have LEGO bits in different corners around their home. So you can help them keep organized because the organization is very important when it comes to a smooth LEGO workflow. With this storage cabinet, your LEGO lover can store their bricks by shape or color, making them easier to find and making building a more fun thing to do.

4. OliaDesign Blue Build-On Brick Mug

Almost all LEGO fans have everything they need, so gifting them something they won’t mind having, such as a coffee mug with lots of brick-sticking areas will make them smile. This Build-On Brick mug is an ideal gift for the LEGO enthusiasts because they can easily assemble LEGO on it.

5. Building Brick Coaster Set

With this set of brick coaster, your loved one will never need store-bought coasters because it allows them to build their own. Although it doesn’t come with LEGO blocks, the collection has four flat squares panels which can be used to carry out any kind of construction.

6. Lego City Advent Calendar Building Kit

Each panel of this calendar comes with a surprise, such as a megaphone, camera, ice skates, pretzel, pie, tablets, handcuff, bowl and arrow. The kit is available in space, police, artic and Christmas themes.

7. Lego City Coin Bank

Do you have a LEGO enthusiast in your life who loves to save? This LEGO Bank will make a perfect gift for him. They can build this bank and store money and their little secrets in it. Once built, they can insert their coins via the slot, turn the wheel on the door to open and close the bank. The LEGO City Coin Bank comes with crook Minifigure, a rope, crowbar, backpack, dynamite, and building instructions.

8. MRCUFF Building Block Pair Cufflinks

This silly and fun ice cube tray can help LEGO enthusiasts make ice cubes, different chocolate and candy men, and even crayons. The mold is made of silicone and it’s heat-resistant, which means it can be adapted to several creative and fun uses in the kitchen. The box contains a yellow mold, 10 LEGO or Duplo building bricks, a green mold, a giant LEGO man, 4 small LEGO figures, and a blue mold with 8 Minifigures. The trays are non-stick, BPA free and FDA approved, oven and dishwasher safe.

9. LEGO Lamp

This is a unique LEGO gift that will be appreciated by the recipient. The fun block building lamp includes 12 stax in 6 colors, a powerful base, and a USB cable. The vibrant lamp with unlimited designs is 100% compatible with other building blocks of size.

10. LEGO Backpack

This will be a unique gift to offer anyone who loves LEGO. The backpack has bold, colorful brick print, ergonomically padded, contoured shoulder straps with a reflective brick detail, and padded haul handle that makes transport with it very comfortable.

Where to Buy
LEGO King Cufflinks
LEGO Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception
LEGO Architecture - The Eiffel Tower

Other gift ideas for LEGO fans include LEGO King Cufflinks, LEGO Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception, and LEGO Architecture – The Eiffel Tower.

These awesome gifts are capable of wowing any LEGO fan. So go ahead and pick one or more for them, they will surely appreciate them and love you more for these.