Top 10 Customized Gifts for Kids

Kids are wonderful beings. But sometimes, they don’t understand the magnitude of our love for them and need reminders. Giving gifts to kids is one way of showing them that we care about them so much that we are willing to go the extra mile and spoil them with presents. 

There are countless options for getting kids presents, but if we give them something uniquely theirs, it will make them feel more special and valued. That’s where customized gifts for kids come into the equation.

We have explored the corners of the internet and compiled a list of the very best options out there. The following are our top picks for customized gifts for children of all ages.

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1. Custom Face Mask

Nothing else will show your concern for a child more than a face mask in these trying times. With COVID still in the air, it is crucial to protect children from the outside world’s dangers. Fortunately, your kid doesn’t have to look like a surgeon while doing so. 

Many companies have jumped on the face mask monopoly, but some are trying to truly stand out by offering custom face masks. These masks can be personalized with photos, text, monograms and allow you to change the ear loops’ color. There is much to be customized here, and you can include anything you want on the face mask to make it personal. 

2. Custom Whiteboard

If you want to bring out the artist inside your kid, then getting them a whiteboard is a great idea. Not only will it give them a vast canvas to express their imagination on, but a whiteboard also acts as a vital commodity that can help children with their homework or have a firmer grasp on a particular topic.

But why go with a bland one when you can go for a custom-made whiteboard instead? You can engrave the child’s name, birth date, or a phrase that means something to them on the whiteboard’s frame and border. Similarly, you can also get a monogram printed on the board’s corner for a more customized look.

3. Custom Shirt

Garments are already an ever-green gift, but you can kick them up a notch by personalizing them. The world of custom-made clothing is cosmic, and you can explore many avenues to go with the one that best suits your kid.

A sports team jersey is the most obvious choice here. You can customize the number on the back and the name to match the child. Often, kids have a favorite sports team, so seeing their name on their uniform will fill them with jubilation. Going with customized shirts with a fictive design and the kid’s name is an excellent option as well. While a personal picture may not be the most appropriate thing to put on a shirt that’ll likely get worn outdoors, a clever phrase that’s unique to the kid or maybe even a memorable date are top contenders. 

4. Custom Journal

Some of you might think that a journal won’t resonate with a child. You’d be surprised to know how many children conceal their thoughts and emotions from elders and bottle them inside themselves. A journal can help children manifest their feelings onto paper. This way, they’ll have someone that they can always turn to when they feel down. 

On top of that, a journal can help children organize their daily routine, better schedule their day, and keep account of everything they’ve been up to. It’s just a tremendous all-around gift for a kid. Customized journals acquire additional sentimental value. Many companies and stores let you put names or custom text on the cover of the journal. Some even allow you to put that name on every single page as a monogram of sorts. Furthermore, you can specify the color, add custom tags or even include a zesty quote if you want. 

5. Custom Plushie

Children love stuffed toys. A stuffed joy makes kids feel warm and protected and also instills a sense of nurture in them. There are an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. 

The classic choice would be a stuffed animal. You can also buy the plush version of your kid’s favorite animal and have their name written on it with a cute message like “I love you [blank].” There are other less generic options, too. Some companies also make perfect copies of your pet as a stuffed animal. In contrast, others offer the deepest customization level to personalize every part of the plushie to match the child’s preference. 

6. Custom Puzzle

Want to gift your child something that will not only make them joyous but also encourage them to exercise their mind? Look no further than a puzzle. Personalized puzzles are readily available these days, and you can get one cheap

You can get personalized puzzles that let you customize them with a picture of your choice. It will keep the whole family engaged and offer an excellent activity for everyone to indulge in. You can even add dates or ask for special packaging that includes the kid’s name on it to make them feel that special. 

7. Custom Growth Chart

You don’t need to go to the clinic every time to check your child’s height. Instead, getting a growth chart is a fantastic addition to any home with budding minds. 

It’s a great gift as it reminds both the child and the parents of just how far they’ve come. Growth charts can be personalized with background images and styles, specific designs, monograms, names, fonts, or any text you want to put on there. They’re economical and constitute the bond between the parents and their child. Just don’t get all emotional seeing your little monster grow up so quickly. 

8. Custom Crayons

Kids draw weird shapes and opt for strange colorways to fill those up because they see the world in a different light. You can further fuel that creative expression by giving them custom crayons. 

The ultimate inventive gift, custom crayons are carved out to look like the name of your child spelled out. Each initial can be customized with any letter or number and includes a rainbow of colors instead of just one. This is the perfect gift for young artists. 

9. Custom Lego

Legos have been a staple of kids’ toys for ages. Creativity and imagination combine to form a bond that encourages children to tell unique, distinctive stories. A big part of Lego bricks and their sets are the Minifigures. They’re iconic at this point, and you cannot picture Lego without thinking about them. 

This is where custom Lego Minifigures come in. Numerous companies and individuals take original Lego parts and print personalized designs on them. You can replicate your kid’s face, their favorite dress, or even go for a pre-made design. You can also visit a Lego Store near you to make your personalized Minifigure, but the customization there would be limited compared to custom-printed options.

10. Custom Comic Book

There are very few things better in life than seeing your own face in a comic book. Just imagine the look on your kid’s face when they open the comic for the first time, read their name, and see their face on the body of a superhero. That precious look alone is worth spending the money on for this gift. 

You can get a custom comic book that uses your child’s likeness and name and puts them at the center of an epic superhero adventure. Now they don’t just have to imagine that they’re special when they can see their face in the pages of a comic book. You can even include a heartfelt message at the end of the book that makes them feel loved. 


Children are precious, and parents love seeing the joy on their kids’ faces when they unbox a new gift. With customized gifts for kids, you can increase that joy by giving them a gift that speaks to them. 

If you are looking to give a present to a child, any option from our list is a great pick. These gifts are sure to wow every kid and make them feel extraordinary.