Top 10 Customized Gifts for Kids


    Do you have kids? Toddlers? Have you ever noticed what they usually love doing? If you do, you can start thinking of the best things to gift them. 

    If you want to add a personal touch to a holiday present, a birthday gift, or just a reward to a kid for doing well in school, it doesn’t have to be expensive or must come from a famous shop. You can do it yourself! Yes! Customized presents certainly stand out and will be much appreciated because of the additional personalized touch.

    There are numerous selections for gifts for children, but giving them something that is specifically theirs (literally putting their name) will increase their sense of value and specialness. 

    Here are our favorite recommendations for personalized presents for kids.

    Personalized Water Bottle and Mug

    water bottle

    One best way to remind kids of the importance of drinking plenty of water is by giving them a water bottle and a mug. You can buy a plane water bottle and a mug and look for a shop that customizes stuff like mugs or bottles. Have the kid’s name printed on them and choose a design that the kid will surely love-perhaps a favorite anime, planets, robots, a Disney, or a cartoon character.

    A Custom Hat for Little Builders

    A little boy wearing a hard hat and holding a hammer, acting like a carpenter

    A personalized hard hat is the best gift if your little boy loves playing with construction tools or acts like an engineer. You can have it printed with the kid’s name or alias, so whenever they play, and other kids have similar hats, he would know which one belongs to him.

    Personalized Books

    Kids adapt to the things they habitually see or hear. If you’re a parent that loves reading and wants your kid to adopt the same habit, you can gift your kid story books-not just an ordinary one, but you can have them customized by making them, their playmates, favorite pet, and stuff be part of the story. Some stores personalize story books. You can simply check which ones are nearest to your area.

    Personalized Wooden Piggy Bank

    a pink piggy bank and coins

    Teaching kids to value money and the habit of saving can be made by giving a personalized wooden piggy bank. You can buy a plain wooden piggy bank and decorate or paint it with designs based on the kid’s preference.

    Personalized Name Blanket 

    A blanket is something a kid might be using every day. Kids will like receiving a customized blanket because it’s both helpful and practical and makes a lovely keepsake. Add the child’s name to the blanket to make it more unique. They can take the blanket with them when they go on camping trips or spend the night somewhere that requires them to have bedding.

    Multipurpose Storage Box

    a woman arranging baby clothes in a drawer

    A storage box is a very useful gift for a kid. They can store toys, books, and other collectibles and items valuable to them. You can make a DIY storage box to make it more special and meaningful to a kid, especially if it’s your child who will receive the gift. Have the kid’s name painted or carved on it if it’s made of wood. You can choose which color to paint and designs to create as long as you know what is best for the receiver.

    Custom Name Puzzle

    Kids sometimes are possessive, especially during toddler years when they always say, “It’s mine! That’s mine!” so one of the best ways to personalize gifts is to put their names on their stuff. A kid will very much like a custom name puzzle and a good start to teach them the different letters of the alphabet.

    Custom Silicon Wristband

    You can add a famous quote, a witty joke, a motivational quote or the name of their favorite basketball team or player, etc. There are different types of silicon wristbands, such as embossed, debossed, and silkscreened. A silicon wristband is very durable and can last longer. You can pick many colors based on the kid’s preference who will receive these wristbands.

    Initial Letter Pendant Necklace

    Kids also have fashion styles, especially little girls. They sometimes try to imitate their favorite celebrity or personality. They like dressing up, so you can give them a necklace with their name’s initial letter, so it makes it more personal and appears unique.

    Study table and chair

    study table and chair on a kid’s room, décor on the wall

    A chair and a table are excellent and practical gifts for a child already in school. To personalize it, you can choose to purchase a wooden table and chair and have the child’s favorite cartoon figure painted and decorated on it. Undoubtedly, in addition to enjoying the gift, they will be inspired to use the table and chair you gave them to complete their schoolwork at home. 

    Lunch box

    You may buy lunch boxes from a wide variety of shops and choose from a huge variety of lunch box kinds. A lunch box is a great gift for a child because they may use it for school, picnics, camping, or any other outside activity where they need to pack snacks. Simply choose a lunch box featuring a design that the child receiving this present will enjoy. You can include some delicious treats, such as cookies you made yourself or his favorite sweets and chocolates, inside this lunch box while giving it to him.


    Jerseys are the ideal present for kids who love basketball. There are kid-sized jerseys that are already fashioned, but if you want to make it special, you may have a custom-made jersey produced with the child’s preferred number or even his name and favorite basketball team. If you’re the one delivering the gift and you can play basketball, you may invite the child to a game before giving him the gift. That way, the child will be delighted and never forget the moment.

    Pencil case

    Barbie, Disney princesses, and My Little Pony are particularly popular characters for young girls, while Lightning McQueen, Marvel Heroes, Minions, and Paw Patrol are popular choices for young boys. You can buy pencil cases with any of these designs, or you might find out precisely which cartoon, movie, or anime character is your child’s favorite and search for a pencil case with that design. You can put crayons, pencils, and erasers in the gift box along with the pencil case.

    Engraved Night Light

    One of the best gifts to give a child is a night light or a dimmer lamp because some youngsters are terrified of the dark, especially at night. There are night lights that feature a starry pattern, the Solar System, or something that resembles the moon. Choose a night light that you believe the recipient of your gift would enjoy.

    Receiving gifts always makes children happy and excited. So, whether it’s one of your own kids or someone else’s, pick out something more unique to offer that kid; he’ll undoubtedly love it. You can select goods that they use for play, at home, or in school.


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