Essential List for a Puppy

Similar to how new parents prepare to welcome their child, there is a list of items that pet parents have to get before welcoming their baby. From making sure that there is no hazard in the home for your little pup to ensure the availability of all the necessities, the to-do list is quite long.

Usually, parents of a new puppy forget at least one or two crucial things during preparations, but fortunately, we have gathered all the essentials in one place for your convenience. Also, here is our list of the best animal slots. If you are getting a puppy or planning to do so, you will need the following items:

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1. Shampoo and Hygiene Products

Even though puppies do not need frequent baths, it is still important that you keep some basic grooming tools on hand. A specific dog shampoo and a comb are essential products in this genre. Other tools that you might need for your pet are nail clippers, a brush, and flea shampoo.

Another important part of pet care is oral hygiene. To maintain decent oral health, get a toothbrush and canine toothpaste to ensure healthy gums of your puppy. Lastly, be gentle with the process as it will take some time for the little guy to get used to it.

2. Dog Toys

Puppies are highly energetic, and they need new activities to pass the day. For this purpose, you must invest in high-quality dog toys that will help him spend quality time. Moreover, this act will make him feel at home.

If you are getting a new puppy, be sure to get as many kinds of toys as you can. Once he selects what he likes the best, only then can you make an idea of his preferences. The basic idea is to get a couple of chew toys, some balls, and a playing stick.

Be sure to be around when he’s playing with the big stuff because he can choke on it. Likewise, get rid of the chews as soon as they lose their size and become a hazard for your puppy.

3. Sleeping Bed

Every puppy likes a snuggly bed, especially puppies that want to be warm and cozy all the time. But not every owner is available to cuddle them all day. If you don’t do something about it, you will have to face his mood swings later.

To solve this issue, you should purchase a good and comfy bed for your pup. It will work as a safe space for him where he can rest and relax. Make sure to set it in a place that is quiet and calm to create an atmosphere that will help him recognize the place.

4. Collar

You should train your young pup as soon as possible. For that, you need to familiarize him with accessories like a collar. It will generate a sense of security, comfort, and help him identify his belongings.

You will also need it for trips and daily walks. Additionally, try getting a unique collar because it will make your little champ stand out.

5. Name Tag

Young pups cannot easily identify their owners. Sometimes,if you haven’t put named collars around their necks, you might lose them. Whether you’re out in the park or doing some chores, you always have to pay maximum attention to your puppy.

Hence, just for the sake of security, get him a name tag with distinctive features. This will prevent any missing accidents and help you identify your baby easily. Make sure to add your details to the tag as well. This will help the finders to reach out to you if there is an emergency.

6. Clothing

Puppies like to snuggle a lot. That is why either they spend their time in the bed or with their owners. But the reality is, you are not always available to keep them warm. Therefore, you must invest in some clothing pieces that will not only keep your pup warm but also make him feel at home.

Try getting the sizes that are neither too loose nor too tight. Comfortable pieces of garments are the best way to go. If you’re confused about what to get, take the pup with you and let him decide what he wants.

7. Puppy Food

It is hard to find what your dog likes best. This is why you should invest in a variety of puppy foods and experiment with them until you find something that he likes. Make sure you have a stock in hand at all times so that the little guy never starves.

The small tummies tend to get empty real fast, and you might need to feed him a couple of times per day. To make this possible, you must always have his favorite food available.

While you are shopping for food, make sure to buy some dog treats as well. This will help you in the training process by using tactics of reward and punishment. A hack to see what he likes is to take him along for shopping. Get what he approves, and when he does something appreciable, award him with the treat to produce a sense of accomplishment.

8. Food Bowls

Just like how humans admire modern dinnerware, similarly, dogs also enjoy decent food and water bowls. Try to get something that your puppy likes and feed him according to the recommended serving size.

Specific bowls for specific purposes train him to get used to the house. Also, this prevents them from licking around in your dishes. In a way, these accessories are a part of training for your new puppy.

9. Crate

It is hard to carry your pet around in a simple leash and collar. Sometimes, you need a crate or dog pen for the sake of ease and convenience. Although it is hard to make them feel safe inside one instantly, it is yet again a necessary product to invest in.

When you get your hands on a crate you like, start the training process as quickly as you can. Begin with placing treats or toys inside to compel your pet to go in the crate. When he gets comfortable with this training, try feeding him there. And when he’s fine with that, switch up the level and make him sleep there.

It will take some time, but if you keep trying, your puppy will start considering the crate as his second home.

10. Litter Bags

Dogs are known for wandering in gardens and lawns. And, no one likes to see dog waste on the roads or garden. Therefore, liter bags are essential for your puppy. It aids you in cleaning up after your dog is done with his routine.

When you take your little one out for his business, be sure to carry some liter bags. A quick tip is to keep litter bags with your dog leash, so you never forget about it. Because once you forget to bring one of these bags with you, it will be a mistake you will regret making for a long time.

The Bottom Line

Preparing yourself for a new puppy can be a hectic task. Making sure that you buy all the required items without missing anything is a hassle on its own. Especially if you forget something important like liter bags or the name tag, these are some things you will regret not getting big time. Sometimes, this heavy load of preparation tames down the excitement of getting a pet.

But to prevent that and simplify this process, the list mentioned above will help you get everything at once. If you carefully follow the instructions we explained, you will manage to get a blissful dog parenting experience.

But even if you struggle after all this preparation, just remember that parenting is a complex process. And, trial and error is the way to go in this field.