10 Ways to Speed Up House Cleaning

House cleaning! It can either give you happiness or be the bane of your life. If you’re anything like most house owners, the task isn’t something you look forward to. But no matter how much you hate doing this chore, one thing is certain: you want to do it faster. For most of us, speed is where it’s at.

How quickly can I clean up the bedroom? How fast can I get the garbage to the trash? How quickly can I gobble down the cookie before anyone sees? These are important things, and becoming more effective at what we do is key to gaining more free time.

So, should you start dusting? Vacuum first? Whether you’re new to all of this or you’ve been house cleaning for years, here are a few tips to speed up house cleaning.

1.  Focus on one area first

While you may want to multi-task during the process, it’s always better to begin with the top corner of your residence. Why? Because it’s just more efficient. You’d only end up wasting time if you take care of the downstairs floor first, then come upstairs, and then go back downstairs to clean the mess left by your kids. Ge the point? Speed up your house cleaning by working your way out.

2. Get the dressing right

You’re probably aware that professional cleaners perform the task in washable, comfortable cleaning designed for house cleaning. What’s stopping you from doing the same? Use kneepads and supportive footwear to spare your body. Gloves and glasses are also vital to safeguard your skin against chemicals. Wear these instead of sweatshirts. You can even create a DIY uniform by sourcing eye protection, gloves and shoes from eBay.

3. KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

How do professional house cleaners get all of the residence cleaned with just one single tray? News flash: they’ve narrowed down their choice of cleaning supplies to a few items. The most important ones are tile cleaner, abrasive powered cleanser, evaporating cleaner (multi-surface), and heavy-duty degreasing tool. There’s no single-use items or special counter sprays designed to just clean the walls and blinds. These four items offer more than enough to tackle any cleaning chore around the house.

4. Clean as you use

This may contradict with the first point we mentioned, but hear us out. If your bedroom was scheduled for a cleanup on Monday, but you made a lot of mess on Sunday, don’t wait until the day to do the cleaning. Rather, clean as you use a room or an idea. Get the carpet cleaned as you do the laundry, and tidy up the pillows to ensure no food particles are lying on your bed. This is a great way to speed up house cleaning even though people don’t take advantage of it much. If you want the residence to stay spotless, it’s good to clean it in real-time.

5. Tote the supplies

Another smart thing professional house cleaners do is they make sure to tote their equipment. Everything from the rags to brushes are present in the tote tray, while mini-vac, mops and vacuums are placed in the doorway. The trash is draped with plastic bags inside a pocket. That’s why they’re able to do the whole bathroom before you make it back upstairs with a powered cleanser.

6. Don’t forget to pick up things if you outsource

Calling a professional cleaner to speed things up? Before you do, tidy the floors, appliances, furniture, and countertops. We say this because pros can’t clean properly if horizontal surfaces are stocked with clutter. Imagine that a high-value cleaning crew is about to clean your house – you won’t want them to spend the hours you’re paying for decluttering your home. Make sure to pick things up before calling for help with house cleaning.

7. Tidy the shower in the shower place

This is a handy tip that a lot of people tend to ignore. When you are besides your shower place and and its soapy glory, make sure to clean it. There’s no need to stress over getting wet or stretching over the tub’s sides because you’re already present there. Place the cleaning equipment in the bathroom or even near the shower place and wipe things clean whenever you enter that territory. You’ll be really surprised by how clean the place stays.

8. Remember Nike’s tagline

Don’t worry if you can’t do house cleaning perfectly. Just do it! Rather than focusing on how you’ll get it all done, pick up a cleaning tool and start using it. Dirt piling up in the living room? Clean it to the best of your ability. While we can keep giving you tips for years to come, the most crucial thing t remember is that all of the cleaning lies in your own hands. You don’t have to be perfect at it – you just need to get it done.

9. Make it a fun group activity

Got other adult members in your residence? Consider making a team to speed up house cleaning. Schedule meetings with each adult a week early, and assign responsibilities to every individual. Working in a team can also reduce the stress that comes with cleaning the entire house. Not to mention, the place will be sparkling clean in a jiffy.

10. Follow a schedule

Lastly, choose a certain time to get the cleaning done. This is a tip from professionals because they always follow a specific schedule and keep it at until the task is complete. Obviously, track the time you spend on house cleaning and always strive to beat your own record.

Speed up your house cleaning now

 That’s it. We thank you for the time you spent reading these tips. Hopefully, you now have a clear vision for how to tackle the chore and keep things fun. Happy cleaning!